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Archie Knuckles the Echidna Issue 27 is the twenty-seventh issue of the Knuckles the Echidna comic series published by Archie Comics.

Featured stories

The First Date Part Two of Three: Who Wrote The Book of Love Anyway?

Archimedes teleports Knuckles to Julie-Su not knowing that she is on a date with Raynor. Knuckles is too shy to tell her what's on his mind in a public place, and is noticed by Raynor. Knuckles is scared when Julie-Su turns around tries to make a run for it but crashes into a waiter. The manager of the restaurant apologizes and announces Knuckles as the Guardian to the entire restaurant. Julie-Su gets up to investigate, Knuckles not wanting to be seen at this time asks Archimedes to teleport him away. Archimedes saying to Knuckles that the echidnas don't have a romantic bone in their body and so were provided with the Soultouch. Knuckles thinking what the guys would do if they wanted to ask out a girl notices Espio, Vector, and Mighty entering an arcade.

Locke, wanting to find Knuckles, talks about it with his dad and two fire ants who suspect it was Archimedes wanting to play matchmaker. His dad is about to track Knuckles down when he is stopped by Locke who wants Knuckles to have his privacy. Knuckles finds Espio, Vector and Mighty, Vector telling Mighty and Espio how to make moves with woman. Vector kidding around with Knuckles is tackled by him. Knuckles yells at him that he may be in love with Julie-Su and he has to listen to Vector's trash. Espio and Mighty calm Knuckles down, but Knuckles angrily walks off. Archimedes explains to the guys that he's lovesick. Julie-Su arrives back from her date, but isn't happy about the guy. Knuckles wanting to see his mother about the situation, is put off while Lara-Le and Wynmacher enjoy themselves from above. Knuckles not taking anyone else's advice, takes his own and successfully asks out Julie-Su.

Those were the days...

  • Writer: Ken Penders
  • Pencils: Manny Galan
  • Inks: Andrew Pepoy
  • Colors: Barry Grossman
  • Letters: Vickie Williams
  • Editor: J. F. Gabrie

Mighty is confronted with a ghost from his past; Fiona Fox. Fiona is mad at him and Sonic for not rescuing her. Nic the Weasel breaks it up and reminding them of their mission. Mighty, thinking back remembers Fiona being taken away by guards, defends her and attacks the guard, but are commanded to stop by more appearing robots. Having to watch Fiona being dragged away, Ray and Mighty were thrown in the prison. Back in the present, Fiona, Mighty and Nic enter the prison, where they find Sonic, Sally and Tails Auto Automatons. Mighty thinking again to when Sonic rescued him from his cell and they search for Ray. Nic takes Fiona and Mighty to a giant safe, which only Mighty can open so that Nic can get what she wants, but Mighty still hasn't found Ray in the prison.

Off Panel

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Off Panel

Knuckles expresses his love for Julie-Su by singing a heart-felt song with a guitar onstage performing only in front of J. F. Gabrie.



The combined three-part image.

  • This issue's cover is the second part of a three-part image.
  • Thunderhawk cameos on the cover, not seen or mentioned in the issue's stories.
  • "Who Wrote the Book of Love Anyway?" is named after "Book of Love" by The Monotones.
  • The word "SEGA" is written on the side of a pinball machine on the cover.
  • In this issue's Sonic-Grams, Patrick Spaziante is credited for illustrating the cover in place of the actual cover artist, Manny Galan.


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