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Archie Knuckles the Echidna Issue 26 is the twenty-sixth issue of the Knuckles the Echidna comic series published by Archie Comics.

Featured stories

The First Date- Part One "She Loves You...(and you know that can't be bad!)"

Vector, Espio and Mighty calmly eat at a fast food place, until Espio tells them that Charmy is betrothed. Shocked, Vector and Mighty get Espio to spill that he got a letter that Charmy is getting engaged to a girl named Saffron. Vector wonders what girl could handle him and Mighty straight away thinks of Julie-Su but Julie-Su is still handling Knuckles breaking up with her in the last issue. She shoots a picture of him from the wall and wants to talk to him.

Meanwhile at Locke's house, Knuckles wants to discuss with his dad why boys and girls get together. Locke tells Knuckles that he's been struck with the Soultouch. Back downtown, Vector brags that he can get any girl he wants and is put to the test by Espio. Vector looks at the girls and picks out a purple Echidna, who rejects him. Thinking she should look more attractive, Julie-Su goes shopping and notices a nice hat in the window. Another male echidna spots her and takes her in to try on the hat. Julie-Su feels silly but is then asked out by the same Echidna on a date. Knuckles still moping around at Locke's house, Archimedes teleports to see him. Archimedes explains that one shouldn't be with your parents at this time but with the one you love and then teleports him to Julie-Su.

Vector can't seem to get the attention of any girl, until a female swan asks if he wants anything. Vector instantly falls in love with her. Knuckles is teleported to Julie-Su but sees her dating the Echidna she met before called Raynor. Shocked, Knuckles doesn't know how to feel.

A Friend in Need

  • Writer: Ken Penders
  • Pencils: Manny Galan
  • Inks: Andrew Pepoy
  • Colors: Barry Grossman
  • Letters: Vickie Williams
  • Editor: J. F. Gabrie

Mighty is hired by Nic the Weasel to help her find jewels in a prison camp where Mighty was held. Mighty agrees because Nic believes that Ray is going to be there Mighty's flashback he and Ray are introduced to Sonic the Hedgehog who plans to bust them out of the prison. back in the present Mighty and Nic arrive on the site, but are found by Fiona Fox who wants revenge for Mighty leaving her behind in the prison camp.

Off Panel

See also: Off Panel

Off Panel.

Knuckles meets his grandfather, Athair, who tells him that he is "commuting" with the Ancient Walkers. When Knuckles corrects him that the word is "communing", Athair tells him not to talk back and Knuckles finds out that Athair was not kidding as the Ancient Walkers were waiting in a car, ready to go about their own activities.

Other features


Pro Art by Ken Penders.



The combined three-part image.

  • This issue's cover is the first part of a three-part image.
  • The sub story of this issue is the first to introduce Nic the Weasel.
  • "She Loves You...(and you know that can't be bad!)" is named after the Beatles song "She Loves You".
  • In this issue's Sonic-Grams, Patrick Spaziante is credited for illustrating the cover in place of the actual cover artist, Manny Galan.


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