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Archie Knuckles the Echidna Issue 23 is the twenty-third issue of the Knuckles the Echidna comic series published by Archie Comics.

Featured stories

Dark Alliance Part Two of Three: Election Night

In a special bulletin from the ENN, Pravda announces that he will not run for the position of High Councilor this year and will recommend a candidate tomorrow. He invites all of the citizens to meet them and show their support. Both General Von Stryker and Remington turn off the television preparing to head to the rally to find out what is anticipated. In a cafe; Knuckles, Vector, Mighty and Espio are talking about the broadcast believing that it isn't any of their business, but Knuckles attends with the Chaotix because of Remington's invitation. 

The next day, they arrive at the rally, along with echidna and dingo protestors. Remington notices their presence and thanks them for coming. He also asks that after, he would appreciate if Knuckles would help them work out a better system. Knuckles is curious why they were asked there, when Remington mentions that he recently discussed with Pravda about his election plans, and wanted to keep everything low-key. They watch Pravda head towards the podium being escorted by Benedict, with Remington realizing that he has never seen him before. Pravda presents them the new High Councilor candidate, Benedict. Benedict gives a speech to them about their history and gives them a choice of ignoring the corrupt regime or embracing their common heritage and utilizing technology. He announces further that they should "hail Dimitri" and believe in technology "now and forever." 

In Haven; Sabre, Thunderhawk and Sojourner are discussing the rally and Sojourner believes that Benedict has a point. Sabre interjects that it is means to combat the enemy and Edmund never meant to suppress technology forever. Thunderhawk calms their debate down when the alarm goes off. TheDark Legion invade their base and stun the echidnas, boasting that Haven now belongs to them. At the rally, Benedict is amazed that Remington is there to show support for his candidacy. Remington believes that Benedict's actions could be inciting a riot and that he could be arrested for it, as well as aiding criminals. Pravda heads to them and invtes Remington for a private talk in their limo. Knuckles and the Chaotix watch the limo drive off, with Knuckles discussing that Remington's agents should be rounding up every Dark Legionnaire. They leave the park with Vector thinking that Julie-Su might know something, but Knuckles calms him down that he knows someone that will. 

In the streets of Echidnaopolis, Stryker plans to exploit the situation to his advantage and orders Gerbil to gather the dingoes. Suddenly, Xenin appears behind them and takes Stryker out and has his troops take him to their command center, while his troops will be locked up in the sewers. In another part of the city, Knuckles and the Chaotix are curious when they see dingoes being taken away. Espio and Julie-Su are confused when Xenin appears from above with three pods being piloted by Dark Legion troops. Xenin announces that he has been given orders to bring Julie-Su back, dead or alive. She refuses and dodges an incoming attack. Knuckles glides up and begins attacking, but is overpowered by Xenin. 

In Haven, the three members of the Brotherhood are restrained with Lien-Da mocking them for trusting Moritori Rex, who gave them the location of Haven. He enters the room and communicates with Dimitri and tells him that there are no signs of Locke and Spectre. Dimitri sees that as a problem, when a captured Knuckles mockingly telling him that he shouldn't believe that Benedict will succeed. He looks up to see Knuckles, Julie-Su and Stryker as their captives and Dimitri yells at them that they shouldn't challenge them and that this is only the beginning.

Off Panel

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Off Panel

Archimedes writes a letter to Knuckles, informing him how horrible it is in his confinement and hopes that he will be saved soon. It turns out that Archimedes was being held in an ant farm by J. F. Gabrie and he kept finding his tiny pieces of paper.



The combined three-part image.

  • This issue's cover is the second part of a three-part image.
  • Along with a frontispiece, this issue's credits page is accompanied by a quotation from Menniker. This quote is based on the Dolchstoßlegende ("Backstabbing Myth") perpetuated by the Nazi Party in the 1930s.
  • Julie-Su is mistakenly shown with more cybernetics on her dreadlocks than usual multiple times.
  • Vector griping that he "wants his Pop TV!" is a reference to one of MTV's old slogans, "I want my MTV!"
  • Part of Benedict’s speech at the rally is paraphrased from Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf.[1]
  • Benedict's speech ends in an alteration of John F. Kennedy's inaugural address.
  • At the rally, Benedict does a salute similar, though altered, to what the Nazis had done. Like the quote from last issue, this has been seen in bad taste in recent years.


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  1. Ken Penders on Twitter. Twitter. Ken Penders (26 June 2018). Retrieved on 4 September 2018. “Ken Penders: I find it fascinating that certain readers get up in arms over the use of the Martin Niemöller quote in KNUCKLES issue 22, while saying not a word about the Main Kampf quote in KNUCKLES 23 or the FDR quote in KNUCKLES 24. Why is that?”
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