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Archie Knuckles the Echidna Issue 18 is the eighteenth issue of the Knuckles the Echidna comic series published by Archie Comics.

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Deep Cover Part Two of Two: Debt of Honor

The story begins at Lara-Le's apartment, where she and Julie-Su are given hospitality to Tobor. Lara-Le decides to make an inquiry to him about what mattered more to him; being a Guardian or husband and father. He states that he never thought about that and knew that his family would always have to make sacrifices. 

Meanwhile, Remington is guarding the prison cell, where Knuckles confronts Kragok demanding that they are locked up. Remington tries to convince him otherwise, but is unable to and locks the door on them. He shouts from an opening in the door that if Kragok tries anything, they will be ready to attack. Knuckles objects that he wants privacy and he fully closes the door. Kragok is bemused by Knuckles' presence that he is either tough or a complete fool. In Haven, Locke is still repairing the power at their base, when Sabre checks his progress. Locke is stunned that during repairs how the enemy knew where to strike, suggesting that it could be foul play. Sabre stops his theory that the only person that could do that would have to reside in Haven. They decide that they must investigate and discover the source. 

Back in the prison cell, Knuckles demands that Kragok tells him about Tobor. Kragok objects to telling him, wanting something in return. Knuckles grabs hold of him yelling that he is tired of all his secrets and lies. Kragok fights back against him when suddenly strange energy surrounds the prison cell. Kragok is shocked stating that it appears that "opposites do attract". They are sucked into the strange energy and are transported into the Twilight Zone. Kragok screams in frustration about being there again while Knuckles is astounded. At Lara-Le's apartment, Lara-Le still can't comprehend how Hawking could mistake a Dark Legionaire for his son. Tobor remembers the battle with Moritori Rex that Moritori's injuries may have been able to fool the family, seeing how he was given an eye transplant by a doctor. However, Tobor states that he still can't figure out how Moritori Rex fooled Voni-Ca. 

In the Twilight Zone, Knuckles and Kragok continue their fight, with Knuckles demanding the answers about Tobor. Knuckles manages to have the upper hand and threatens Kragok with his own cybernetic hand to tell him everything. Kragok decides to tell him, but asks about what he knows about Dimitri first. Kragok is surprised by how much he doesn't know and tells him that family history was a strong point in the Dark Legion. He tells him about how Menniker took Dimitri's place as leader, but was transported in the Twilight Zone by Steppenwolf. They managed to escape on different occasions, but would be fouled by the Guardian at the time. He tells that his father was able to watch others in the zone and used it to his advantage to lure Tobor in a trap, and then impersonate him. Knuckles demands to be told where Moritori Rex is now until a phenomenon appears close by. Kragok stuns Knuckles and heads towards the energy field and disappears. Knuckles recovers and heads through. 

In Lara-Le's apartment, Tobor senses that Knuckles is in trouble and glides out of the building. Julie-Su and Lara-Le are left alone and Lara-Le decides that they should talk. Tobor manages to sense Knuckles' chaos energy using his cybernetic vision and follows it to an energy field. Kragok appears through first and Tobor proceeds to attack him. Knuckles appears to try and attack Kragok, but Tobor grabs hold of Kragok first. He yells that this is his fight and drags both Kragok and him back through the energy field and they disappear with the field. Knuckles shocked glides through the apartment after Lara-Le and Julie-Su have talked to each other personally. They all embrace one another happy to see Knuckles again. Back at Haven, they managed to get all of their systems online again and turn on the monitors showing Knuckles with Julie-Su. Moritori Rex is secretly shocked that a Dark Legionnaire would act like this and prepares himself for what could happen next.



The combined two-part image.

  • This issue's cover is the last part of a two-part image.
  • This is the only Knuckles comic story arc to be two issues long instead of three.
  • How Knuckles and Kragok was transported to the Twillight Zone is not explained. The statement about opposites attracts suggested Kragok had powers of a different kind that caused the rift to open in conjunction with Knuckles, but most likely it was a built in gadget in Kragok's arm as it was seen shooting energy out before they disappeared.
  • Kragok calls Moritori his "father" rather than his grandfather. Later material would explain that due to his disappointment in his own father, Kragok came to see Moritori as a surrogate father figure.
  • The Twilight Cage makes its first appearance in this issue and is called the "Twilight Zone". This name was a nod to the television show of the same name.
  • In the distant past, Tobor sees a "country doctor" to inspect his eyes. This duck doctor is likely an ancestor of Dr. Quack.
  • Lara-Le is miscolored pink in one panel.
  • This issue includes a pin-up of Espio, who ironically doesn't appear in the story.


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