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Archie Knuckles the Echidna Issue 17 is the seventeenth issue of the Knuckles the Echidna comic series published by Archie Comics.

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Deep Cover Part One of Two: The Guardian Who Failed!!!

The story begins following Tobor travelling across Mobius when he notices the Floating Island nearby. He glides up shocked with arriving on the island when Julie-Su appears hiding Thunder. Tobor believes that he is going mad with the appearance of what he thinks is a Dark Legionnaire. Tobor decides to use the final opportunity for revenge and throws Julie-Su off the horse and attacks her. They begin fighting against each other. Tobor manages to grab slam her in the ground preparing to finish her off. 

Meanwhile, Knuckles is meditating when Archimedes teleports onto him. The scene zooms out showing that Knuckles was meditating on a large skyscraper. Archimedes and Knuckles catch up when he glides off the skyscraper with his eyes closed. He manages to guide himself through the city and lands with ease. He is amazed that he could "see" his flight path, using the Guiding Star Gem that Yanargave him and that it explained how he knew his way home from the Badlands. In Haven, Sabre andLocke are monitoring Knuckles when Sojourner and Moritori Rex (disguised as Tobor) enter. Locke tells them that Knuckles is on the verge of unlocking the gem's secret when Julie-Su appears with Tobor on the monitors. Suddenly, the power turns off in the facility and Sojourner and Moritori Rex rush to the med labs to check the power on Hawking's lift support machine. They check if the cryogenic chamber is still working with their other patient. Sojourner reminds Moritori Rex that the patient has been their honored guests for years to help with their alliance with the outsiders. They head back through the facility to meet back with Locke and Sabre. 

At a restaurant, Knuckles and Julie-Su are sitting down with Tobor who formally introduces himself as Tobor, the Guardian. Knuckles demands proof and he rips off his top revealing the collar ring that is the mark of a Guardian. Tobor prepares to tell them the whole story to make Knuckles believe him. He has a flashback of when he was given his Guardian duties from Hawking while he returns to the Floating Island. Tobor believed that the Floating Island was destroyed by dingoes and Hawking prepares to restore it and Echidnaopolis. He leaves after giving Tobor his hat and says goodbye toSonja-Ra, Voni-Ca, Spectre and Semper Fidelis. He begins his Guardian duties when the Dark Legion appeared from the Twilight Zone led by Mortori Rex. They start the fight with Tobor and Mortori Rex taking on each other. Mortori Rex is about to be defeated when he activates a device, creating a rift through the dimensions. They are teleported to ancient ruins as they collapse around them. Tobor wakes up trapped under the rubble unable to escape and sees Hawking arriving through an opening. He cries as he sees Hawking believing that Moritori Rex is him. With his heart empty, he begins to escape and manages to free himself after a day. However, he felt like a failure and wondered off around the world aimlessly, until he found the Floating Island again. 

Back in the present, Tobor cries that he thought he wanted vengeance, but really wanted his life and family back. Knuckles comforts him, and reveals that he is one of Tobor's descendants. Later at the Echidna Security Team HQ, Knuckles is being escorted to a prison cell by Remington. It is revealed that the prisoner is Kragok and Knuckles demands that they be left alone.



The combined two-part image.

  • This issue's cover is the first part of a two-part image.
  • This is the only Knuckles comic story arc to be two issues long instead of three.


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