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Archie Knuckles the Echidna Issue 11 is the eleventh issue of the Knuckles the Echidna comic series published by Archie Comics.

Featured stories

The Forgotten Tribe Part Two of Three: Covenant

Continuing from last issue, a member of the Lost Tribe is struggling on hold onto a pillar above the lava. Knuckles yells that the tribe is going to die unless they do something. Athair reassures him, but Iago struggling to hold on disagrees with him. Iago lets go to safe his wife and child, when Athair yells that "nobody dies today!" Athair manages to use his powers and hovers the Lost Tribe over the lava, stopping the fall. Knuckles glides down to an echidna who is closest to the lava and takes him back on land. They are shocked seeing that Knuckles is singed by the fire, but his injuries quickly disappear. Athair appears above them, saying that his wounds recovering will be answered later, but now they must get everyone to safety. Athair hovers all of the tribe above the lava as Yanar narrates about the mysterious powers that Knuckles possess along with Athair. 

Meanwhile, Vector, Mighty, Espio and Charmy, dripping wet, arrive in Remington's office. According to his sources, Knuckles had left the Floating Island on a mission and that they are to assume his duties until he returns. Espio believes that they aren't being told everything when Remington introduces their new partner, Julie-Su. 

At night, the Lost Tribe set up camp when Yanar and Athair talk about if the Day of Fury is behind them when Athair tells him that is merely the beginning. Athair invites Knuckles to join them, who resentfully joins with Yanar confused by the attitude between the two. Knuckles asks the one question he has been wanting to know; about why Athair abandoned his duties as a Guardian. Athair has a flashback of his youth when he was with Janelle-Li when she assumed duties as a Guardian. He followed her on her duties until he watched her on the edge of the Forbidden Zone and vanished. He accepted his new responsibilites as the Guardian when the Ancient Walkers appeared to give him a greater purpose in the world and teleported him to the Lost Tribe. The Lost Tribe believed that he was the Mitre, who would show them the way to their journey's end to Albion. They explained that they believe that he has been sent to them to replace Himon, who perished and that he should show them to their homeland. Unable to stop his Guardian duties without another line, he is teleported to Havenwhere he meet his mother again. She explained that she needed to be there as part of theBrotherhood and Athair explained his new purpose to her. Janielle-Li accepted his higher calling and returned to fulfill her Guardian post. The flashback ends with Knuckles confused about Haven and the Brotherhood to which Athair explains. 

Continuing the flashback, Athair eventually experienced the Soultouch with a member of the tribe,Crystal-La, and how they married and then had Sabre. With another vision of the Ancient Walkers with news of Janelle-Li's passing, Sabre tried to convince Athair to resume his duties. Unable to do this, Sabre went away with the Ancient Walkers to accept the duties as Guardian under the guidance ofArchimedes. Knuckles continues to argue if Athair should leave, but he states that he can't abandon them after over 600 years of hardship. He continued to lead the tribe, but was unable to protect all of them from Dr. Robotnik's forces. He ordered those that were left to retreat, but lost many including Crystal-La. He continued to act as an agent for the Ancient Walkers, while looking after the tribe. Knuckles overwhelmed by the story heads to bed, leaving Athair and Yanar. Athair then reveals to Yanar that it would be the last time they would speak because he has a higher path to follow, with his only regret being that he wouldn't finish the journey. 

In the morning, Knuckles wakes up and Yanar tells him that Athair has gone. Knuckles is enraged by Athair's decision, but Yanar states that Knuckles will now lead them. Unable to find the way, Knuckles follows the last of Athair's instructions and leads the tribe to the Kingdom of Mercia. About to travel on, an echidna called Mari-An asks Knuckles if they have seen her brothers Zax and Raynor. Knuckles prepares to head off to find them, she objects that she will come with him and shows him that she can handle herself. Knuckles asks if she is related to Julie-Su, but she doesn't know her. They head off to search, while Yanar stays to watch the tribe. 

Moments later, Yanar checks out rustling in the bushes to find that the High Sheriff's robot army have located them. They take Yanar away as their prisoner along with other members of the tribe. Knuckles and Mari-An split up to cover their search while Yanar is thrown into a prison cell with Sonic and Tails. Meanwhile, Knuckles continues his search for Zax and Raynor not realizing that an archer is about to attack.



The three-part image

  • This issue's cover is the second part of a three-part image.
  • This is the first appearance of Mari-An and Rob O' the Hedge.
  • This issue is continued in Sonic the Hedgehog #58.


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