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Archie Knuckles the Echidna

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Archie Knuckles the Echidna Issue 10 is the tenth issue of the Knuckles the Echidna comic series published by Archie Comics.

Featured stories

The Forgotten Tribe Part One of Three: The Other Road Taken

The story begins with Athair meditating on a cliffside thinking about the Tome of Prophecies when he is interupted by Yanar. He asks if the Ancient Walkers have called him away. Athair states that he was comtemplating recent events and how he is preparing himself for the Day of Fury. The members of the Lost Tribe believe that "brother" Athair is leading them closer to their journey's end, but Athair talks with Yanar that it is still distant. Athair continues to talk to Yanar that he will lead the people from now on. Yanar believes that he is becoming the leader because of the prophercy. Athair states that the 'other brother' will appear once he takes charge and Yanar begins to lead the tribe onward. As the tribe moves on, Athair is shown a vision by the Ancient Walkers and have shown who would lead the tribe to a new home.

Meanwhile, after departing from the Aurorium, Lara-Le is shocked seeing Knuckles waiting for her. He tells her that he was going to the Echidna Security Team HQ until he saw her. Along the way to Echidna Towers, they discuss about how Knuckles was raised on the Floating Island with his attitude towards the Aurorium, when she asks if Locke taught him the Tomes. Knuckles doesn't recall and Lara-Le adds that all Locke was teaching him as how to become a Guardian. When they enter her apartment, they are shocked seeing a figure in the room waiting for them. At the EST HQ, Julie-Su is being interviewed by Remington involving her alliance with the Dark Legion. She tries to argue that she kept Kragok from escaping, but Remington has proof that she was seen acting as an operative for the Dark Legion. She hopes that they asked Knuckles, but Remington states that he doesn't remember much from his encounter with Enerjak and the tortures. Julie-Su doesn't know what else to say and is left in the prison as Remington leaves.

In the apartment, the figure is revealed to be Athair who greets Lara-Le with joy. Knuckles doesn't show the same attitude and Lara-Le demands that he apologizes to his great grandfather. He does and Lara-Le asks why he is here. Athair tells them that it is the time of prophercy and that he's come for Knuckles. Knuckles argues that he's busy, but Athair summons visions of the Ancient Walkers that teleport both of them away. Lara-Le remains in her apartment hoping that he comes back safe. Back at the EST HQ, Remington is given news by Teri-Lu regarding a criminal. She leaves when Archimedes teleports in front of Remington asking for the location of Knuckles. Realising that Knuckles isn't there, Archimedes is about to leave when Remington asks him about Julie-Su and if he can tell him about her.

Athair and Knuckles arrive on a cliffside on Mobius, when Knuckles notices the Lost Tribe below them. Athair explains to Knuckles the history of the tribe going back to their ancestors; Jordann and Kayla-La when they discovered the White Comet coming to Echidnaopolis. During the debate with the High Council, Arakkis objected that echidnas are meant to stay in Downunda. Eventually, the High Council agreed to Kayla-La's recommendation. Arakkis made a counter-proposal that anyone that wanted to follow him of their own free will. Some echidnas left their home with Arakkis to set off in search of a new home. Athair continues his story that wherever the tribe settled, they would be others claiming the land (Wolf Pack) and those that would harm them (Overlanders.)They abandoned their artifacts of the past after they stopped working and continued trekking, leading to a simpler existence when the Ancient Walkers came to Arakkis that they would help him on their journey.

Meanwhile, Vector, Mighty and Espio are in a restuarant discussing Julie-Su when Charmy appears with news that Remington wants to see them. Back with the tribe, Athair senses that the Day of Fury must be at hand. In a panic, Yanar tells the Lost Tribe to reach higher ground as the area is shaken by an earthquake, causing lava to emerge from the ground. One of them loses their grip and Knuckles glides down and saves him when the earthquake stops. Knuckles flies up and drops the echidna down near Athair as he explains that it isn't safe anywhere on the planet. Over the planet, different phenomenons occur; thunderstorm in Echidnaopolis, strong winds in Mobotropolis, heavy rain on Sonic's and Tails' journey and snow in Knothole. Athair explains about the environmental conditions and Knuckles asks how did anyone survive with most of them not. Knuckles shocked by the news yells that all of the Lost Tribe is about to be burned to a crisp and that they have to do something.


The three-part image

  • This issue's cover is the first part of a three-part image.
  • Some panels feature individual characters drawn by Patrick Spaziante (uncredited).
  • Knuckles' arms are miscoloured white on the last panel.
  • Jordann is mistakenly refered to as Jor-Dann.


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