The Archie Comics App is an electronic software available to download on Smart Devices and many personal computers, which allows one to buy and read digital versions of Archie Comics publications various titles.

The app previously had nearly every Archie Sonic series and issue available to purchase and download, providing digital editions of the printed comics, as well as digital exclusive titles, consisting of selected reprints.

After Archie Comics lost the Sonic the Hedgehog license in early 2017,[1] the library of digital issues remained available on the app until December of that year, before being removed. While the issues are no longer available officially on the app (with a few unique exceptions), customers can still access the issues that they've already bought within their own personal library.

Issue/Title availability

Before the license was lost, the app was known to contain every issue of both Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe, as well as the majority of the graphic novel releases, and the Sonic Super Special Magazine and Sonic Super Digest issues. Back issues of no-longer published works were, for the most part, still incomplete. The Knuckles the Echidna series seemed to add more issues once they had been released via the Knuckles Archives. The same was true for the older three-issue mini-series', with the Princess SallyTails and Sonic Quest issues only being added once they'd been released through the Sonic Select books. There had been some publications which were briefly released on the app but later removed, such as Sonic Super Special Magazine #14, the physical release of which never released.

While none of the core Archie Sonic titles can be found on the app any longer, issues of other Archie Comics' titles where Sonic appeared are still available to purchase, such as the Archie Mega Man comic book series.

Currently available on the app

Issues of other Archie Comics' titles that Sonic had appeared in as part of crossover storylines are still available on the app as of now, these include:

Previously available on the app

The following were available to buy on the app before they were removed:

Removed before the license was pulled

These titles were previously available on the app for a time before being removed, in cases before and unrelated to Archie's eventual loss of the Sonic license:

Sonic Comics App


The app icon as it most recently appeared.

The Sonic Comics App was an app originally released as a companion to the main Archie App. This app was dedicated solely to the Archie Sonic comics (as well as the Mega Man issues that were parts of the crossovers). The main Archie App did still feature Sonic issues during this time however.

The app had long since fallen out of use, leaving consumers only able to download Sonic titles from Archie's main app. If one downloaded the app when it was available, then it is still accessible to redownload through the purchased apps list. Starting up the app will simply result in an error message however.

Mega Man Comics App was also released,[2] which was dedicated to the Archie Mega Man titles and, likewise, included the Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe issues from Worlds Collide. This app also fell into disuse, though considerably sooner than its counterpart.


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