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The Aquatic Ruins Zone is a location that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a Zone on Mobius filled with lakes and ruins from the Drakon Empire.


The Aquatic Ruin Zone contains deep, widespread lakes and is filled with ancient Roman-esque buildings and structures from the Drakon Empire. The majority of these structures are submerged in the Zone's lakes, and those that remain above the surface are overgrown with vegetation. Several ancient booby traps can be found across the Zone, many of which still work.[1]

The Zone's lake beds are frequently hit by earthquakes, resulting in the local ruins either submerging or remerging.[1]



Thousand of years ago, the Aquatic Ruin Zone was the site of a former Drakon colony. These Drakons were responsible for creating a giant Sentinel to serve as a guardian of the city.[2][1]

Ruled By Robotnik

When the Kintobor Computer picked up strange readings from the Aquatic Ruin Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog went to check it out. Upon arrival, Sonic was attacked by Whisps, though he managed to defeat them and release the captive Mobians within. Sonic was then suddenly blasted with arrows from a bobby trap, but he managed to dodge them all. However, due to him not paying attention, the hedgehog fell in the nearby lake and got stuck under some rubble. Thankfully, he was saved by a Sentinel. Sonic initially thought it to be a minion of Dr. Robotnik. However, the Sentinel self-destructed upon realising the city he was meant to protect was no longer inhabited.[1]

Miles "Tails" Prower would later come to the Aquatic Ruin Zone to find a new Badnik named Spider-Moth. Despite some trouble along the way, Tails was successful in his mission and destroyed the Spider-Moth.[3]

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