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Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure
Aquatic Relix Zone

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Aquatic Relix Zone is the fourth zone of Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure.


Aquatic Relix Zone is a remake of Aquatic Ruin Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, though it features several tweaks to match the limitations of the Neo Geo Pocket Color.


After Sonic lands his final hit on Knuckles, the victor is clear as the echidna falls to the ground. Suddenly, Dr. Robotnik descends into the area and snatches the Chaos Emerald that Knuckles was guarding. With a powerful uppercut, Knuckles then sends Sonic flying up into the sky, where he lands on the wing of the Tornado.


This Zone, along with Secret Plant Zone, are the only levels in the game which feature underwater sections that the player can drown in.


Act 1

Act 2

At the end of the Act, Sonic falls down to find Knuckles the Echidna, who initiates a duel.


The boss of Aquatic Relix Zone is Knuckles the Echidna, who will engage in a physical fight with Sonic. During this boss battle, Knuckles fights with all of his trademark maneuvers: he will guard with a flurry of punches, glide through the air, and Spin Dash. Trying to attack while he is guarding will result in Sonic getting knocked backwards. After six hits, Knuckles will be defeated.

Photo piece locations

Act 1

  1. At the first Start Post on the surface, hop to the top of the loop and use the Jump Panel to reach the floating platform. After that, just jump to the ledge on the right.
  2. After the last photo piece, walk off the ledge on the right and continue behind the wall and to the right. Jump then over the first two gaps, then drop down the third, hugging the left wall.
  3. Up from the last photo piece, go right through the tall loop and bounce off the yellow spring to the upper path. After landing, head left and through another loop. Be careful at the end, as there is a red spring. Run then left, past the Start Post, and hop up to the hill and go right. Use then the Jump Panel at the end and go right from there.
  4. Run along the lower path at the start of the Act, past the spinning platforms, then up the ramp at the end. Duck then under one of the two moving blocks to reach the photo piece.
  5. At the end of the water section, Spin Dash up the ramp then jump over to the leftmost platform held up by a pillar. Hop then to the square platform, and then up over the spring on the right.

Act 2

  1. Just before the first loop on the upper route, drop down the pit and bounce off the red spring to reach the platform above the right column. Jump then to the top of the loop.
  2. From the last photo piece, run toward the Jump Panel on the right and launch off it to land beside a Super Rings item box. Take a run up and jump off the right side to reach the long platform with a Start Post. From there, just drop off the left edge to the photo piece.
  3. Past the previously mentioned Start Post, take a running leap once the edge is reached. Drop then off the left edge and head right through the loop. From there, ride a disguised moving platform, and jump up to the red spring. From there, just hop over the spikes on the left.
  4. Drop down the first waterfall and walk to the left.
  5. From the underwater Start Post, head left, past the Chop Chops, and jump to the moving platform. From there, avoid the spikes and hop into the wall on the left.
  6. Down the tunnel, past the underwater Start Post, get onto the platform near the huge bubble outlet. From there, jump to the moving platform and continue to the left, above the columns.
  7. From the last photo piece, use the same moving platform to reach the upper right platform.
  8. Continue right from the last photo piece and drop down to the ground. Then, Spin Dash up the curved ramp and walk right.
  9. At the very end of the underwater portion of the Act, jump off the yellow spring and hold left on the control stick. After Sonic lands on the platform with the Grounder, simply go left from there.
  10. From the start of the Act, jump off the first swinging platform and land between the waterfalls. Launch then off the Jump Panel and use the two moving platforms to reach a platform on the right of the third waterfall.
  11. Near the end of the Act, just before the loop, Spin Dash up the small hill and jump at the end to land on top of the loop.
  12. From the last photo piece, jump up to the left, then run left along the path.



Name Artist(s) Length Music track
Aquatic Relix Zone: Act 1 Maitaro 1:42
Aquatic Relix Zone: Act 2 Maitaro 1:24