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Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
Aquatic Capital

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The canoe half-pipe is a thrill only found in this gorgeous aquatic city.

— Description, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.

Aquatic Capital is the fourth course from the Heroes story in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. It is a city lying in the vicinity of Monopole, next to Dr. Eggman's MeteorTech Premises. It gets its name from its location and the fact that there is water everywhere. This race course features more wall-to-wall gravity power.


Amy is being chased by Storm because he wants the Ark of the Cosmos that Amy has. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles must race against the clock (the time limit is 3:24:00) to get to Amy before Storm does.


The map of Aquatic Capital, from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.

The race takes place in a futuristic city resembling a water world. After being greeted by geysers at the starting line, the character racing encounters the first trick ramp which if Gravity Control is used in the mid-air, he/she will be able to access a waterslide as a shortcut. If the character misses this shortcut, the character may either keep to the left to access either a wall-route or a grind section, or keep to the right moving through a cemented path where a spring can be used if the character is on foot/Attack-mode.

If neither of the three above-mentioned shortcuts are taken, these two paths will eventually form an intersection with two more paths to take, one which leads to an air ride section (if the character raced on the water-slide, he/she will be led to this intersection), or a barricaded shortcut recommended for Bikes and Wheel gear users to smash through. Whichever of the above-mentioned shortcuts is taken or not taking a shortcut will lead the character to a sharp 90 degree turn requiring Gravity Control for this type of curving. If the character is on-foot/Attack mode, the character will be able to ride on a gondola through an isolated waterway from the main path which from that sharp curve, the character would have to pass through a Trick Ramp and depending on how well the trick is performed will decide on whether the character will access the lower or the upper waterslide (note that the upper waterslide is always the shorter route than the lower waterslide). While on the waterslides, there are gondolas that also ride on either waterway which will damage the character (losing rings) if bumped into. Only the character SCR-GP can damage the gondolas, as it stays in its wheel/bike-type ball mode throughout the entire slide.

After accessing any waterway, there is a long, straight section which is an opportunity for the character to Gravity Dive to speed through this long section and using the large spheres of water as Meteor Bursts. Near the end of the course, there is an iconic water fountain which the character will have to race around it to be led back to the starting line or by taking either the grind section which travels around the fountain at a faster speed or an air ride section which the character flies through the fountain.


No. Objective Character Rank requirements
Rank Requirement
1 Find the fastest route to the goal and reach it within 1 min 8 sec! Sonic
Normal 1:08:00-1:03:01
Super 1:03:00-0:59:01
Extreme <0:59:01
2 Reach the goal with at least 75 Rings! Tails
Normal 75-124 Rings
Super 125-174 Rings
Extreme ≥175 Rings
3 Score at least 26 points by performing really slick tricks! Knuckles
Normal 26-35 points
Super 36-45 points
Extreme ≥45 points
4 Perform at least 5 grinds before reaching the goal! Amy
Normal 5-7 grinds
Super 8-9 grinds
Extreme ≥10 grinds
5 Earn 4 points performing meteor bursts before reaching the goal! Knuckles
Normal 4-6 points
Super 7-10 points
Extreme ≥11 points
6 Take on Sonic and the gang and outrace all 3 of them! Amy
Normal 3rd place
Super 2nd place
Extreme 1st place
7 Collect time items and reach the goal before time runs out! Tails
Normal 0:00:00-0:19:99
Super 0:20:00-0:27:99
Extreme >0:27:99


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Aquatic Time" N/A 3:42



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