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Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Aquatic Base (Sonic)

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Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Aquatic Base (Shadow)

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Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Aquatic Base (Silver)

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Aquatic Base is an Action Stage in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). The area is a high-tech Soleanna research facility, hidden beneath the waters of Kingdom Valley. It is here that the Duke of Soleanna was conducting time-travel experiments on Solaris during the Solaris Project before things went catastrophically wrong.

Aquatic Base was partially destroyed in the explosion that curtailed the Solaris Project (the event which also created Iblis and Mephiles). Along with the royal palace in Kingdom Valley, it was subsequently abandoned. Some years later, Dr. Eggman clandestinely moved into the facility, using it as a secret base and hangar for his Egg Carrier.



Now that Sonic the Hedgehog has rewritten the future and saved Princess Elise from perishing in the crash, he can set about accomplishing his final showdown with Dr. Eggman. First, Sonic must slip beneath the waves and infiltrate the old Aquatic Base, an undersea laboratory used by Elise’s father before the tragic accident that ended his life. Eggman has stocked the base with his robot army and uses it for experiments. With the help of Knuckles and Tails, Sonic must clear out the mechanized forces and reach Dr. Eggman before he can escape in his Egg Carrier, unaware it was flying to its own destruction as Sonic foresaw before using Chaos Control to go back and prevent Eggman and Elise from meeting the same fate again.


Tails is playable in the last stage of Sonic's story during a section after Sonic's first leg in the base. Tails flies through an area and drops Dummy Rings on robots that get in his way in order to reach a room with a switch inside. Once there, he must activate the switch so that a doorway will open and Sonic can continue on.


Knuckles is playable in the final stage of Sonic's story. His part comes near the end and is very short. He glides across a deep chasm and activates blue pillar switches by diving into the ground. The shockwave activates the blue pillars and destroys the robots in the area. He then continues to do this until all of the robots and switches are turned on and Sonic is given a clear way to continue onward.


Shadow the Hedgehog slips under the waves to infiltrate the Aquatic Base, an underwater science complex appropriated by Dr. Eggman. The site was abandoned after a tragic accident with the Duke of Soleanna, but its steely corridors are now buzzing with activity. Iblis’ fiery minions have infested the base and are causing Shadow considerable trouble as he presses deeper into the complex to hunt Dr. Eggman. Shadow is not alone in this endeavor, however. Silver the Hedgehog is also exploring the Aquatic Base in search of the Iblis Trigger, the being that sets off a sequence of events that leads to Silver’s charred and ruined future.

The player starts off as Shadow during the first leg and switches places with Silver during the second leg. Once Silver activates a switch, Shadow is playable once again for the final segment. Shadow is able to go through by using homing attacks and riding on the optional vehicles provided throughout the stage, such as a G.U.N motorcycle.


Deep beneath the waves of Soleanna, the Aquatic Base served as a secret laboratory for the Duke, but after his fatal accident, the facility was abandoned. Recently uncovered by Dr. Eggman, the lab is now one of his bases of operation. However, when Silver the Hedgehog dives deep to infiltrate the Aquatic Base, he is confronted not by metal monsters, but fiery beasts like those he challenged in Crisis City. The minions of Iblis have caught up to Silver, and if he wants to edge closer to the truth and the solution for undoing Iblis’ flame ravaged future, Silver must extinguish the monsters and escape the base. Fortunately, he receives help from Shadow The Hedgehog.

About halfway through Silver's story, the player returns to 10 years in the past in order to go through this stage. The player starts off as Silver during the first leg and switches places with Shadow during the second section. Once Shadow activates a switch, Silver is playable once again for the final segment. Silver is able to use his psychokinesis to launch the floating globes in the area at the monsters that attack him, as well as use the monsters themselves as projectiles.


Sonic's story

Aquatic Base is the final level for Sonic in his story. After going back through a rift in time which was opened when he and Silver induced Chaos Control simultaneously with two Chaos Emeralds together, Sonic goes through the abandoned factory in order to reach the end and land on Eggman's Egg Carrier, which is about to take off on its doomed flight. For unexplained reasons, Tails and Knuckles are also present and are playable during certain parts of the level. The level is filled by a large variety of robots including all but the Egg Keeper, making it the hardest level in Sonic's Story. However, this is the easiest level to get an "S" Rank by destroying robots.

Shadow's story

The Aquatic Base level takes place in Shadow's story at the same time as Silver's. After a fight between the two hedgehogs ended with Shadow being the victor, a rift in time was opened up with Chaos Control by the Blue and Green Emeralds. It was a portal that sent them into the past. Shadow and Silver, both determined to find answers, jumped into the portal and reached the Soleanna laboratory. Even as they arrived, a meltdown began in the main laboratory as the Duke of Soleanna and his scientists experimented on Solaris. The Duke and his scientists were unable to stabilize the experiment, and an explosion took place. Shadow and Silver raced to the wreckage and witnessed Solaris split apart into the original forms of Iblis and Mephiles. Silver was set to pursue Iblis, while Shadow, after being handed the Scepter of Darkness from a barely alive Duke, set his sights on Mephiles. The player proceeds through the level and is able to play as Silver at one point. The Stage is filled by various of Iblis and Mephiles Minions, trying to prevent Shadow from sealing Mephiles.

Shadow seals away Mephiles, giving his name, and Mephiles swears to remember Shadow and have vengeance. Shadow doesn't dignify him with an answer. In order to prevent more paradoxes arising, Shadow leaves the Scepter safely with the unconscious Princess, now he has the knowledge. Shadow realizes it is his responsibility to re-seal Mephiles in the future.

Silver's story

The Aquatic base level takes place in Silver's story at the same time as Shadow's. After a fight between the two hedgehogs ended with Shadow being the victor, a rift in time was opened up with Chaos Control. It was a portal that sent them into the past. Shadow and Silver, both determined to find answers, jumped into the portal and reached the Soleanna laboratory to witness the Duke of Soleanna and his scientists as they experimented on Solaris. Unfortunately, the project was a failure and an explosion took place before they could reach the area. Upon inspecting the wreckage, they saw Solaris split apart into the original forms of Iblis and Mephiles. Silver was set to pursue Iblis, while Shadow, after being handed the Scepter of Darkness from a barely alive Duke, set his sights on Mephiles. The player proceeds through the level and is able to play as Shadow at one point. Like Shadow, this version of the stage is filled by various Iblis and Mephiles Minions trying to prevent Silver from sealing Iblis.

The Duke seals the Flames inside the young Elise, pleading with her to never cry before begging Silver to take her to safety. He dies, leaving Silver deeply troubled with the knowledge of where the Flames of Disaster truly originate from. Silver carries Elise outside and watches Shadow leave the Scepter with Elise, impressing him. They form a portal, and Shadow jumps through. Silver looks back at young Elise, all alone, and decides to leave his Blue Emerald with her as a 'lucky charm', unwittingly completing the Causal Loop that leaves the Blue Emerald with the paradox of having no origin and no end.

Silver Medal Locations


  1. The very first room in Aquatic Base contains a medal. The player must break open the wooden crates on the left to expose the prize.
  2. The second Silver Medal is in the first room of Egg Gunner robots, on the left side behind one of the pillars.
  3. In the Sphere section, the player must use the Silver Sphere to pass through the third Silver Medal, which is hanging in the air to the right.
  4. In Tails' section after unlocking the Cased Spring, the player must use it to reach the central platform that holds the fourth Silver Medal inside a Wooden Container.
  5. After activating the switch in Tails' section to proceed through a point marker into another room, the Silver Medal can be seen floating to the right of the first platform.
  6. In Sonic's section in the chamber with moving platforms above a bottomless pit, the sixth medal can be found on the lower right platform.
  7. The seventh Silver Medal is tucked behind the lip of the first door with the glass barricade.
  8. On the left side of Knuckles' chamber, hidden inside a collection of Wooden Containers is the eighth Silver Medal.
  9. In the last section inside the red light battle room, the medal is between two pillars to the upper right.
  10. The final Silver Medal in Aquatic Base is just below the first ledge in the Goal Ring room. The player must drop down after defeating the first set of mechs, then look back to see the medal.


  1. Before exiting the first chamber, the player should check behind the pillar next to the exit to spot the first Silver Medal.
  2. After releasing the cased spring and then landing up high near Silver, the player should turn around and jump to the center high platform. The medal is in a Wooden container up here.
  3. In Silver's section, it is seen floating to the right of a suspended platform.
  4. Switching back to Shadow, the medal can be seen floating to the left of the first checkpoint among the small Silver Spheres.
  5. After the room filled with Iblis Worms, the Silver Medal is to the right of the switch in a Wooden Container.
  6. In the tunnel with the Motorcycle, after the player breaks the third blue glass door, they can find the medal to the left.
  7. Once exiting the tunnel, the player must turn to the left to find the seventh medal behind a pillar.
  8. Once the player reaches the room that marks the end of the tunnel, the eighth medal is just behind the wall next to a door. The player must destroy every monster in the room to make it appear.
  9. In the Goal Ring room, the ninth medal is to the upper right between two pillars just past the door.
  10. From the previous medal's position, on the other end of the room, the tenth medal is inside a pile of Wooden Containers to the left of where the Goal Ring appears.


  1. At the start of Shadow's section, the player must break the Explosive crate to the right to reveal medal.
  2. Back to Silver's section, after the first checkpoint, the Silver Medal is on the highest platform in the room.
  3. The third medal is floating in the room after the second point marker. Use one of the Containers next to the marker to reach it safely.
  4. During the ride over the Silver Sphere, the Silver Medal is on the back half of the sphere’s path. The player must steer the sphere over the medal to pick it up.
  5. In the room the player falls down into that is crossed with lasers, then medal is to the left.
  6. In the final section at the front of the first room, the medal is inside a pile of Wooden Containers to the left.
  7. In front of the first checkpoint of this section, behind a laser field.
  8. In the second giant Sphere ride, it is on top of a laser field.
  9. Afterward, the ninth Silver Medal is between two Golems seen on the left hand side while on the giant Sphere.
  10. In the next room, it is in the back behind a pillar to the right.


  • A Key located out of the stage's bound.

    In Shadow's final section of the stage and to the right of the last chamber of Silver Spheres, lies a Key out of the section's bound. If one reaches it through hacking, it does nothing.[1]
  • There is no clear explanation, but during the course of Shadow's and Silver's Action Stages, the enemies that are fought are all monsters from the far future. It is possible that both Mephiles and Iblis spawned these enemies, even in their base forms.
  • The music that plays in this Action Stage is very similar to the music heard in Lost Impact from Shadow the Hedgehog.
    • Additionally, Lost Impact takes place in the past (or a memory section from the past in Lost Impact's case) and Aquatic Base is also encountered in the past (at least for Shadow and Silver's part).
  • This Action Stage and Radical Train are the only ones that do not appear in End of the World.
  • In Silver's version, it is possible to complete some of Silver's sections as Shadow by performing Shadow's wall glitch on one of the doors in the room before going to Silver after defeating Iblis Minions.
  • In the multiplayer's Battle mode, Aquatic Base has two Goal Rings. Just before the intended Goal Ring at the end of the stage, the player should hear the tone of the hidden Goal Ring in the chamber just after the giant Silver Sphere section. This hidden Goal Ring is behind one of this chamber's doors, and it is only accessible via Shadow's wall glitch and Sonic's Gun Drive.
  • In Hard Mode of Sonic's version, after the player touches the switch at the end of Tails' section to switch back to Sonic, Sonic has a dialogue saying he appreciates Tails' help. However, in Normal Mode, he does not have this dialogue.
  • Near the end of Tails' section in Sonic's story, although the player hits the Cylinder to defeat three nearby enemies in order to open the door they guarded to a room with a cased switch (that switches them back to Sonic), the Egg Lancer, however, is the only one to not be eliminated by the Cylinder.








Name Artist(s) Length Music track
Aquatic Base ~Level 1~ Mariko Nanba 2:37
Aquatic Base ~Level 2~ Mariko Nanba 2:30



Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 - Sonic - Aquatic Base - Hard Mode (S-Rank)-1


Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 - Shadow - Aquatic Base - Hard Mode (S-Rank)-1


Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 - Silver - Aquatic Base - Hard Mode (S-Rank)-1410557774



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