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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Post-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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Quotation1.svg The sacred Chao has blessed our city with protection for generations... Quotation2.svg
King Puff, Sonic the Hedgehog #261

Aquarius is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. She is an ancient Angel Chao, the patron of the Eusebes Temple, and the sacred Chao of Meropis. She is revered by the people of Meropis and is central to their way of life.[1]


Aquarius is a fairly regular Angel Chao with normal body proportions. She has primarily white skin with long ears on her head, mittens-like hands, a long tail, and a white halo floating above her head. She has pure blue eyes and purple skin on her belly, ends of her ears and hands, and as spots on her feet. She wears a string with an orange shell around her neck.

Aquarius prior to her evolution, from Sonic the Hedgehog #260.

Prior to her evolution, Aquarius had slightly longer and thinner ears, and different colors on her white skin. Her ears were mint at around the ends and purple at the tips, her halo was purple, she had purple and mint stripes on her torso, and had purple spots on her feet.


Early life

In the beginnings of Meropis, Aquarius taught the first settlers how to do the sacred rites which allowed them to form a protective shield around their home.[1][2] Revered by the people, Aquarius became their patron and took residents in the Eusebes Temple where she lived in peace and was cared for by the priestesses,[3] who would use Aquarius' rites to maintain Meropis' shield. For the next generations, Aquarius would be repeatedly reborn in the Eusebes Temple.[1][4]

When Coral the Betta was a priestess in training, Aquarius had just finished another reincarnation cycle.[4]

Waves of Change

When the Shattered World Crisis began, Aquarius was performing the daily rites with priestess Coral when they were contacted by Tikal predicting the arrival of heroes.[5] Later, Aquarius entered another reincarnation cycle with Coral's help, but did not emerge from her cocoon after as scheduled.[3][4] This event served as catalyst that led to Coral being stripped of her title by Meropis' rulers after her competence as priestess had already been called into question.[1] Things took a turn for the worse when Coral's stress over seemingly killing Aquarius caused Meropis' shield to disappear, allowing Dark Gaia Creatures to swarm the city.

To save her city, Coral tried to restore the shield with the rites, but was unable to and wished for Aquarius' guidance.[1] As Coral began to lose hope, Tikal appeared and revealed Aquarius was still alive as she finally emerged from her cocoon, now having evolved into an eternal Angel Chao. Overjoyed to have Aquarius back, Coral regained her confidence, and she, Pearly and Tikal combined their Mystic Melodies with Aquarius' power which restored Meropis' shield and wiped out all the invading Dark Gaia Monsters. After Coral had her title returned by Queen Angelica after realized the error of their judgment, Aquarius bit farewell to Tikal when she took her leave.[3]

The Case of the Pirate Princess

Aquarius soon lived out her days peacefully during and after the events of the Shattered World Crisis. It was later found out that Princess Undina had gone missing and the Chao found herself feeling sorry for Coral.[6]


Aquarius is shown to be an affectionate Chao, showing prominent happiness whenever Coral caresses her.

Powers and abilities

Like all chao, Aquarius can gain the traits of creatures to which she is exposed to as she grows. Once Aquarius nears the end of her life-cycle, she can envelope herself in a cocoon and emerge as an egg—reborn as a new chao with the traits she had in her past life.[3][7] Thanks to the exceptional care of Coral and the previous priestesses, Aquarius' most recent reincarnation caused her to evolve into an special, eternal chao.[3] She is as well capable of flight.

Aquarius possesses a form of magical properties which allows those playing the Mystic Melody and the rites to form a protective bubble of water around Meropis and sent out energy blasts as a form of defense.[3]


  • Aquarius is named after the Zodiac Sign of the same name.
  • So far, Aquarius is the only being who can perform Mystic Melody that is not a mobian.


Concept artwork


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