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Next stop, the Aquarium Park. This underwater attraction is the perfect place to commune with sea life, and hopefully, get chummy with the sharks.

Dr. Eggman, Sonic Colors (Wii)

The Aquarium Park (アクアリウムパーク Akuariumu Pāku?) is the fourth, fifth or sixth Area of Sonic Colors, Sonic Colors (Nintendo DS), and Sonic Colors: Ultimate. It is a planet located in Dr. Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park. The Aquarium Park is known for being flooded with water, with aquatic life being common in the place. In the Wii version of Sonic Colors, the Aquarium Park is composed of six Acts and a boss battle, while in the Nintendo DS version of Sonic Colors, it is composed on two Acts, a boss battle, and three extra missions.


The Aquarium Park is a large planet that is flooded with water. Much aquatic vegetation grows peacefully here, and many fish, along with Wisps and robotic animals, inhabit the planet.

After Dr. Eggman invaded the planet, the Aquarium Park adopted a more artificial appearance; it is now surrounded by a gigantic glass dome. Many East Asian-styled buildings are seen both on the surface and underwater. There is also a sushi restaurant called "The Bucket O'Sushi", though Tails has said that the food there tastes awful.


Having kidnapped the Aquarium Park and anchored it to his interstellar amusement park that houses Tropical Resort at its hub, Dr. Eggman would kidnap the local Wisps to suck the Hyper-go-on out of them and use it to fuel his Mind Control Ray. Later, Sonic, Tails and Yacker would travel across the Aquarium Park to free the Wisps from Eggman. While Sonic and Yacker would travel across the Aquarium Park, Tails would head to The Bucket O'Sushi restaurant.

Eventually, Sonic finds the local tractor beam generator, guarded by Admiral Jelly and his crew. Sonic proceeds to defeat Admiral Jelly, shutting down the tractor beam generator in the process. In the aftermath, Sonic meets up with Tails, who reveals that the food at The Bucket O'Sushi is terrible. The three heroes would subsequently leave the Aquarium Park to continue their adventure.


The Aquarium Park takes place mostly underwater, though some short sections also take place on the surface. Sonic cannot stay for too long underwater, since he will drown. However, he can collect Air Bubbles to stay in the water for longer. In the Wii version of the game, he can also Double Jump indefinely while underwater, which allows him to explore the environment and go to the surface with more ease.

No Wisps are introduced in this Area; however, while underwater, the player can use the Yellow Drill Color Power to act like a torpedo rather than an actual drill, which allows Sonic to explore underwater faster and easier.

Overview (Wii)

For a Red Star Ring guide, see Aquarium Park/Red Star Rings.

Act 1

Aquarium Park Act 1 Wii Map

Act 1 starts with Sonic slowly descending into the park and landing inside a winding tube that leads to the entrance of the park. A spectacular view of the oriental above-ground scenery Aquarium Park has to offer is displayed as Sonic blazes down a long path in Quick-Step mode through the aquatic town near the water. Throughout the stage, Sonic gains the opportunity to view the wonderful world under the sea by diving into large pools of water filled with all sorts of marine life, plants, and oriental structures. After crossing the ocean, Sonic lands on a slowly descending platform with Egg Pawns dropping from the sky. Afterward, Sonic must Quick-Step to avoid the large water capsules in his path and smash large metal crates into the rows of Egg Pawns blocking his way. Sonic is then lead to a small pool of water where the Goal Ring resides. The Cyan Laser, and more prominently, the Yellow Drill, are the Wisps found in this Act. Sonic must use their powers to reach new areas in the stage. Instead of being used for digging, the Yellow Drill is used underwater to transform Sonic into a rocketing torpedo.

Act 2

Act 2 starts with Sonic racing along collapsing platforms that players will find. The only Wisp here is the Blue Cube. By using it, players can walk on otherwise uncharted territory to find Red Star Rings; in this Act, the player cannot go on the ground, and they are only allowed to jump across the floating platforms to get towards the goal.

Act 3

Act 3 starts with Sonic stretching by one of the large pools. After he gets going, he will find platforms with fans underneath them. Here, the player will have to navigate treacherous waters while being pushed downward by currents produced by the fans. The only Wisps here are the Orange Rocket and Purple Frenzy.

Act 4

Act 4 begins with Sonic jumping on a spring to get to a corkscrew pathway. While running down this pathway, Sonic encounters the Big Chaser. After escaping its clutches, Sonic runs through more of the structures using the Cyan Laser and the Yellow Drill to go through the Act. In this part of Aquarium Park, Sonic has to go through areas with more water. Sonic then ends the level by running down a steep grade while being chased by the Big Chaser from the beginning of the stage. After reaching the bottom of the grade, the Big Chaser collides into the ground and explodes, leaving Sonic to break open a Wisp Capsule and end the Act.

Act 5

Act 5 is relatively short. Sonic will come across yellow Wide Springs which keep up with his movements only from left to right. If Sonic moves from right to left the spring will continue on its path. There are no Wisps in this Act.

Act 6

Act 6 begins with Sonic on a short, narrow platform leading him directly underwater. Here, Sonic uses the Yellow Drill to maneuver his way through tunnels, against currents, and around spikes. After exiting the body of water, Sonic comes across a large, beautiful waterfall that leads to a section that utilizes the Green Hover Wisp to reach different sections of the stage. Sonic then comes across a room filled with Egg Pawns and Crabmeats which he must defeat before advancing further into the stage. Sonic is then led to another large body of water where he must dodge killer eels before reaching the Goal Ring.

Act 6 also features shoals of small, orange fish which help Sonic when he passes through them. They allow him to take one hit from enemies without losing Rings or dying and also stop him from drowning. This makes their effect comparable to the Water Shield from Sonic the Hedgehog 3. However, they will leave Sonic after 20 seconds or when he resurfaces, whichever comes first. If the drowning timer had already started before coming into contact with the fish, it will restart from 5.

Overview (Nintendo DS)

Act 1

In the Nintendo DS version, Aquarium Park looks almost identical to the one on the Wii, albeit fully 2D side-scrolling gameplay. The Wisps used here are Cyan Laser and Yellow Drill, but like the Wii version, the Drill is only used underwater as a torpedo. While underwater, different gimmick are seen. One of which is a swimming circle of fish, which Sonic can grab onto and fling himself off (usually to another fish circle). There are also special Cyan Laser gimmicks in which Sonic can enter as Cyan Laser and come out in four different strands, destroying enemies, then going into an end one and returning to normal Cyan Laser.

Act 2

The Act 2 in the Nintendo DS version is similar to Act 1, just with a different level design.



Main article: Admiral Jelly

Admiral Jelly

The boss of Aquarium Park is Admiral Jelly and his minions. This boss is similar to the Sweet Mountain boss, Captain Jelly, as they share the same progression and attacks. But unlike the Sweet Mountain's pirate ship, this boss fight takes place entirely underwater and on a submarine and instead of dodging cannonballs, the player has to avoid and dodge missiles while racing to the switch. Once there, the player finds that it's encased in clear glass. Sonic cannot crack this directly, even while in Torpedo form. To crack it, the player should just lure one of the homing missiles with Sonic as live bait. The missile will explode, destroying the case and allowing the player to flip the switch, which will cause the sub to shut down, landing at the bottom of the Aquarium Park's sea. Sonic then jumps off of the sub to another flat structure. Admiral Jelly and crew then swim out to fight Sonic. He'll spin around while swimming with his telescope and after some time he'll get dizzy and stop to look around. Sonic then can easily hit him and he'll then retreat back to his sub after three hits. The player must repeat this process one more time until he's defeated. The player can also use the Yellow Drill, which counts as three hits during the one-on-one fight - it is, however, made more difficult by him swimming off in a random direction at full speed to evade it.

Nintendo DS

Main article: Admiral Jelly

The Aquarium Park boss takes place in a flat arena versus Admiral Jelly, an upgraded version of the Sweet Mountain boss. The platform is able to be tilted by stomping on the ends. The Wisp power obtainable from this boss fight is the Cyan Laser.



Rank Score
Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Act 4 Act 5 Act 6
S Rank (Sonic Colors Wii).png
2200000 600000 2000000 1700000 950000 1850000
A Rank (Sonic Colors Wii).png
1500000 500000 900000 1250000 750000 1250000
B Rank (Sonic Colors Wii).png
1100000 400000 700000 900000 550000 950000
C Rank (Sonic Colors Wii).png
700000 250000 500000 550000 350000 650000
D Rank (Sonic Colors Wii).png
<700000 <250000 <500000 <550000 <350000 <650000

Eggman's Quotes

Occasionally, Eggman will make the following announcements over the loudspeaker.

  • "Remember to try out the new and improved waterslides! Now with 20% less raw sewage!
  • "Welcome to the Exotic Aquarium! Any water you may notice on the floor is the result of our diligent house cleaning staff's mopping! And not evidence of a dangerous leak in the- oh heck with it! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!"
  • "Please avoid breaking the glass, as it's the only thing between you, and 10 million gallons of freezing wet death."
  • "To avoid embarrassing hickies, please refrain from arm wrestling the octopi."
  • "Water you waiting for? Climb aboard the Exotic Aquarium for a boatload of- Argh, who writes this drivel?!" (Orbot) "You do, boss." (Eggman) "Oh you're right, I do! Ha ha, I'm hilarious!"
  • "Enjoy the rides, and remember, in case of an emergency your seat cushion may be used as a flotation device. It won't actually float, but you can use it as one."
  • "Arr mateys, experience the honest denizens of the seven seas in Capt'n Eggman's Amazing Underwater Aquarium!" (to himself) "This is really embarrassing."
  • "In the unlikely event of an emergency, please find the nearest escape pod. For anyone not named Eggman, your escape pod can be found back at the planet still being assembled in the factory."
  • "This exotic aquarium contains many rare and endangered species. Enjoy them with a delicious soy glaze at the Bucket-O'-Sushi restaurant."
  • "The mighty ocean, cradle of life, trivialized for your amusement at Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park."
  • (during cutscene) "Remember ladies and gentlemen, try the newest dining experience here at Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park, The Bucket O' Sushi. Now with FISH!"


  • With hacks or glitching, players can see that Acts of Aquarium Park are actually loaded as part of one single map. Depending on which Act the player chooses to play first (For example, Act 1), any gimmicks such as ramps, Rings, Wisp capsules, springs, and enemies are not loaded for any other Acts/segments of the map.
    • The above also applies to almost all other levels and Acts in the game with the exceptions of all three Terminal Velocity Acts and Game Land Acts.
    • Like with the other primary areas, the six acts of Aquarium Park are configured from two individual maps. The first map consists of Acts 1 and 4, with the ending area of Act 1 being accessible behind the starting point of Act 4, while the second map consists of Act 6. Act 2 takes place within the second-to-last 2D section of Act 6 (both in the main route and secret area), Act 3 takes place within the first 2D section of Act 1, and the non-spring sections of Act 5 take place within Act 1.
  • Aquarium Park and Sweet Mountain share similar bosses with similar attacks and minions. They also share similar names: Captain Jelly and Admiral Jelly, as in Jellybean and Jellyfish, respectively.
  • The music heard when viewing the map of this Area is a remix of the music from Act 1.
  • In the Nintendo DS version of the game, if Sonic boosts while underwater, he will no longer have a rainbow effect in his energy field, instead having it blue-colored.
  • In Sonic Generations, Modern Chemical Plant and Modern Seaside Hill borrow several elements from this Area, such as pushing blocks, skydiving and running on water.
  • This is one of the only two Areas (the other is Terminal Velocity) that don't have new Wisps (although the Yellow Wisp gains a new use here underwater).
  • There is a glitch in Act 6, where Sonic is walking in very shallow water. If a Crabmeat fires a missile at Sonic, if the player can get the missile to go through the light posts, pots, etc., it will make repeated explosion sounds, and the pot will appear to explode, but both it and the missile will remain intact, and the missile will keep moving.
  • In the Nintendo DS version of Sonic Colors, "aquarium" is misspelled as "acquarium."
  • It has been revealed that there is a secret pathway in Aquarium Park Act 3 that leads to a second Goal Ring. The path consists of Quick Step, 2D paths, 3D paths, enemies (with boost), Speed Pads and Ramps, Springs and pulleys. There is also a way to enter the Act 4 section of the level, but the player doesn't get far unless he/she can use underwater physics on land.
  • In the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations, Act 1's music is "featured" in the Sound Test.
  • In the game Sonic Lost World, Zone 3 of Tropical Coast bears a resemblance to Aquarium Park.
  • The music for Act 1 of Aquarium Park features a similar melody to the opening for the anime adaptation of the romantic comedy manga series Love Hina.
  • Aquarium Park was based on Feudal Japan, and Japanese Pagodas. The juxtaposition of the ocean floor with Japanese architecture may be a reference to Ryugu Palace, the legendary abode of the sea god Ryūjin.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Area - Aquarium Park" Mariko Nanba 4:25
"Aquarium Park - Act 1" Tomoya Ohtani 4:26
"Aquarium Park - Act 2" 3:27
"Aquarium Park - Act 3" 3:47
"Aquarium Park - Act 1 (Remix)" 4:48
"Aquarium Park - Act 2 (Remix)" 4:21
"Aquarium Park - Act 3 (Remix)" 3:49



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