The Aqua Blast[1] (アクアブラスト号 Akuaburasuto-gō?) is a hovercraft from Sonic Rush Adventure, and the third water vessel that can be used in the game. By using the power of magnetic Materials, this navy vessel can hover slightly above the water surface to avoid obstacles and possesses a front-mounted laser cannon as a weapon system. It was constructed by Miles "Tails" Prower as his third water vessel and was used by him, Sonic the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat and Marine the Raccoon to cross the icy routes to Blizzard Peaks in Blaze's world.


After Sonic and the gang lost Captain Whisker and his band of pirates at Haunted Ship, Blaze suggested that they searched the surrounding sea for clues. One of these areas was Blizzard Peaks, but due to the shallow water and many icebergs, getting there would be too dangerous in a regular ship. To solve this problem, Tails constructed the Aqua Blast, mainly from Silver Material which its magnetic qualities was perfect for this situation. This allows the Aqua Blast to hover just above the sea and avoid any obstacles.


Sailing in the Aqua Blast is roughly similar to using the Wave Cyclone, but the craft progresses automatically. The player has to dodge incoming rocks, mines and sharks in the water by moving the DS stylus from side to side. To use the watercraft's weapons can either tap or hold down with the DS stylus. The Aqua Blast can spin to deflect projectiles shot by enemies, but not larger obstacles, performed by sliding the stylus quickly from side to side or pressing L or R button. It also possesses a laser cannon that can fire rapid, weaker laser blasts by tapping the stylus, or fire much stronger, single laser blast by holding down the stylus and then releasing it.

Materials needed

To build

The following Materials are needed in order to construct the Aqua Blast:

First upgrade

The following Materials are needed in order to upgrade the Aqua Blast for the first time:

  • 3 Green Materials
  • 3 Bronze Materials
  • 3 Red Materials
  • 3 Silver Materials
  • 3 Black Materials

Second upgrade

The following Materials are needed in order to upgrade the Aqua Blast for the second time:

  • 5 Green Materials
  • 5 Bronze Materials
  • 5 Red Materials
  • 5 Silver Materials
  • 5 Black Materials


  • This is the only vessel in Sonic Rush Adventure built by Tails whose name does not include a type of windstorms. (e.g. hurricane, tornado)




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