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Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Worse-er

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"Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Worse-er" is the fifty-eighth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 17 December 2016 in the United States and on 8 April 2017 in France.


Eggman challenges Tails to prove he is a genius by capturing Sonic.








On the beach, Sonic and Tails (in his Tailsmobile) are in the midst of battling Eggman and his latest robot, the Vacuum Bot, which is attempting to suck them in. It succeeds in capturing Sonic, much to Tails' horror and Eggman's joy, but Sonic breaks out of it easily, destroying it in the process. A disappointed Eggman bemoans yet another defeat, with Tails telling him there was no way Vacuum Bot could hold Sonic. Eggman's rebuttal is to tell Tails that he has never tried to capture Sonic and that it is not an easy task before flying off. His words spark a debate between Sonic and Tails about whether or not it is possible for the former to be captured by the latter, which evolves into a friendly bet between the two; they agree that whoever loses must perform a love song at Meh Burger's karaoke night.

At Meh Burger, the two inform the other members of Team Sonic about the bet; Amy is convinced that things will go too far because of Sonic's tendency to get over-competitive (even citing a past bet between Sonic and Knuckles over who could put hats on the most monkeys), but he and Tails brush off those concerns, believing it to be a simple competition between friends. Later, Tails sets up a trap involving a chili dog and a cage placed directly above; Sonic simply grabs the chili dog, but falls into a surprise trap door as he gloats. Tails attempts to claim victory, but Sonic breaks out easily, flipping the cage over him in the process. Sonic grades the trap, eats the chili dog, and runs off, leaving Tails annoyed.

Noticing a rope trap in his shack next to another chili dog, Sonic simply jumps over it to grab his favorite food, then reclines in his hammock; he notices too late that Tails has converted it into a slingshot, flinging him into a slide and down into another cage. Tails once again believes he is successful, only to find Sonic has escaped again; once again grading Tails on his performance and grabbing the chili dog from the cage, Sonic dashes off, and Tails' frustration grows. Meanwhile, Eggman is spying on them with his Fly Bot, not having expected that his words would actually have an effect, and Orbot notes that while Tails has had the same amount of success that Eggman has (which is to say, none at all), he is improving rapidly. This gives Eggman the idea to take the opportunity to capture Sonic when Tails finally succeeds, despite his dislike of having other people doing his work for him although he orders Orbot and Cubot to get his Satelite connection and Eggmobile.

In the Village Center, Tails is busy lifting barrels when Sonic and Knuckles show up; Tails uses the excuse that he promised Zooey he would do this task for her and needs help, but Sonic sees through his ploy and has Knuckles lift the barrels for him, mentioning his superior strength. Tails attempts to stop the echidna, but it is too late; the barrels suddenly jump in the air, one of them trapping Knuckles within and causing him to roll away. Sonic gloats with a poor pun before running off, further agitating Tails. Later, Sonic and Amy are walking through the canyon when Tails, watching from a high rock formation through binoculars, activates a homing boulder trap that catches them off guard. While Sonic manages to avoid the trap, Amy loses her hammer in the mayhem and ends up being the one caught. Sonic once again makes a bad pun as he gloats to Tails with Tails breaking and stomping on his binoculars.

Sonic next bypasses an entire lineup of bear traps, and Tails, watching through his repaired binoculars, has had enough, deciding that he will no longer hold back; however, his bear traps did succeed in capturing Sticks, who compliments the traps' craftsmanship. Sonic next finds Tails sulking on an icy lake, saying that Eggman was right once he approaches. However, Sonic simply tells him he was outmatched, and Tails responds by saying he can have the chili dog placed on the pedestal next to him. However, the pedestal suddenly triggers a contraption which culminates in a bowling ball being fired from a cannon; it is only then that Sonic notices the "X" painted on the ice behind him and realizes this is another trap. The bowling ball lands on the "X", breaking the ice apart and tilting the portion Sonic is on vertically, with the hedgehog scrambling to grab the edge in panic due to his inability to swim. Tails gloats about how he played to Sonic's sympathetic and egotistic nature and used everything he had to his advantage, leading to a situation Sonic could not escape and effectively trapping him.

It is then that Eggman appears, gloating about how he used Tails to allow him an easy victory. Tails attempts to rally the rest of the team, only to notice that he was too wrapped up in his attempts to catch Sonic to free them from his failed traps. He runs off to do so, leaving Eggman to laugh over his triumph. Meanwhile, Tails frees Knuckles and Amy, the latter admonishing him for not listening to her earlier; Sticks joins up with them soon after, claiming she got tired of waiting and freed herself, though the bear trap is still caught in her hair. Tails quickly explains to each of them the mistake he made, and they run to the lake, where Sonic is still hanging on as Bee Bots attack him, chipping away at the ice.

Eggman jokes that he will need a bigger refrigerator to hold "Sonic the Hedge-cicle"; Cubot confuses the word for "Hedge-cycle" before Eggman corrects him, which leads to Orbot saying the word could be mistaken for "sickle" and that a better word is needed, like "Hedge-cube". Eggman opts to stick with "Hedge-cicle". However, the discussion allows Sonic's friends to show up and easily destroy the Bee Bots, which Eggman berates his minions for. After he asks for help, Knuckles lifts Sonic and the piece of ice he is on out of the water (though not before validating Orbot's opinion by mockingly calling him "Sonic the Hedge-cube"), and Sonic asks the echidna to throw him at Eggman as hard as he can, which he does; Sonic slams into the Eggmobile and sends it flying away, but despite this, Eggman claims he still won because he had Sonic trapped for over a minute.

Sonic and Tails reconcile as the dust settles, but Amy is quick to point out to the latter that she, Knuckles, and Sticks were still caught in his traps and they are still not happy about it. Tails attempts to put a good spin on it by saying it allowed him to find and rally them to save Sonic; Amy counters by saying they have Communicators for situations like that. Tails asks to put the whole thing behind them, and Sonic agrees, apart from one last thing; that night, Tails sings poorly in front of the others at Meh Burger's karaoke night, with Sonic saying that it might have been him that lost the bet as a result; Amy points out to him in her opinion he did lose, to which Sonic responds that they should not tell Tails about it.



  • Cubot's color error.
  • The boulder trap error.
  • As the camera moves away from Sonic and Tails to give a view of Vacuum Bot when makes its entry, Sonic and Tails are closer to the robot when they reenter the camera's frame despite being much farther away when they left said camera's view.
  • In the scene-shift that appears when Sonic turns to Tails just as Eggman leaves the beach, Tails' fur is suddenly much duller.
  • When Sonic escapes Tails' first trap, Tails, along with a cage, disappears for a split-second before transitioning to a scene where Tails sadly droops his ears.
  • The shade of Cubot's yellow color scheme differs between his body and gloves.
  • When Amy is trapped, five boulders surround her. When the scene switches to the outside however, only four boulders surround her.
  • The cannon for Tails' final trap is shown aimed away from Sonic and Tails' position on the frozen lake, yet the bowling ball it fires clearly lands right behind Sonic and Tails.
  • In the scene at the lake where Amy scolds Tails, she is holding the handle on her hammer almost horizontally. However, when the scene shifts, Amy holds her hammer's handle obliquely.


For this episode, Ian Flynn was given the opportunity to write the story when approached by the executive producer of Sonic Boom, Bill Freiberger.[4]

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Quoi que tu fasses, je peux fair Whatever you do, I can do it
Italian La scommessa The bet
Polish Wszystko co robisz, ja umiem zrobić gorzej Everything you do, I can do worse
Spanish (Latin America) Te atraparé, hagas lo que hagas I'll catch you, no matter what you do
Ukrainian Що вмієш ти, те я вмію гірше What can you do, I can do worse


  • Parts of this episode appeared in the Sonic Boom season two debut trailer.
  • This episode was originally scheduled to air on Cartoon Network on December 24, 2016,[5] but was later postponed until January 7, 2017.[6] As such, all subsequent episode of Sonic Boom premiering on Boomerang would from then on air three weeks later on Cartoon Network as opposed to only only one week after as intended.
  • This is the first Sonic television episode to be written by a previous contributor to the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics.
  • The English title is a reference to the song "Anything You Can Do" from the Broadway musical Annie Get Your Gun.
  • The song that plays at Meh Burger while Sonic and Tails leer at each other, is based off the main theme from the 1966 film, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
  • The song that plays when Sonic runs across the bear traps is based off the Sabre Dance movement from the ballet Gayane.
  • The song that plays when Sonic and Tails are at the ice lake is based off of the ballet Swan Lake.
  • The trap that was set in the ice lake operates just like a Rube Goldberg machine.
  • Orbot mentions "hammer and sickle", while thinking the name for frozen Sonic. This is likely a reference to the national symbol of former Soviet Union.


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