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Quotation1 Cook zis, you jealous fuels! I am showing all of Knothole that Antoine Depardieu is a legend in his own mind! Quotation2
— Antoine Depardieu, "Fed Up with Antoine"

Antoine Depardieu[2] is one of the main characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series. He is a member of the Knothole Freedom Fighters who fight against the evil Dr. Robotnik. He has a crush on Princess Sally, and his romantic rival is Sonic the Hedgehog, who would make fun of Antoine for his shortcomings.


Antoine knew the other Freedom Fighters since childhood, and was with them when they were evacuated to Knothole after Robotnik's coup.[3] He also has some connection to the Royal Guard.[4] According to Snively's computer files, Antoine had training as a squire in the "Delmont Province" during his youth.[5]


Antoine is clumsy, cowardly, self-important, and pompous. He is very French-oriented, and often has trouble speaking English. In order to win the affection of Sally, Antoine would pretend to be brave, but this always fails. He thinks of himself as Sonic's rival, but everyone else thinks that is too high of an opinion of himself. Antoine sometimes shows signs of jealousy towards Sonic's heroism and once tried to defeat Dr. Robotnik on his own to win Sally's respect, but it went wrong and Sonic eventually had to save him.

He is also extremely fastidious about his hygiene, clothes, and well maintained home.[6]

He is a gourmand and connoisseur of fine foods, and to him witnessing fine dishes being prepared incorrectly is as bad as physical torture.[5] He is also superstitious, being frightened by ghost stories[2] and panicking when he heard that there was a curse.[1]

Powers and abilities

Antoine has little physical abilities and is quite clumsy. Whilst he claims to be skilled at "King Foo" with "Black and Blue Belts", it is very likely he has no actual skill. Bunnie declared teaching him self defense would be a lost cause.[6][7]

Antoine is well known in Knothole for being a master cook.[8] He is also the recordkeeper of Knothole village.[9]


Princess Sally

Antoine is in love with Sally and insists on calling her by her title even after the fall of her kingdom. [10] The interior of Antoine's hut is decorated with portraits of Sally.[6] Unfortunately for Antoine, Sally displays no interest in him and prefers the attention of Sonic, arousing Antoine's jealousy. Antoine's attraction to Sally sometimes lead him to doirash and foolish actions to impress her.[11]

Despite being annoyed by Antoine's antics, Sally considers him an essential part of the team and refuses to leave him behind.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic and Antoine have a strong rivalry. A Key reason for this being their mutual affection for Princess Sally, with Antoine extremely jealous of the attention Sonic gets from Sally. Antoine also appears jealous over Sonic's physical capabilities and often wishes he could be as athletic as Sonic.

Another factor at play is the stuffy upperclass Antoine having little tolerance for the messy lowborn Sonic. When Sonic temporarily moved into Antoine's hut while repairs were made on his house, Antoine was driven mad by the Hedgehog's slobbish mannerism in his home.

Despite their mutual dislike of each other, the two rivals were united in their mistrust of Griff.[12]

Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails dislikes Antoine's strong perfume and cologne.[6][7] Despite this, Tails is the only one who will listen to Antoine's exaggerated tales of bravado.[11]

Rotor Walrus

Despite being a close friend of Sonic, Rotor was sympathetic to Antoine early on, and once invariantly gave Antoine the idea to try to capture Robotnik.[11]

Later on, Rotor often employed Antoine to help him in the lab. Antoine's bumbling frequently led him to mess up Rotor's inventions[6] and Rotor was often annoyed by Antoine bragging whilst he was working.[5]

In other media

Archie Comics

Antoine Post WWC V2

Antoine in the Archie Comics.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Antoine's last name is "D'Coolette" rather than "DePardieu", and is the son of the Kingdom of Acorn's general, Armand D'Coolette. In this media, after failing several times to win Sally's affection, he forms a romantic relationship with Bunnie Rabbot, and the two would eventually get married. As time went on, Antoine eventually found his own courage and abandoned his cowardly ways, and became a true asset to the Freedom Fighters. After Sally later was roboticized however, he sacrificed himself to save his teammates from an exploding Metal Sonic and fell into a deeps coma. This lead to the Knothole Freedom Fighters breaking up and Antoine would remain this state until the second Super Genesis Wave.

In the rebooted universe, Antoine was a member of the Honor Guard but is still a member of the Freedom Fighters, as well as being married to Bunnie.


  • "You are a fuel." - Antoine calling Sonic a "fool" .
  • "This is all your fault, Sonic the Hoghedge!" -Antoine incorrectly addressing Sonic.
  • "Margarine?! MARGARINE?!!" - Antoine said to Snively.
  • "They tried to cook moi with PEPPER rather than PEPRIKA! Can zoo bezieve eet?" -Antoine to Sonic and Sally on being cooked by the cannibal hyenas.


  • Unlike the Archie Comics, Antoine's species is never mentioned in the series.
  • In the early Sonic the Hedgehog bible, Antoine had the last name, “D’Coolette”, which was later used in the Archie Comics.
  • In France, Antoine is known as Antoine Gontran de la Renardière. The “renard” in his name indicates he is a fox, at least in France.
  • A picture can be seen above Antoine's bed of an older Mobian who looks similar to Antoine, but with a fancier uniform covered with medals.[6] This is possibly Antoine's father or a relative.
  • Antoine is slightly redesigned in Season 2. His hair is longer with a small ponytail, his muzzle is shorter and his whiskers are trimmed.







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