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Antlion Mother[1] is an enemy that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is an antlion-based Badnik model created by Dr. Eggman.


The Antlion Mother, as its name implies, is based on antlions in their larva form. This Badnik consists of two parts: a large base body and a small head attached to it. The main body has purple and pink armor with a yellow disk on top and laser cannons attached above and below. Its head has small eyes, yellow mandibles and claws on the sides. The Antlion Mother's head is as well attached to its main body with Bumpers.


In the Wii U version and PC version of Sonic Lost World, a single Antlion Mother is found in Desert Ruins Zone 4. In the bowels of the ground, the Antlion Mother rotates its main body slowly around, while blocking the upper and lower parts of the route with its own laser cannons which can damage players using the Yellow Drill.

In gameplay, the Antlion Mother keeps the player from progressing through the Zone with its laser. The head on this Badnik will pop out from one of three hatches on its body. To defeat the Antlion Mother, the player must target its head with the Yellow Drill. Once its head is destroyed, it will disable its laser cannons and allow the player to proceed.


  • Like many brand new enemies in Sonic Lost World, the Antlion Mother's name has not been listen in any official source. Instead, it is referred to as "antlion mother" in the game's source code.


  1. In the games files this enemy is simply named "enm_antlion_mother"

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