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This article's subject exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Our dynamic with Eggman is very confusing.
Really? 'Cause as far as I know, this is how grown men and tween animal people always interact.

Tails and Sonic, "Return of the Buddy Buddy Temple of Doom"

Animal people,[2] also known as anthropomorphic animals,[1] are creatures that appear in the Sonic Boom series. They are a species of beings made up of various humanoid animal races who inhabit the earth as the planet's dominant species, although they also co-exist alongside the smaller human population.



Various races of animal people.

Animal people consist of a large variety of races. These races often vary drastically in terms of physical traits between each other. Regardless, each individual takes after a specific animal. In terms of further similarities, most of them, with the exception of a few specimens, all share a humanoid physique, which includes arms, five-fingered hands, and legs for bipedal movement. Notably, avian animal people even have arms instead of wings. In addition, most animal people do not get much taller than what appears to be about three-to-four feet. Some animal people resemble their real-life species counterparts, while others - notably hedgehogs and echidnas - bear little resemblance to their real-life counterparts. Many also have pastel-colored fur that can come in colors such as blue, yellow, red, pink, orange, and purple to name a few, while others possess more natural fur colors, such as brown and gray.

Characteristics and culture

Various animal people cheering at a soccer game, from "Victory".

Animal people are as sapient and intelligent as regular humans, with the power of speech as well.[3] However, most animal people are extremely gullible and easily misled. As demonstrated by the inhabitants on Seaside Island, they tend to live nearby or in their own settlements, which feature predominantly rustic settings.[4] That said, animal people are capable of creating and utilizing various forms of advanced technology.[5][6][7] In term of technological prowess, the majority of the known animal people make use of modern commodities like televisions, computers, cars, and phones, but these forms of technology do not necessarily play a large part of their daily routines.[6][7][8][9][10] Furthermore, common technology used by animal people are far less advanced than that created and used by Eggman Industries, although they can easily purchase them.[11] In addition, genius-minded animal people and like-minded individuals have produced various forms of ground-breaking technologies and machines.[12][13]

While some animal people are heroic and good-hearted, many others are rather fickle and oversensitive, causing them to be rude, petty, and ungrateful[14] despite still being law-abiding citizens. There are also a few unsavory members of this species who subvert their established systems for illegal, selfish, or immoral reasons.[11][15][16] Sometimes, these sorts will even organize into groups or teams of like-minded rogues.[17]

Wild Cat, an animal person serving as a construction worker, from "Mayor Knuckles".

Like humans, animal people make up the fabric of their local (if not global) economies. Some work as construction workers,[18] some are entertainment specialists,[19] some are farmers, and a few can accomplish all of these tasks separately. Also, when trading goods and services, animal people make use of coins and banknotes as currency.[20]

Politically speaking, animal people (at least those in Hedgehog Village) are ruled by a democratic government where they elect individuals to govern and legislate their settlements.[6][18][21][22] However, those outside of such systems have build their own political systems around their own cultural ways, such as the Gogobas, who are a tribe ruled by a chief; and the Froglodytes, a horde led by their high priest.[16][23] Animal people also appear to be athletic creatures. Despite having modern commodities to entertain themselves with, they show a preference for engaging in a variety of athletic events that are designed to test their strength, stamina, and speed.[24]

Animal people celebrating New Years, from "New Year's Retribution".

While animal people do celebrate the New Year,[25] this holiday sprung from the need to divide the year up according to the planet's calendar, meaning it does not have any religious or cultural origin.[26] In addition, animal people do not have holidays like Easter, Halloween, Christmas, or Groundhog Day.[25] However, some animal people do seem to have some religious beliefs, as the Froglodytes worship a deity-like figure called Frogymandias.[23]

In regards to clothing, animal people have varying ways of dressing themselves. Generally speaking, females typically wear more than males, who usually leave their torsos bare.

Powers and abilities

Sonic the Hedgehog, an animal person with the power of super speed, from "Sole Power".

Generally speaking, animal people have no special abilities or powers that are shared by all of them. However, certain select members of them are gifted with exceptional abilities, such as super speed, flight, enhanced digging, and teleportation.[3][27] Additionally, through sheer training and practice, animal people can acquire superhuman strength, agility, and other skills.[28] Certain animal people may even possess genius-level intelligence.



Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

A millennium ago, there was a civilization called the Ancients who were devoted to peacefully controlling the world's resources. However, an Ancient called Lyric would go rogue and seek to destroy all organic life on earth and rebuilt as a world of metal and robots using an army of Sentinels powered by his peoples' Chaos Crystals.[29] However, the time-traveling duo of Sonic and Tails managed to foil the plans of Lyric's, who got sealed in a tomb.

Team Sonic in the Unnamed Village, from Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.

In the present day, during another attempt to foil Dr. Eggman's plans, Team Sonic were lured into freeing Lyric by Eggman in an attempt to get the secrets to Lyric's technology (which backfired). With Lyric set on resuming his plans, Team Sonic traveled all over in an attempt to secure the Chaos Crystals Lyric needed before him. Along the way, they would also help various animal people with their problems. They also crossed paths with Shadow, which led to a brief fight with the black hedgehog. However, Lyric eventually stole the Chaos Crystals from Team Sonic, who soon chased Lyric down and defeated him for good. Afterward, the animal people of Unnamed Village would celebrate Team Sonic's victory.

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal

Five millennia ago, there was a civilization called the Ancients who were devoted to peacefully controlling the world's resources. However, an Ancient called Lyric would go rogue and seek to destroy all organic life on earth and rebuilt as a world of metal and robots using his peoples' Lost Crystal of Power.[29] However, the Ancients would shatter the Lost Crystal and use its fragments to imprison Lyric for 5,000 years.

Team Sonic with Shadow, from Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal.

In the present day, Lyric escaped imprisonment and started looking for the Lost Crystal. To achieve this, he took control of Shadow and kidnapped Amy for her knowledge on the Lost Crystal. Learning of Amy's kidnapping, the remainder of Team Sonic assembled and rescued Any, as well as Shadow, along the way. Sonic soon after defeated Lyric, who was from his airship thanks to some aid from Shadow.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

Team Sonic on Ragna Rock, from Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.

In Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, Team Sonic discovered abnormal weather patterns that threatened to destroy the earth. Discovering that Dr. Eggman was the cause of this, Team Sonic worked on sealing the Fissures causing the weather patterns while contenting with D-Fekt, Eggman's latest robot. Eventually tracking Eggman to Ragna Rock, Team Sonic ruined Eggman's operations on the island, thereby bringing the fissures to an end and getting D-Fekt as a friend.

TV series


Muckfoot, a creature theorized to be the missing link between animals and animal people, from "Muckfoot".

It has been implied by Tails that animal people are but highly evolved versions of the regular animals that populate the wilderness. However, no concrete evolutionary link between animal people and animals have been proven yet.[1]

In recent times, one of the animal people, Sonic the Hedgehog, came into conflict with the human supervillain, Dr. Eggman.[30][31] In time, Sonic would be joined by fellow-minded animal people in the form of Tails, Amy, Knuckles, and finally Sticks.[32] Together, the group would form Team Sonic and save the Unnamed Village from hundreds of thousands of Eggman attacks,[33] while having several side-adventures along the way.[34]

Season one

Animal people assembling for Sonic's sidekick tryouts, from "The Sidekick".

During a battle with Dr. Eggman's Burnbot, Tails got injured. Blaming himself, Sonic tried finding a new sidekick so Tails could be safe. Although several animal people showed up for the try-outs, Sonic ended up rehiring Tails after he proved himself during an rematch with Burnbot.[3] Later, Sonic and Tails got tricked into housing Eggman, who used their gesture to tired the duo out for Obliterator Bot. However, Team Sonic was convinced to try and help Eggman save his lair from Obliterator Bot when it malfunctioned. While they stopped Obliterator Bot however, Team Sonic was too late to save the lair.[35] Tails later made UT, a robot that caused disputes among Team Sonic's members. Upon discovering that Eggman had been manipulating them with a fake UT though, Tails went to save the real UT, only to end up in Eggman's clutches. However, Team Sonic came to Tails' rescue and gave Eggman's Mega a butt-kicking as payback.[36] The animal people in the Unnamed Village later got harassed by Fire Bot until Team Sonic stopped it. Team Sonic then tried to get Sticks to get a pet. However, she ended up choosing a disgusting Slime Bot she named Buster. When Buster proved too troublesome, Team Sonic tried to get Sticks to get rid of him. It was then Eggman who showed up and revealed that he made Buster, whom he got to attack Team Sonic. After stopping Eggman and calming down Buster, Sticks would send him away.[37] Later, Sticks saved the animal people in the Unnamed Village from a meteor shower, which got her nominated for an Awardy Award. At the Awardy Awards however, Eggman would attack the animal people present when he did not get the award. However, Sticks and Team Sonic stopped him and saved the villagers present.[38]

After falling to impress the animal people at Modern Lair Magazine, Eggman convinced Amy to help him redecorate his lair, only to take her prisoner when she was done. However, Team Sonic rescued Amy and trashed Eggman's lair, leaving the animal people from the magazine to turn down Eggman's spot in their next issue.[39] Later, while serving animal people at Meh Burger, Dave the Intern got to become Eggman's intern. However, Dave's impatience led to him activating a Doomsday Device, which prompted Eggman to build another one to compete with Dave's. However, Sonic and Tails managed to defuse the situation and save existence while Dave returned to Meh Burger.[15] Eggman tried afterward to brainwash Sonic with an Evil Cookie, but ended up getting his friends instead. As the situation then got out of hand, Sonic was called in by Orbot and got his teammates back to normal.[30] Later, the Weasel Bandits tried to rob Gogoba Village, but were stopped by Sonic and Tails. The Gogobas then guilt-tripped Sonic and Tails to stay as their protectors. When that had run its course, the Gogobas moved into Sonic's Shack. However, after defeating Eggman in a battle, Sonic and Tails convinced the Gogobas to move in with Eggman.[16] The animal people in the Unnamed Village later received a visit from Eggman, who ended up teaming up with Willy Walrus for a theft that turned out horribly wrong and got Willy arrested. The next day, Orbot and Cubot went around asking local animal people about Eggman's whereabouts. Along the way, the locals animal people also bore witness to the shenanigans the robotic duo got up to as they tried raising bail money for Eggman. In the end, they ended up freeing Willy, who gave them a lead on Eggman.[40]

Team Sonic unamused, from "Cowbot".

Later, after Team Sonic accidentally got Cowbot to pursue Eggman, Sonic and Tails came to Eggman to help prep his defenses for Cowbot. After Cowbot had been dealt with, Sonic then ruined Eggman's new defenses so he could not use them against Team Sonic.[41] Some time afterward, following another one of Team Sonic's battles with Eggman, T.W. Barker got Team Sonic to fill out for his performers in his circus, where they performed for several local animal people. However, after Barker made the team stay against their will, Tails came and rescued his team while Barker got imprisoned in his own trap.[11] Soon after, follow a loss in Gopher Ball to Sonic and fuming to Sticks and Amy, Knuckles tried shifting the luck balance of the universe in his favor by hurting himself. Meanwhile, Eggman would attack the animal people in the Unnamed Village. However, Team Sonic would stop both Eggman's attack and Knuckles' self-harming attempts by having their streaks of bad luck and good luck cancel each other out.[42] When Team Sonic later found a Meteor with powers, Sonic and Eggman tried claiming it, only for it to swap their minds. With Sonic's body and powers, Eggman planned to destroy Team Sonic, but kept getting sidetracked until Sonic made him switch back with him using battle between his team and Eggman's forces.[43] Later, after Eggman lost to Team Sonic again, the doctor hired Soar the Eagle to get his confidence back. Soar proceeded to have Eggman commit small-time evils against the animal people of the Unnamed Village until he got his confidence back. However, Soar was fired before he could finish his seminar, leaving Eggman to sink into a slump. Without Eggman to fight, Sonic got restless and annoyed his teammates until they got him and Eggman back on track with their regular routines.[44]

When Tails accidentally destroyed a beige berry orchard in a well-meaning attempt to help Sticks, the animal people of the Lightning Bolt Society believed Tails to be evil and recruited him. However, when Dave's usage of his Mutant Seed Gun led to monster plans growing out of control, Sonic and Amy went to get Tails' help. After getting Tails away from the Lightning Bolts, who got distracted when Eggman arrived, Tails helped his team destroy the mutant plants.[45] After then having attack on the Unnamed Village foiled by Team Sonic again, Eggman faked an injury and sued Sonic for it. With the aid of Barker, Eggman manipulated the entire courtroom of animal people in his favor. However, when Eggman's plot was foiled by the arrival of Amy, Sonic began fighting Eggman as usual in retribution.[46] When Team Sonic later tried getting Tails away from his plane, the animal people of the Unnamed Village got drawn in by Eggman's tomato sauce. Unable to find anything shady about the sauce, Team Sonic allowed Eggman to become a cooking celebrity to the local animal people. However, the animal people soon discovered that Eggman's source cans had been turning their appliances into robots for Eggman to take over Seaside Island with. However, Team Sonic managed to stop Eggman's robots, and the animal people soon returned all of Eggman's sauce cans to him.[47] Later, Sonic was tricked by Eggman into believing that his running was creating a noise that agonized all bystanders, including the local animal people. Sonic was then fooled into wearing Eggman's Power-absorbent Insoles, which the doctor used to power the Giant Robot with Sonic's running. When Giant Robot fought Team Sonic however, Sonic found a way to stop Giant Robot.[48] Not long after, the animal people, along with the universe, got stuck in a time loop that Eggman had accidentally created, unaware of the loop's existence. Fortunately, Team Sonic was able to help Eggman break the loop.[49]

Animal people upset due to a Granifer Giganticus, from "Sleeping Giant".

Sonic and Knuckles later accidentally awoke a Granifer Giganticus, who would go on to cause trouble for the local animal people in Unnamed Village until it got lured away. Eggman then tried (and failed) to capture the rock monster, which led to a fight with Team Sonic, during which the rock monster kidnapped Sticks. Fortunately, Team Sonic found Sticks, rescued her, and lured the rock monster to a place where it could fall asleep again.[50] During another fight between Team Sonic and Eggman later on, Sonic and Eggman got trapped in the underground Buddy Buddy Temple. While Team Sonic tried working out a plan, Sonic and Eggman accidentally made the temple cave in, causing Team Sonic, Orbot and Cubot to fall into the temple. Fortunately, they all escaped the temple with their lives.[51] Team Sonic was later left to host Orbot and Cubot. However, when Nominatus took over Eggman's technology, Team Sonic would work together with Eggman and his lackeys to stop Nominatus from destroy the world.[52] When later goofing off with Tails and Knuckles, Sonic had to return Amy's library book on time. Despite his super speed though, Sonic kept getting sidetracked or otherwise delayed by local animal people and Eggman. Soon, Eggman would attack Sonic, but thanks to his team and a little luck, Sonic returned Amy's library book in time.[53]

When Amy later had to go to Hidden Meadows, Sonic bet with her and Sticks that he and Knuckles could get there before they did. In the end though, Sonic and Knuckles suffered a humiliating defeat when the girls beat them to the finish line.[54] Team Sonic would later play a prank on Eggman that made him forsake technology. As such, Eggman would visit the Male Fennec's shop in search of non-tech tools and bother Sonic with low-tech weapons. Meanwhile, the Lightning Bolt Society would occupy Eggman's abandoned lair. However, their fumbling with Eggman's equipment led to them launching random attacks against the local animal people in Unnamed Village. In the end though, the Lightning Bolts were forced out of Eggman's lair by Team Sonic, with a little help from Eggman.[55] Amy soon after opened Chez Amy so the animal people of Unnamed Village could have a better place to eat than Meh Burger. The restaurant was initially well-received by the locals, but Dave refused to roll over for Amy, thus sparking the Battle of the Buns, during which the village's animal people would flip between the establishments. Eventually, Amy lost sight of her goal, prompting her staff to quit and the locals to return to Meh Burger. However, Chez Amy's customers returned when Amy formed a partnership with Eggman, who blew up Meh Burger. However, when Amy hired Dave, Eggman ended up destroying Chez Amy. However, Team Sonic helped Dave rebuilt Meh Burger for the local animal people to enjoy.[56]

The Village Council and Mayor Fink working on unbanishing Sonic, from "Blue With Envy".

Swifty the Shrew soon after arrived, catching the attention of all the animal people in Unnamed Village, except for Sonic, who would agree to a race with Swifty that could get him banished if he lost. When Sonic seemingly lost, the local animal people police had him taken out of town. However, when it turned out to be a scheme orchestrated by Eggman, the local animal people would watch as an army of Swiftys began tearing their homes apart. Fortunately, the Village Council unbanished Sonic, who returned in time to defeat Eggman.[57] When Sticks later believed her team had been cursed, she had them visit a mystical mamoset monkey, who seemingly broke the team's curse after they did a few tasks for him and protected him from Eggman.[58] Many of the animal people in Unnamed Village later got ready for the village's Chili Dog Cook-Off. However, Mrs. Vandersnout would sell fake peppers to the competitors. Upon discovering this, Knuckles left to find a new pepper. The pepper he found however knocked him out and gave him weird dreams. He was found a day later by his team.[59] Forced by Amy to have a yard sale later on, which attracted a lot of animal people, Sticks' blockade into the Froglodyte Caves was undone in the process. As such, the Froglodytes would invade Sticks' Burrow and kidnap Sticks in spite of Team Sonic's efforts. However, Team Sonic managed to rescue Sticks and trap the villainous Froglodytes in their caves once more.[23]

When Mayor Fink made Knuckles deputy mayor for the day, Knuckles quickly began misusing his newfound power by approving every law and request the animal people of Unnamed Village brought him. As such, the residents of the village cast their home into chaos. Team Sonic and Eggman soon tried to stop Knuckles, but when Eggman tried to seize power, Knuckles helped foil Eggman. Soon after, Mayor Fink returned to his post.[18] Several local animal people later got caught up in Eggman's recordings of his own film, one which Sonic agreed to participate in after learning that Dave would playing him. After Team Sonic had helped Sonic in their own ways with the movie, Eggman tricked Sonic to perform for the last scene after he quit. Several animal people from Unnamed Village later came to the premiere of Eggman's film, which turned out was intended to hypnotize them. However, because of an error on Eggman's part, the animal people were unaffected, leaving an upset Eggman to send them home.[60] Later, when Sonic tried to get Knuckles to help his team battle Eggman, he made an "insensitive" comment directed at Mike the Ox, causing the animal people of the village to shun him. Sonic was thus forced to go through Amy's sensitivity seminar with other local animal people, but when it only led to him getting Mike hurt and making his relationship with the villagers worse, Sonic returned to Amy's seminar where he decided to quit being a hero. Seizing this opportunity, the Lightning Bolt Society began causing mischief among the locals, who tried turning to Sonic for help, only to be given the cold shoulder. However, when the Lightning Bolts caused a sheep stampede, Sonic returned to action, during which he saved the local animal people, foiled the Lightning Bolts and Eggman at the same time, and made amends with the villagers. However, when the villagers got offended by Lightning Bolts' insensitive remarks, they were forced to take Amy's seminar.[14] Soon after, Team Sonic met an alternate Knuckles, whom they got back to his dimension before his presence in the Sonic Boom World brought about an abnormality that would destroy both universes.[61]

Sonic and Tails protecting the Cubot prototypes, from "Beyond the Valley of the Cubots".

While looking into the thefts of Tails' tools, Sonic and Tails were introduced to the Cubot prototypes by Orbot and Cubot. While the duo assisted the Cubot prototypes however, Eggman appeared to destroy the prototypes. However, Sonic and Tails were able to defend the Cubot prototypes, before relocating them to new hiding place.[62] Later motivated by his mother to become a better villain, Dave made failed attempts to destroy Team Sonic. However, when he ended up knocking out Eggman, Dave imprisoned Eggman. He then took control of his forces and tried to destroy Sonic after the hedgehog mocked him during a TV interview. However, Dave proved as much of a danger to himself as to other animal people, prompting Team Sonic and Eggman to team up to stop him. Despite this, Dave finally got some recognition from his mother in the end.[63] When New Years then arrived, Team Sonic helped set up the party despite interference from Eggman. The animal people of the village would proceed to party as night fell, during which Eggman tried to notch a victory over Sonic before the year's end by slowing down time with his Slow Motion Machine. In the end, Sonic let Eggman win a dance-off so he would turn off his Slow Motion Machine. However, because Eggman's victory happened too fast for any of the village's animal people to notice, they did not believe Eggman's claim of victory.[25] Later, Dixon had Justin Beaver turn all the female animal people in Unnamed Village into mindless consumer zombies, including Amy and Sticks, with music-based mind control. However, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles were able to foil Dixon's scheme after infiltrating his set and undoing Justin's mind control at his concert in Unnamed Village where a huge gathering of hypnotized animal people had assembled.[64]

When Team Sonic noticed Tails' crush on Zooey after they had saved the village's animal people from another Eggman attack, they each trying giving him advice to go by, only for them to make Zooey uncomfortable and humiliate Tails in front of several local animal people. However, thanks to some advice from Eggman, Tails would win Zooey's heart when he saved her and the village's residents from Eggman.[65] Sonic and Knuckles soon after competed in Bro-Down Showdown in order to replace Amy's couch after ruining it. On the show, Sonic got paired up with Eggman while Knuckles paired up with Mike. While the pairs competed against the other animal people contestants on the show for the rest of the animal people in the village to watch however, Eggman had Obliterator Bot attack the village. Although it cost him their chance to win the couch, Sonic chose to help Knuckles defeat Obliterator Bot and save the villagers. Fortunately for Sonic and Knuckles, the problem with Amy's couch solved itself.[66] Later, while Comedy Chimp tried to improve his image to the public, Knuckles became a celebrity to the animal people in Unnamed Village, eventually taking over the Comedy Chimp Show. To get his show back, Comedy Chimp formed a partnership with Eggman. Eggman subsequently tried to get hid of Knuckles by force, but Team Sonic helped save him. Afterward, Knuckles left the spotlight, and Comedy Chimp got his show back.[19] Sonic, Knuckles and Amy later came across Perci who had had an accident. The trio tried to help her for different reasons, only to end up damaging Tails' Workshop. After Tails got things sorted out, he would help Perci out.[67]

The animal people of Unnamed Village discussing Sonic, from "It Wasn't Me, It Was the One-Armed Hedgehog".

When the animal people of Unnamed Village and Eggman later came under a series of thefts that seemed to have been committed by Sonic, Sonic went undercover to avoid arrest and clear his name. Mayor Fink and several animal people soon teamed up to find Sonic, only for them to be beaten to the it by Knuckles, who would help Sonic clear his name. Discovering the thief to be Metal Sonic, Sonic took him down and managed to clear his name with a little help from Earl.[4] Inspired later on to become an inventor, Knuckles would bother Tails with his lame inventions until they participated in Robot Battle Royale, a robot fighting tournament that several local animal people and Eggman competed in. At the end, Eggman stole Tails' Hypnobot to make an army out of Tails' inventions, but Team Sonic stopped him.[12] Later, during a heatwave, Team Sonic struggled with the heat while battling Eggman's robots. However, when the Archipelago Homeowners Association discovered that Eggman was seemingly housing robots, they prepared to get him evicted. Eggman tried to hide his robots while having the group over for dinner, but when that failed, he just took them prisoners. However, Team Sonic soon freed them, and the Archipelago Homeowners Association came to an understanding with Eggman.[68] Several animal people later got caught up in the Fuzzy Puppies craze. Discovering that Eggman was a fan of the game too, Amy and Eggman became part-time friends and had several meetings with like-minded animal people. When the animal people of Unnamed Village later tried to enjoy Puppy Con however, Eggman framed the Lightning Bolt Society for a rockslide so he could steal a rare Fuzzy Puppy game piece. However, Amy got it back for the locals to see while preserving her friendship with Eggman.[69]

After Team Sonic foiled Eggman again, the doctor tricked the team into agreeing to facing him one-on-one, allowing him to almost defeat them. However, Team Sonic managed to beat Eggman again in the end by exploiting a loophole in their agreement.[70] After then saving the animal people of Unnamed Village for the millionth time, Team Sonic were given the Greatest Role Model of All Time Award. However, when the team did not live up to their reward, Mayor Fink hired D.B. Platypus to straighten them out for the animal people in the village. However, Platypus took things too far (even in the eyes of other animal people), eventually forcing Team Sonic to go back to their old ways in order to stop another petty Eggman theft.[33] Later, Team Sonic almost broke up over some petty arguments in Amy's House. While Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks eventually made up, they had still upset Amy. However, the quartet managed to make up for her by putting up her own play for the animal people of Unnamed Village.[71] When later hanging out with his team, Knuckles decided to make amends with Charlie, only to ruin the latter's life and turning him into a supervillain after crossing several of Charlie's associated animal people. In the end, Knuckles defeated Charlie and his mech suit, although Charlie remained a villain, with his wife Belinda joining in on Charlie's new career choice.[72] Eggman later assumed all the rogue animal people around, including Shadow, to take down Team Sonic, who were currently working on assembling a shelf. While Shadow soon quit Team Eggman, the team still tried to defeat Team Sonic. When Team Eggman stood to lose however, Shadow arrived to defeat Sonic. However, his attempt was accidentally ruined by Eggman, prompting Shadow to leave. With Team Eggman defeated, Team Sonic had some payback at Eggman.[17]

Season two

Various animal people assembled to meet Tommy Thunder, from "Tommy Thunder: Method Actor".

While the film actor, Tommy Thunder, attended an event for Unnamed Village's animal people, Team Sonic would defeat Dr. Eggman again. Impressed by Sonic, Tommy would eventually follow him around for his Method acting, although Tommy soon began taking credit for Team Sonic's acts of heroism when they stopped the Weasel Bandits. When Tommy accidentally incurred Eggman's wrath however, Sonic was left to protect a cowardly Tommy from Eggman's robots. In order to protect Tommy's fans of animal people however, Sonic gave Tommy the credit for defeating Eggman.[73] When Eggman later discovered that an asteroid was heading for earth, the animal people of Unnamed Village sought to get a spot in Eggman's secret underground bunker. However, Team Sonic managed to save them and the whole planet when they averted the crisis.[74] Later, when fluff news story began dominating the animal people's medias in Unnamed Village, Sticks took it upon herself to get the truth out, eventually becoming a news anchor. However, when she found herself forced to sell out her principles, she eventually had enough and almost made the local animal people riot. However, when Eggman then showed up to commit another villainous scheme, Sticks had the animal people take down Eggman's latest plot. She then quit the news business and allowing Soar to get his old job back.[75] Later, while experimenting on boosting Sonic's speed, Tails made Sonic go out of phase with reality, which several animal people witnessed. The animal people of Unnamed Village were then attacked by Eggman, but Team Sonic managed to get Sonic back in time to help them save the day.[76]

On Career Day, where several animal people talked to Unnamed Village's youth, Sonic met his biggest fan: Mark the Tapir. Sonic soon hired Mark as his assistant, but Mark would later try to keep Sonic all to himself by incapacitating and restraining him. Fortunately, Sonic's teammates came to his rescue, and together, they defeated Mark.[77] After later foiling Eggman again, Sonic and Tails made a bet to see if Tails could catch Sonic. However, their bet soon spiralled out of control, as Tails' traps would catch their teammates instead. When Tails finally did catch Sonic, Eggman showed up to finish Sonic, prompting Tails to rescue his teammates. After saving Sonic, he and Tails made up, though Sonic had Tails take the fall for their bet and perform karaoke in front of several animal people.[78] Following another victory over Eggman, Team Sonic would head out to sea to stop Eggman's underwater operations. However, Sonic's aquaphobia kept Team Sonic at bay, so they had Soar get Sonic into the sea. There, the team stopped Eggman, although Sonic was far from over his aquaphobia after that.[79] Not long after, the animal people of Unnamed Village (except for Sticks) got enslaved through hypnotism by Eggman's Dreamcaster robot. As such, they eventually got Sticks thrown in jail while they worked on a satellite that would help Eggman spread Dreamcaster's influence. However, Sticks soon broke out and freed her team, who in turn would break Dreamcaster's control over the animal people of the village.[8]

Mayor Fink presenting Tails with the Trophy of Valor, from "Multi-Tails".

Tails soon after invented his Dome-pocalypse device to help protect Unnamed Village. At first, the local animal people were impressed by Tails' invention, but when Eggman exploited its flaw, they quickly turned against Tails after Eggman had been repelled. Afterward, Tails tried to improve himself by cloning himself, only to end up splitting himself in several dimwitted versions of himself, which was only made worse by his teammates. Fortunately, Eggman managed to help Team Sonic reassemble Tails back to normal.[13] Later, after Team Sonic defeated Eggman, Orbot and Cubot, Orbot and Cubot were left to get a ride home. However, the local animal people would all turn down their request for a ride. Later, after all his robots when on a strike that Amy supported, Eggman would hire some local animal people as his new henchmen. However, they proved too inadequate for Eggman's taste, especially when they were ordered to attack Sonic, leaving Eggman with no choice to comply to his robots' demands.[80] With villainous animal people committing more crime than ever in Unnamed Village alongside Eggman soon after, Mayor Fink instated a law that forced all local villains to get a permit for committing villainy. Several rogue animal people thus took tests to get their permits. However, when Orbot sought to become a big-time villain, Team Sonic stepped in to defeat him. Over the course of the events that subsequently followed, Mayor Fink's papers on his new law got destroyed, rending it null and void.[22]

Following a brief case of amnesia after a fight with Eggman that Team Sonic helped him get over, Knuckles tried to find a new family in the local animal people. However, he either got turned down or hit a bust until he was adopted by Charlie and Belinda. However, upon realizing that the pair was using him to take on Team Sonic, Knuckles turned on Charlie and Belinda and returned to his team, whom he realized was his family.[81] Soon after, Team Sonic found an Ancient mech suit that Sonic claimed during a confrontation with Eggman. However, the mech suit would corrupt Sonic's personality, making him a jerk to the animal people in Unnamed Village. Those people later faced a greater threat when the corrupted Sonic and Eggman teamed up to ransom the village. Fortunately, the rest of Team Sonic managed to get Sonic back to normal when he turned on Eggman.[82] Later, Team Sonic would spend some time on an old video game until Sonic went for chili dogs. During his run, Sonic was attacked by Eggman's FiendBot. However, after Sonic saved some animal people caught in the crossfire, FiendBot changed his mind about Sonic and joined his side to be his friend. Although the rest of Team Sonic were wary about their new ally, the would trust him after FiendBot sacrificed himself to help them during a fight with Eggman. Following Tails' repairs of FiendBot (Now dubbed "FriendBot"), Team Sonic gave him a new home with the Cubot prototypes.[83]

Og fighting against the Froglodytes, from "Og Man Out".

After Team Sonic foiled Eggman's search for mech suits, the animal people of Unnamed Village discovered some strange thefts around the village. Investigating this, Team Sonic discovered the thief was a benevolent Froglodyte named Og who sought a new life on Seaside Island. While Team Sonic kept an eye on Og, the other Froglodytes used Og's means of escaping their caves to enter Unnamed Village and pillage the local animal peoples' homes. However, with the help of Og, Team Sonic managed to drive the Froglodytes back into their caves. With Og having earned Team Sonic's trust, he would look for a new home nearby.[84] Later, following a visit to the Comedy Chimp Show studio, Knuckles was tricked into buying a house by T.W. Barker. In order to pay the house bills however, Knuckles had to get several jobs at the animal people businesses around Unnamed Village, causing him to miss out on Team Sonic's battles and adventures to protect the local animal people. Eventually though, Knuckles messed up and got fired from both his jobs. Thankfully, his teammates got him out of his contract with Barker.[85] Some time after, the animal people in Unnamed Village ran out of electricity when the village's Meroke Crystal burned out. Making Mayor Fink reveal what was happening, Team Sonic went into the mountains and retrieved a replacement crystal. By the time the team returned, the village's animal people had begun rioting, but they calmed down once they had electricity again.[5]

During a town meeting later on, Unnamed Village's animal people discovered their village was actually named "Badgerville" after its corrupt founder, Jebediah Badger, who was Sticks' ancestor. These news made the animal people of the village resent Sticks. Eventually, at the next town meeting, the villagers decided to rename their village. During a vote between Amy and Eggman's suggestion however, Eggman tricked the locals to into handing ownership of the village over to him so he could turn it into his own theme park unopposed. Thanks to Amy however, it was discovered that Sticks legally owned the village. As such, after stopping Eggman, Sticks gave the village back to the residential animal people, and renamed it "Hedgehog Village".[6] Afterward, Sonic would save Meh Burger when Eggman tried to destroy it. However, Eggman refused to give up, and as such launched a revenge scheme that let to Dave getting replaced with robot employees. Dave tried getting revenge with the Lightning Bolt Society, but his friends got sidetracked. Soon after. Eggman then enacted the second part of his revenge by encapsulating Meh Burger and its animal people customers inside a force-field and sending the whole establishment towards space. However, with some help from Dave, Team Sonic saved the customers and Meh Burger. Afterward, Dave was rehired.[86] Several animal people later came to the unveiling of the Fregosi Sapphire, which Eggman tried to steal, only to be foiled by Team Sonic and Knuckles taking possession of the gem. Meanwhile, Amy took pity on a broken Bee Bot, which she adopted as a pet and named Bea. However, when Eggman tried to take Bea back, Amy and Bea sought sanctuary in Gogoba Village. However, that did not keep Eggman from recalling Bea remotely. Soon after, Team Sonic lost the Fregosi Sapphire to Eggman too, who used it to empower his Mega Bot. During their mission to retrieve the gem back, Team Sonic got both the Fregosi Sapphire and Bea back.[87] Several animal people would later attend the Science Fair Awards, which Beth the Shrew won, thus earning her the right to observe Tails' work. However, Knuckles soon caught Beth's attention instead. Tails thus tried to regain Beth's attention by working with Knuckles, only for the both of them to end up ignoring Beth, who found new admiration in Sticks. Meanwhile, Sonic, and later Amy and Sticks, would attend playdates with Eggman that had been arranged by Eggman's Mombot.[28]

Animal people getting in on Muckfoot Mania, from "Muckfoot".

After Team Sonic visited Knuckles' new sleeping spot, Tails seemingly got proof of the mystical Muckfoot, which he unveiled to the animal people public, thus starting a Muckfoot Mania and making him a local hero. However, after Tails made an appearance on Muckfoot Hunters, Tails and Sticks discovered that the Muckfoot Tails had documented was just a muddy, sleepwalking Knuckles. Despite this, Tails could not bring himself to unveil the truth to the adoring animal people. However, after Knuckles got kidnapped by Barker and Team Sonic had to rescue him, Tails told the truth, which made the local animal people bitterly disappointed.[1] Team Sonic later had fun with a real-life Miss Tomatopotamus made with Tails' Build-it Box until they discovered that Nominatus had returned and entered the real world. Team Sonic thus teamed up with Eggman to stop Nominatus and his minions.[88] Later, while several animal people were visiting the beach, Team Sonic (though mostly Sonic) would handle an Eggman attack. Later, Sonic was aided in his battle with Eggman's Decimator Bot by Steve Eggman, Eggman's brother. Sonic thus had Steve join Team Sonic, who helped them save some Gogobas. Team Sonic soon after split up though; Knuckles in particular left after the local animal people accused him of theft. However, the team's break-up soon turned out to have been orchestrated by Steve, who was really a shapeshifting Eggman robot named Morpho, so Eggman could attack Sonic while he was without his team. However, Team Sonic would reunite in time to save Sonic and help him defeat Eggman and Morpho.[89]

After being forced out of his shack when a widabit settled in there, Sonic moved in with Tails, although the duo soon got tired of each other's constant company. As they tried getting the widabit out of Sonic's Shack, Team Sonic would end up attracting a herd of widabits that nearly trampled Hedgehog Village's animal people had it not been for Team Sonic. Afterward, Team Sonic found a fiftieth widabit to join the herd so they could legally move them all. During this, Sonic and Tails made up. However, when the original widabit chose a mate, Sonic was forced to wait a little longer before the widabits could be relocated.[90] When later hosting a charity car wash for Hedgehog Village's animal people, Team Sonic would fight Eggman again. However, they were defeated when Mighton and Bolts joined the fight. After regrouping, Team Sonic learned from Orbot and Cubot that Eggman held Mighton and Bolts captive in his lair. Saving the duo, Team Sonic saw them off as they returned to Morristown. However, they were then attacked by the Cubot prototypes.[9] After dealing with them, Team Sonic found the animal people of Hedgehog Village under attack by malware-infected robots. With the malware signal coming from Morristown, Sonic and Tails went there to stop the signal while Knuckles, Sticks, and Amy stayed behind to protect the animal people.[21]

Animal people charging to defend their home, from "Robots From The Sky Part 3".

Eventually, though, Knuckles managed to convince the village's animal people to help Team Sonic and their allies fight the robots until Sonic got rid of the source of the malware signal, Hypnobot, whom he kicked out of Morristown.[91] However, while Sonic and Tails were shown around Morristown, and Knuckles, Amy and Sticks cleaned up the village, Hypnobot returned with Eggman to conquer Morristown. While Team Sonic reunited in Morristown, they soon got overwhelmed, so Bolts made Team Cybonic using Team Sonic's animal people DNA to aid them. In the ensuing battle, the heroes destroyed Hypnobot, and Eggman retreated, thus allowing Team Sonic to return home.[92] After Team Sonic later kept Eggman from committing candy theft, they found themselves infected with what appeared to be fleas. When it became apparent to the authorities, they had Team Sonic quarantined. During this however, the village was ransacked by Eggman, leaving the local animal people to ask where Team Sonic had gone. With permission from Mayor Fink to return to active duty, Team Sonic discovered they were actually infested with Eggman robots called FleaBots. As such, they went after Eggman and got the FleaBots transferred to him.[93] Some time after, the Lightning Bolt Society decided to become bowlers after being defeated again by Team Sonic. As the Lightning Bowler Society rose to fame among the animal people after beating teams such as the Pin Dashers however, the team's fame would go to their heads, causing them to break up. Team Sonic tried to reunite the team (Sonic could have a rematch with them), but soon after had to deal with an Eggman attack. During this, the Lightning Bowlers decided to return to villainy in order to remain friends. After Eggman had been dealt with however, Sonic was denied his rematch.[94] Later, Dude-itude went on a road trip to the other side of Seaside Island to play at a concert. However, their trip was plagued by delays, roadside attractions, the Bike Chain Bandit, and a Trooper, and when they they finally arrived, they discovered that they were a month too early.[95] Meanwhile, Amy and Sticks tried to have a relaxing weekend to themselves, only for Eggman to attack them and Belinda to attack the local animal people with Charlie's Mech Suit. Fortunately, the duo was able to handle both villains.[31]

After Team Sonic won another battle with Eggman, Mayor Fink would help Eggman with his trash, only to present the doctor with a fee for his services. To pay the fee, Eggman turned his lair into a hotel for the local animal people. Suspicious, Team Sonic decided to keep an eye on Eggman's activities by coming to Eggman's hotel. After being forced to extend his hotel business however, Eggman tried to get a nice review from Secret Review Magazine. When that failed however, he took the animal people in his lair hostage to make Mayor Fink nullify his fees. However, Team Sonic fought back, which resulted in the destruction of Eggman's lair. Fortunately, Redd Heron provided Eggman with an insurance settlement that let him rebuild his lair.[96] Some time afterward, it was revealed that Eggman was not a real doctor, which made him a joke to all the animal people in Hedgehog Village. Not long after, Professor Kingsford held a class in Evil Science that several animal people and Eggman attended. In the meantime, Team Sonic kept themselves entertained. Although Eggman proved to be Kingsford's worst student over the course of his semester, he allowed him to pass after he tried to cheat at the final exam while his animal people students failed by not cheating.[97] Later, Barker opened a haunted tourist attraction that Team Sonic and Eggman visited. However, the attraction traumatized Eggman. After taking advantage of Eggman's vulnerability, only to later feel bad about it, Sonic tried helping Eggman get over his fears. However, Barker soon after Eggman made think his lair was haunted and tricked Eggman into signing his lair and Eggman Industries over to him. Unwilling to let Eggman become his neighbor after that, Sonic exposed Barker's fraud to the animal people visiting his new attraction in Eggman's lair and Eggman. This prompted Barker to retaliate against Team Sonic. However, Barker was soon forced by Eggman into returning his belongings to him, leaving him and Team Sonic to continue their battles.[20]

The Froglodytes holding the Gogobas prisoners, from "Return of the Buddy Buddy Temple of Doom".

Sonic soon after defeated Charlie in a battle. Sonic, Tails and Amy soon after saw Eggman moping, prompting Amy to go cheer him up. Not long after, Eggman went in search of the Tummel Crystal for his MeBot, only to come across the Froglodytes, who believed him to be a deity. The Froglodytes subsequently kidnapped the Gogobas and had them dig for the Tummel Crystal. Soon after, Sonic, Tails and Amy were guilt-tripped by the Gogoba Chief into looking for his people. Finding the Gogobas and overcoming their subsequent imprisonment by the Froglodytes, Sonic took on MeBot with his own mech suit after Eggman found and harnessed the Tummel Crystal. Defeating Eggman, Sonic and his team returned the Gogobas home.[2] Later, Team Sonic was having a game of soccer until Cubot appeared with an Anti Gravity Ray that picked up everything, including several animal people from around Hedgehog Village. Team Sonic tried to rescue the villagers, but Cubot soon had a system shock that made him take the villagers towards space. Fortunately, Sonic got everyone down to the ground again in time. However, the Anti Gravity Ray then began crushing everyone with gravity until Knuckles smashed the device.[98] Afterwards, several animal people would enjoy the rec center until Mayor Fink announced its closure. Team Sonic tried getting petitions signed to save the rec center, but that amounted to nothing. When Eggman showed up to buy the rec center however, Fink announced that its fate would be decided by an athletic competition, in which a soccer match between Team Sonic and Eggman was agreed on. Not long after, Team Sonic discovered that Eggman had made Team Cybonic their opponents for the soccer match using mind control bracelets. When the soccer match arrived, with several animal people coming to watch it, Team Sonic managed to pull off a victory. Afterward, Mayor Fink decided to close the library instead to keep the rec center in business. Team Sonic would then free Team Cybonic from Eggman's mind control and get some payback at Eggman.[24] Soon after, after accidentally injuring Lady Walrus, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles agreed to take care of baby Chumley. Although they struggled in the beginning, the trio eventually figured out how to handle Chumley. However, Chumley eventually wandered away. Unable to find him, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles tried coming clean to Lady Walrus, only for Chumley to appear in time for him to be returned home.[99]

When later racing against Knuckles, Sonic got sent to an alternate dimension by Morpho. There, Sonic helped the local animal people by assembling a team that stood a chance against their local Eggman. Meanwhile, Morpho tried deceiving Team Sonic with his Sonic disguise, but no one, not even the residential animal people, believed him to be Sonic due to his poor acting. Eventually though, Sonic returned to the Sonic Boom World and had some payback at Eggman and Morpho with his team.[100] Team Sonic soon after made race cars to race each other in, but Mayor Fink made their private race a local competition where Eggman and several animal people showed up to compete. Meanwhile, the rest of Hedgehog Village's animal people would watch the event. In the end, Sonic won the race after Team Sonic put their competitiveness behind them in order to keep Eggman from winning.[10] Several animal people around Hedgehog Village later received unexpected help from Eggman, who sought to make a friend that he needed on FriendSpace. After Eggman had failed several times though, Sonic decides to befriend Eggman on FriendSpace in order to keep tabs on him. However, he unfriends Eggman after receiving too many notifications from him. Soon after, everyone in Hedgehog Village gets into Scrambler, Eggman's news social media platform, except from Sonic, who is banned from joining. Now alienated from the animal peoples' activities, Sonic went to Eggman's and got the doctor to let him join Scrambler, only for Eggman to delete the app immediately afterward.[7] Some time afterward, Amy lost her hammer, putting her at a disadvantage in Team Sonic's battles against Eggman. To find her hammer, Amy hired Vector, who took up the case on his TV show. With Sonic accompanying him, Vector conducted various investigations among Hedgehog Village's animal people until it appeared that Wolf Sidekick was the thief. However, Vector thought something was off, so he teamed up with Sonic again, and together they discovered the real thief had been Dixon, who had tried using the hammer as a part of a plot to frame Justin Beaver for theft as revenge for ruining his old career.[101]

A focus group of animal people at a meeting, from "Three Minutes or Less".

When Meh Burger began making deliveries, only for the service to turn out mediocre, Sonic wound up becoming Meh Burger's new delivery boy when he was promised chili dogs as payment for delivering meals in three minutes or less. Thanks to his super speed, Sonic was able to make successful deliveries to all the animal people in Hedgehog Village. Sonic did encounter some trouble when Eggman tried making him late for his deliveries to him (mainly so he could humiliate Sonic and get a free meal), but it was nothing he and Team Sonic could not handle. Eventually though, Sonic quit his job when all the chili dogs he ate began making him ill.[102] Team Sonic later got trapped in Eggman's lair during a confrontation with Eggman and his lackeys. When some Mootonium got unstable however, Team Sonic worked with Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot to escape the lair before it blew up.[34] Soon after, Team Sonic found themselves under constant attack from Eggman's Bee Bots. With Eggman at the Villain Retreat along with Orbot and Cubot's inability to undo the Bee Bots' commands, Team Sonic sealed most of the Bee Bots in a cave. However, one Bee Bot would mess with Tails' Matter Transporter experiment, causing him and the Bee Bot to be merged. Although Tails' new body made him more capable when saving unfortunate animal people, it soon corrupted his mind, prompting him to align himself with the Bee Bots. When Tails later attacked Team Sonic, Sonic got Eggman to help them get Tails back to normal, although not without Eggman managing to humiliate Sonic in front of the village's animal people.[103]

Eventually, the animal people of Hedgehog Village saw an adorable creature run through the streets before it was caught by Orbot and Cubot. Soon after, Team Sonic would question Eggman about his relation to the creature they saw, which the doctor denied having anything to do with. This led to Team Sonic making Eggman angry, causing him to morph into the creature. Realizing Eggman was that creature, all the animal people in the village would make fun of Eggman for it, except Beth the Shrew. After Eggman attended Amy's anger management class though, the villagers were unable to get a reaction out of him. However, when Beth came to Eggman to cheer him up, she fell into his lair's trash compactor. Fortunately, Sonic would help Eggman get Beth out safely.[104] Later, Team Sonic found out that Eggman was going on a vacation. Team Sonic thus tried to relax while Eggman was gone, only to keep running into trouble. Later, they would fight Eggman over Bolts' intelligence chip when the doctor returned, until Eggman chose to surrender it.[105] Later, after Team Sonic gave D-Fekt a voice chip, they would try helping the robot find a purpose in his life. At first, they tried helping him get a job at the various animal peoples' businesses around Hedgehog Village, but that did not work out. Eventually though, they had him instated as the Cubot prototypes' new protector. Soon after, Team Sonic discovered that D-Fekt and the Cubot prototypes had enslaved Eggman. although they did not really do anything about it. However, a vengeful D-Fekt soon began taking revenge on the other animal people he believed had wronged him, which brought him into conflict with Team Sonic. However, D-Fekt would declare a truce with Team Sonic after Sonic saved Cutebot from Eggman when he tried joining the fight.[106]

Animal people at a video game store, from "Eggman: The Video Game Part 1".

Sonic would later accidentally splash mud on Eggman during an errand. Although Sonic allowed Eggman to get back at him, his efforts (which failed) only made the local animal people jeer at him. Soon after, Eggman tried introducing the animal people to his 'Stache Smash video game, only for Tails and Knuckles to inspire him to make some motion capture for a better game. Team Sonic was subsequently forced to battle Eggman's robots while Eggman captured their performance. Shadow was soon after approached by Eggman, but he rebuffed the doctor's attempt to capture his performance. Not long after, Sonic had a conversation with Eggman that was recorded. Eggman then showed Shadow an edited version of that footage that prompted Shadow to fight Team Sonic.[107] While they fought however, Sonic convinced Shadow that Eggman had fooled him, prompting Shadow to pursue Eggman for revenge. As Team Sonic later tended to their injuries, Lord Eggman appeared and fought Sonic. Shadow then showed up, believing Lord Eggman to be Eggman. After clearing up the misunderstanding however, Sonic followed Shadow to the dimension where Eggman was. There, they fought Metal Sonic until they crossed back to their home dimension. There, Team Sonic worked together to take down Metal Sonic, only to discover that Shadow had kidnapped the Eggmen to bring about an abnormality that would destroy the universe. Fortunately, Sonic found the Eggmen with some help from Metal Sonic and sent Lord Eggman home before it was too late.[27]

Archie Comics

The Big Boom

Sonic fighting Eggman and his Big Boy, from Sonic Boom #1.

Facing Dr. Eggman and his Big Boy mech, Team Sonic defeated the mech before turning their attention to the rock-cyborg's theft of Tails' House. Tracking down the rock-cyborg, Team Sonic defeated it and got Tails' House back.[108] Afterward, in an attempt to prove his smarts, Knuckles faked an alliance with Eggman so he could get close to the doctor when he attacked Team Sonic with the Big Boy again. Although, Knuckles' plan backfired, Team Sonic nonetheless managed to defeat Eggman and his Big Boy again.[109] However, Amy lost her hammer along the way. As such, Team Sonic searched for it all over Seaside Island until it suddenly fell into Sonic's hands.[110] Not long after, Team Sonic was attacked by Eggman and his Big Boy mech once more. Thanks to Sticks and the Rock of Justice however, Team Sonic managed to pull off another victory and destroy the Big Boy.[111]

Boom Shaka-laka and Worlds Unite

Animal people at Eggtoberfest, from Sonic Boom #5.

The animal people of Unnamed Village were soon after offered a bridge by Dr. Eggman, but no one trusted Eggman enough to buy it. Afterward, Team Sonic had another brief battle with Eggman's Badniks. Not long after, the local animal people would come to Eggtoberfest, a carnival held by Eggman. However, they began rioting when the rides would not work. Approaching Team Sonic for help, the team agreed to operate his rides, if only to keep an eye on Eggman. However, when Eggman unleashed his robots, Team Sonic stepped in and saved their fellow animal people.[112] Later, most of Team Sonic agreed to participate in Eggman's Go-kart Pan-island Grand Prix, which several animal people showed up to see. Due to Eggman cheating though, Team Sonic got picked off the race one by one.[113] Thanks to his team however, Sonic got back in the race and won the Grand Prix.[114]

Immediately after, Sticks met the Maverick Hunters, who needed help finding Sigma. Bringing in Comedy Chimp and Fastidious Beaver, Team Sticks led the Maverick Hunters to Eggman's lair, where they made themselves a Genesis Portal to travel to Sigma's location.[115] Arriving on the Unified World, Team Sticks joined forces with the newly-assembled Unified Army to stop Sigma.[116] While onboard the Sky Patrol though, Sticks had a brief fight with Roll when Sticks suspected Roll's broom of being Sigma's agent.[117] Eventually, Team Sticks went for Sigma's base on the Lost Hex, only to face Sigma's army.[118] While Comedy Chip and Fastidious hid, Sticks fought until she wound up in the World of Street Fighter.[119] There, Sticks recruited some new allies for the Unified Army.[120] Bringing them into battle, Sticks would join the Unified Army on their mission to find more allies from other dimensions while Comedy Chip and Fastidious remained on the Sky Patrol.[121] While Sticks found more allies, Comedy Chimp and Fastidious abandoned the Sky Patrol when Sigma-2 destroyed it.[122][123] Afterward, Sticks joined the final against Sigma-2, only for the villain to become Sigma-3.[124] Fortunately, Sigma was still defeated, and the events involving Sigma were soon after erased from history, thus returning Team Sticks to the Sonic Boom World, albeit with all their memories intact. However, Team Sonic did not believe Sticks' story about her adventure.[125]

Soon after, Eggman tried getting an animal person gorilla named Kyle for a new henchman, but when that backfired, Sonic was left to help Eggman. Getting Kyle out of Eggman's lair, Sonic helped him find a job.[126] Afterward, Team Sonic would carry on with their daily lives.[127]

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Mirror Dimension

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