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{{Rise of Lyric info}}
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The Angler (アングラー Angurā?) is a vehicle that appears in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. It is a modified submarine from the Ancients which was docked in Ocean Purification Plant. It was used by Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose to traverse undersea routes.[1]



The Angler's design resembles that of a real-life manta ray. It has a two-seated llipsoid-shaped cockpit in the center, covered by a resilient and aquadynamic glass, and on both sides it has a white, egg-shaped ballast tank. Surrounding both the cockpit and the ballast tanks is a flat, manta ray-shaped frame, minus the tail, which is capable of moving around its axis for steering. It also has a rear tail plane on each side. On the bow it has two powerful lights for illuminating the dark waters and on the rear it has three engines for jet propulsion.

Features and abilities

The Angler is a sturdy vessel, capable of high-speed undersea exploration and combat. For compactness, only two people can board it though. After being remodeled, it was updated with a “high-speed navigation“ system.[1]

The Angler come equipped with two types of armaments:

  • Harpoon Shot: A weapon that fire two small and slightly weak white shots at a rapidly rate.
  • Twin Torpedoes: A gun that fires two highly destructive, but slow, purple energy torpedoes simultaneously.


The Angler was originally created by the Ancients from the best of their technology. It had since been remodeled with a twin-torpedo gun and boasts five times the specs it originally had.[1] It was eventually docked in the Ocean Purification Plant, inside the tower containing the Tidal Crystal.

In the present day, the Angler was used by Sonic and Amy to escape the Ocean Purification Plant after they took the Tidal Crystal. Following their escape through the collapsing undersea tunnels, the Angler came under attack by a trio of Tunnel-Bots, but Sonic and Amy destroyed them and made it back on dry land.


In gameplay, the Angler is where both Sonic and Amy join forces. The Harpoon Shots can be shot very rapidly, but deals weak damage, while the Twin Torpedoes deals more heavy damage, but are slow to fire.

When controlling the Angler in gameplay, a pair of white reticles appears in front which mark where the Angler is aiming its weapons. To shoot the Harpoon Shots, the player must press Snnwiidsybuttondisco and to fire the Twin Torpedoes, the player must press Snnwiidsxbuttondisco. Both weapons can be fired at the same time. To steer the Angler and aim with its reticles, the player must use the Left Stick, and to bank either left or right, the player must press the L or R button respectively.



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