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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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Halt! Thous hast taken which hath been placed here by the children of Babylon! Return what thou hast removed or face the consequence! So speaketh Angelus, Babylon Guardian!

— Angelus, Sonic Universe #33

Angelus is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is an ancient security system hologram created by the ancient Babylonians which was place beneath the Gigan Mountains to protect the Key to Babylon Garden.


Angelus is several times larger than the average Mobian. Created in the ancient Babylonians' image, he resembles a humanoid genie with vague bird features. He is very broad and muscular, is covered in lavender feathers, and his lower torso resembles a twirling tornado. He has no visible mouth, purple eyes with no pupils, and feather-like hair with darker purple tips. For attire, he wears a magenta and orange vest with white-feathered shoulder rims, a thread necklace with three grey metal pieces strung on, golden armbands and fingerings, and a magenta and orange waist-cloth with an orange belt.


About a millennium ago, Angelus was placed in the ruins beneath the Gigan Mountains by his creators, the ancient Babylonians, to safeguard the Key to Babylon Garden from anyone trying to use it to reactivate Babylon Garden and create a black hole which would destroy Mobius.[1]

Over the following millennium, Angelus remain dormant in the ruins. In 3237, however, when the Babylon Rogues came for the key, Jet activated a trap that activated Angelus. Angelus ordered the Babylon Rogues to return the key or face the consequences. Initially, the Rogues were not afraid of him, thinking he was only a hologram due to the projectors on the walls. In response, Angelus attacked them physically, demonstrating his ability to interact with corporeal forms. In the ensuing skirmish, Angelus fought hard against the Rogues to secure the key, but they each managed to destroy the projectors creating his image and the force fields sustaining him, ending the fight. As he faded away, Angelus warned them one last time to not take the key before disappearing completely.[1]


Angelus is very serious and fiercely dedicated to his duty. He speaks in an archaic language, using words such as "thee", "thou", "thy" and "hast".[1]

Powers and abilities

Angelus' image is enhanced by force fields, allowing him to physically interact with corporeal forms. However, if his projectors are destroyed, he would lose his tangibility, rendering him harmless. His force field-enhanced form possesses superhuman levels of strength, allowing him to cleave through solid rock. He is also rather fast, capable of grabbing Jet while flying on his Extreme Gear with his bare hands. In addition, he has demonstrated quite efficient skills in swordsmanship.[1]


Angelus wields a large sabre, which has a wide curved blade along with a yellow handle and guard. Like Angelus' image, it is a hologram enhanced with force fields, allowing it to physically interact with corporeal forms, though destroying its projectors leaves it harmless.[1]


  • "Angelus" is the Latin form of the Greek "angelos," meaning "messenger".

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