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Angelo DeCesare is a part-time writer for Archie Comics who did various works for the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs. He also writes children's books, including the Flip's Journal series.[1] DeCesare was heavily involved in the first few years of the Sonic the Hedgehog series' life, where his work mostly consisted of character pieces and side stories rather than plot-centric narratives.



  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • #5 (full issue)
    • #6 ("Sonic's Christmas Carol")
    • #7 (full issue)
    • #9 ("What's the Point?")
    • #10 (full issue)
    • #12 ("Bold-Headed Eagle" and "The Lynx is a Jinx")
    • #13 ("Space in yo' Face")
    • #14 ("Tails' Taste of Power")
    • #15 ("Rockin' the 'Bot" and "Animal Magnetism")
    • #20 ("That's the Spirit!")
    • #22 ("Tails' Knighttime Story!")
    • #23 (full issue)
    • #26 (full issue)
    • #29 ("Steel Belted Sally")
    • #30 ("The Return of Uncle Chuck")
    • #32 ("Blast from the Past")
    • #34 ("To 'Bot or Not to 'Bot!")
    • #37 ("The Day Robotropolis Fell")
    • #45 ("Guerrilla Thriller")
  • Sonic Specials:
    • Sonic Blast ("Bugged Bunnie" and "The T.U.F.F. Awards")


  • Despite his influential role in writing many of the series' first stories, most of DeCesare's characters were rarely seen outside of his own stories.


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