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Dingo Regime Takeover

Sonic, Knuckles, and the Chaotix watching the Echidna concentration camps.

The Angel Island Takeover is an event that occurred in the year 3237 when the Dingo Regime took over the Echidna Tribe's homeland, Angel Island. During the event, the Dingo Regime who worked alongside with the Eggman Empire captured the echidnas and seized their island. This event occurred in the four-part Sonic the Hedgehog saga, the Return to Angel Island arc.



At Knothole Village, Charmy Bee and Saffron visited the Knothole Freedom Fighters after their homeland, the Golden Hive Colony, was destroyed by Doctor Eggman and his empire when they raided the kingdom. Sally Acorn promised that Eggman would be stopped. Just then, the Technolotree began to communicate and Knuckles the Echdina found out that his father, Locke, had been captured by the Dingo Regime. Angered by this news, Knuckles told Sonic the Hedgehog and the ChaotixVector, Espio, Charmy, Julie-Su, Mighty, and Ray– that they must go to Angel Island and get Knuckles' father back. And so, with the help of Bunnie Rabbot, the Freedom Fighters reached Marble Garden Zone on Angel Island and began to look around for clues. Sonic found a concentration camp full of enslaved echidnas, tortured by the Dingo Regime forces. (StH #138)

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