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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

There she is--Angel Island! I'll never get tired of that view.

Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog Free Comic Book Day 2022

Angel Island[1] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It is a floating landmass above Sonic's world that is kept afloat by the Master Emerald; without it, the island will inevitably plummet from the sky.[2] Both the island and its Emerald are safeguarded by Knuckles the Echidna, the island's main inhabitant.


Angel Island is an island that floats through the skies of Sonic's world, suspended by the mystical powers of the Master Emerald; without the Emerald however, the island will plummet from the sky in a matter of hours or almost immediately. The Alter Emerald and the shrine of Master Emerald is location at the center of the island. The island has a highly variable environment, such as a mushroom forest, an amusement park, an ancient ruin, multiple deserts, and icy territories, and mountains.[3][4] However, many areas of Angel Island have yet to be discovered.[4]



In the past, Knuckles the Echidna has guarded Angel Island.[1] However, there had been times where Knuckles had to leave his post and leave the island unguarded for one reason or another. Most recently, during the Eggman War, Knuckles left Angel Island in order to become the commander of the Resistance.[1]

At some point, Sonic and Tails visited Angel Island for the first time, where they would meet Knuckles and defeat Dr. Eggman.[4]


Eventually, Neo Metal Sonic discovered that, with Knuckles on the surface, Angel Island and the Master Emerald were unguarded. He took note that the Master Emerald would help accelerate his plans.[1]

The Fate of Dr. Eggman

Eventually, Angel Island's airspace got invaded by the Egg Fleet and its forces, which were spearheaded by none other than Neo Metal Sonic.[5] In no time at all, Neo Metal Sonic managed to establish his forces on the island and put Angel Island's airspace into lockdown with his Egg Fleet. He then secured the Master Emerald for himself inside a fortification he built around the Master Emerald's shrine.[6]

Battle For Angel Island and Big's Big Adventure

Angel Island under the Egg Fleet's control, from Sonic the Hedgehog #9.

Following his conquest of Angel Island, Neo Metal Sonic converted Angel Island into a gigantic flying fortress. During a thunderstorm however, Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies arrived in a battleship to liberate Angel Island. Although the Egg Fleet shot the battleship down on its way to Angel Island, all its passengers evacuated in time and began their appointed missions around Angel Island: team one (Burning Blaze) and team two (Amy, the Chaotix, Tails, Silver, Tangle, Rouge and Whisper) began working on breaking the Egg Fleet's control over Angel Island while team three (Sonic and Knuckles) confronted Neo in order to secure the Master Emerald and rob the Egg Fleet of its commander. Meanwhile, Shadow left the group to do his own thing. Big the Cat had arrived with the group as well as he had stowed away in the battleship after believing he saw Froggy there. Sonic and Knuckles soon ran into trouble when Neo used the Master Emerald to turn into Super Neo Metal Sonic during their confrontation.[3][7]

While Sonic and Knuckles fought Super Neo Metal Sonic, team one and team two focused on removing the two wing units attached to Angel Island's shoreline. However, the former team was unable to make much progress, so Tails sought a smarter approach. Meanwhile, Burning Blaze managed to destroy the island's left wing unit, losing her transformation in the process and landing on Angel Island. Meanwhile, Tails and Silver took control of an Egg Fleet battleship, which they used to destroy Angel Island's last wing unit. The Resistance and their allies subsequently regrouped onboard the battleship that Tails had hijacked. At the same time, Shadow came to Sonic and Knuckles' rescue and forced Super Neo Metal Sonic to de-transform. However, Neo Metal Sonic managed to successfully copy Shadow's bio-data, which he used in conjunction with Sonic's bio-data (which he already had) and the Master Emerald to transform into an even bigger threat: Master Overlord. This metal monstrosity scooped up the Master Emerald, effectively cutting Angel Island off from its power, which meant that Angel Island was on the verge of falling into the ocean. As the island lowered, Big fell off and into the ocean but managed to stay afloat with his life preserver.[2][7]

Angel Island rising up once again, from Sonic the Hedgehog #11.

Blaze flew away from the island and joined her team on their battleship while Sonic, Knuckles and Shadow got taken off the island by Master Overlord. Fortunately, the heroes defeated Master Overlord and Knuckles got the Master Emerald back to its shrine on Angel Island, allowing the island to resume flight just before it fell into the ocean. Afterward, the heroes (and an offline Metal Sonic) landed on Angel Island. Despite the massive battle that had just occurred, Angel Island appeared intact. In order to remain on Angel Island and guard the Master Emerald however, Knuckles renounced his duty as the Resistance's commander by disbanding the organization, concluding that it had served its purpose. The rest of the new arrivals on Angel Island would then gather onboard a damaged Egg Fleet battleship. After repairing the battleship, Tails got everyone onboard off Angel Island.[8][9]

All or Nothing

A Rescue Shuttle arrived at Angel Island to have it as a final safe haven for those who were not infected by the Metal Virus. Knuckles was initially surprised and confused by the Restoration's visit, but after Tails and Amy explained everything, he became annoyed by the prospect of trouble being brought to his island again. Soon, the group were joined by Dr. Eggman, Dr. Starline and Metal Sonic, who were forced to retreat from the Faceship after a run-in with the Deadly Six. The group discovered the Deadly Six's plans from Rouge, who sneaked onto the Faceship several days prior; after Eggman revealed that the Metal Virus would soon cause all Zombots to disintegrate, the group got to work on figuring out a way to combat the Metal Virus. Eggman suggested using the Warp Topaz charged by Super Sonic's power, though Starline refused to comply. Soon, Eggman had Metal Sonic take the Warp Topaz away from Starline and had him thrown off of the island via a Warp Portal. Eggman then suggested building some sort of "Multi-Portal Generator" that would allow the group to reach each member of the Deadly Six with the Warp Topaz at the same time in an effort to take their Chaos Emerald. To increase their numbers against the Deadly Six in case any of them became Zombots, Amy called in the Babylon Rogues.[10]

Giant Zavok attacks Angel Island, from Sonic the Hedgehog #28.

Eggman and Tails ended up building the Multi-Portal Generator. Sonic then assigned everyone to a member of the Deadly Six to face and retrieve a Chaos Emerald from. As Knuckles elected to stay behind, Espio showed him the few remaining refugees that they were able to save. Knuckles let the chameleon know that should the worst case scenario happen, he will look after the survivors. In the meantime, after Eggman and Tails built Sonic a treadmill, the hedgehog argued with Eggman over Metal Sonic's free will. Following this, both parties tried to get into each other's head, with either side trying to make each other feel guilty about the current events. After Rouge had Orbot and Cubot send a signal to Amy to go ahead with the plan, Eggman and Tails activated the Multi-Portal Generator, allowing the fighters to go and face and Deadly Six. As time went on, Sonic and Eggman spotted the Faceship approach the island, realizing that Zavok had found them. The others soon arrived back on Angel Island having completed their missions (except for Cream, Gemerl and the Babylon Rogues, though they still sent the remaining Chaos Emeralds to the island). Zavok had led a large horde of Zombots to the location as well. However, thanks to the efforts of Rouge, the Faceship was brought down and fell into the ocean, crashing down onto the horde of Zombots. This did not stop Zavok as he simply emerged from the rubble and became Giant Zavok with his Chaos Emerald. As retaliation, he shot a fireball at the island with his mouth. He then grabbed a large handful of Zombots, including some familiar faces, and threw them onto the island's surface to deal with the survivors.[11][12][13]

While Sonic, Silver, and Metal Sonic went to confront Zavok, the others remained on the island to battle the Zombots and were quickly overrun, with Knuckles becoming a Zombot himself. Eggman tried to escape, but was thwarted by Froggy. Eventually, Super Sonic and Super Silver appeared and, after defeating Zavok, were able to reverse the effects of the Metal Virus, restoring everyone around the world back to normal. When the Warp Topaz exploded from a power overload, Silver was thrust back onto the island, but Sonic got caught in the blast and vanished.[14]

Out of the Blue

As the others cheerfully reunited with each other and wondered where Sonic disappeared to, Eggman snuck off and began activating the Restoration's Rescue Shuttle to make a quick getaway. The doctor had made sure to only repurpose non-essential parts of the shuttle for the Multi-Portal Generator. Silver, the Chaotix, Tangle and Whisper went down from the island to the surface to restrain Zavok. Shadow also went to the surface but did not help. Amy and Tails discussed the fact that the rest of the Deadly Six were still loose in the world and it gradually turned into a discussion about how Knuckles disbanded the Resistance abruptly. Soon, Amy, Tails and Knuckles and see Eggman fleeing the island in a Rescue Shuttle, as pointed out by Big. An annoyed Knuckles did not concern himself with this since Eggman was no longer on the island and instead went to Rouge to tell her to leave the Master Emerald alone and get off of the island. Rouge complied, leaving Knuckles to continue to wait for Sonic's return.[15]

Deep Trouble

Over the next period, Knuckles spent his time scouring Angel Island for Metal Virus remains, discovering secret passageways along the way. This displeased Knuckles, as it dawned on him that there were still secrets about Angel Island that he did not know about.[4]

Team Heroes on an adventure on Angel Island, from Sonic the Hedgehog Free Comic Book Day 2022.

Eventually, Knuckles discovered unusual quakes in Marble Garden. Needing help to investigate this and recalling how well Team Heroes worked together, Knuckles called upon Sonic and Tails for help. By the time the trio reconvened on Angel Island, Sonic and Knuckles briefly got into an argument. Regardless, Tails managed to defuse the tension between the two, prompting Knuckles to reveal why he needed their help. Following then another exchange between Sonic and Knuckles, Team Heroes headed towards Marble Garden. As Sonic and Tails discussed which way was the quickest (among other things) however, Knuckles showed them a shortcut through the mountains. As Sonic and Tails acknowledged Knuckles for his knowledge about the island, Knuckles admitted that he had only found this route recently, and that he had yet to explore all of Angel Island. Eventually reaching Marble Garden, Team Heroes came across Dr. Eggman, who was causing the quakes by recklessly drilling for rare minerals in a drilling vehicle. After some brief quips, Team Heroes proceeded to engage Eggman and his vehicle. Despite nearly getting buried alive though, Team Heroes' teamwork let them survive and defeat Eggman's vehicle. As Eggman then left Angel Island, Team Heroes believed that Eggman would not come back for a while. Afterwards, Tails offered Knuckles to come back with them for some R&R. Knuckles declined the offer though, insisting that he still had a lot to discover about Angel Island first. Accepting this, Sonic promised Knuckles that he could count on them if he needed help.[4]

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