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Angel Island (エンジェルアイランド Enjeru Airando?) is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is an alternate version of Angel Island from another dimension set in the recent past. Like its counterpart, it is an island that is held aloft in the sky by the power of the Master Emerald; without it, the island will inevitably plummet from the sky. It is also the home of various Animals and of Knuckles the Echidna, the guardian of the Master Emerald and the island itself.


A coast on Angel Island, from Sonic Mania.

As with its mainline counterpart, Angel Island is a large landmass that floats high into the sky thanks to the Master Emerald. If the Master Emerald is removed from the island however, Angel Island will fall down into the ocean, although it is buoyant enough to float on top of the sea without sinking.

Like its counterpart, Angel Island has many natural environments, such as jungles, mountains,[1] frozen lands and volcanos; although artificial locations, such as temples, are also present on the island.



Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles

In Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, Dr. Eggman and his Death Egg crash-landed on Angel Island, resulting in the floating island sinking down to the water's surface. After tricking Knuckles into keeping Sonic off his back, Eggman began repairing the Death Egg on the island. Eventually, the Death Egg took off into the sky with Sonic and Tails pursuing him, resulting in another crash landing on Angel Island's volcano. Dr. Eggman eventually obtained the Master Emerald during a battle between Sonic and Knuckles, and used it as an energy source to fuel his Death Egg. His repaired flying fortress one again took off into the sky with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles in pursuit. Eventually, the Master Emerald was recovered, and Angel Island once again rose into the sky. Angel Island was soon after in danger of falling from the sky thanks to Eggman's robots though, but Knuckles was able to resolve the crisis.

Sonic Mania

In Sonic Mania, some time after the Angel Island incident,[2] the island fell into the ocean once again due to the effects of the Phantom Ruby when it appeared on the island.[3]

Sonic and Tails encountering the Hard Boiled Heavies on Angel Island, from Sonic Mania.

Detecting the Ruby, Sonic and Tails came to Angel Island to investigate it. There, they met five Egg-Robos who were excavating the island in search of the Phantom Ruby. Upon finding the Ruby, the Egg-Robos used it to send Sonic, Tails and eventually Knuckles to Green Hill Zone.

After being expelled from Little Planet during their mission to get the Phantom Ruby away from Dr. Eggman, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles literally dropped into Hydrocity Zone. Midway through the Zone, the team got back at Eggman with his own Egg Mobile when he tried to escape them. Sonic and his crew also managed to escape Eggman's final trap at the end of the Zone, although the egg-shaped scientist again eluded capture.

Some time after that, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles arrived in Lava Reef Zone via a flying submarine. Midway through the Zone, after taking care of the Drillerdroid, the trio used a Transport to descend deeper into Lava Reef Zone, eventually arriving in Hidden Palace Zone. Along the way, the crew got split up. Sonic and Tails themselves arrived into the arms of the Heavy Rider and Jimmy, but the heroes were able to defeat them and ride a rocket to Little Planet. Meanwhile, Knuckles arrived at the Master Emerald's local altar, just as the Heavy King tried to steal the massive gem. However, Knuckles stopped the theft and made the Heavy King retreat. Knuckles then used a Warp Point to catch up to his friends.

Sonic Mania Plus

The Heavy Magician giving the Phantom Ruby to the remains of the Hard Boiled Heavies, from Sonic Mania Plus.

In Sonic Mania Plus, some time after the first Phantom Ruby incident, Sonic and the Phantom Ruby arrived in Angel Island Zone following the conclusion of the War to Take Back the Planet. In that Zone, Sonic found a capsule with old acquaintances, Mighty and Ray, trapped inside. After Sonic set both allies free, one of them was revealed to be the Heavy Magician in disguise, who swiped the Phantom Ruby and passed it to the broken-down Hard Boiled Heavies, reviving them and sending the heroes back to Green Hill Zone.

After being sent to Hydrocity Zone during their mission to get the Phantom Ruby away from Dr. Eggman, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty and Ray pressed onward through the ancient city. While there, the group managed to use the Egg Mobile against Eggman after catching him swimming through the ruins. The group later overcame Eggman's Laundro-Mobile at the end of Zone, although Eggman managed to elude capture.

The group soon after ended up in Lava Reef Zone via a flying submarine. Inside this Zone, Sonic and his friends overcame the Drillerdroid when it attacked them, before arriving in the Hidden Palace Zone via a Transport. While traveling through this area, the group came across one of the Hard Boiled Heavies and foiled whatever they were up to after a heated battle. After that, the group of heroes arrived on Little Planet.

Sonic Mania Adventures

Seeking the Chaos Emeralds to power up Metal Sonic,[4] Eggman discovered they laid buried on Angel Island. As such, he began digging all over the island in his search for them.[1][5] At the same time, the island came to rest in the sea again after Knuckles removed the Master Emerald from its shrine.[5]

Sonic eventually arrived on Angel Island after returning from Modern Sonic's world, only to discover the holes Eggman had left from his digging. At the same time, Sonic saw Dr. Eggman fly over him with some kidnapped critters in his possession, prompting Sonic to go after Eggman. When Sonic saved the animals however, he got caught in a trap Eggman had set up on Angel Island to eliminate him. Using his cunning and a Chaos Emerald however, Sonic got Eggman stuck in his own trap and ultimately left the Doctor to have his trap blow up in his face. Along the way, Sonic discovered that Eggman was on the hunt for the Chaos Emeralds, and that he already had four of them.[1]

Sonic soon reunited with Tails on Angel Island's beach and brought him up to speed on Eggman's plans. No sooner however, Sonic went after Eggman alone when the Doctor resumed his excavation of the island to find for the sixth Chaos Emerald. After getting beaten by Eggman however, Sonic teamed up with Tails. Together, the two heroes defeated Eggman and secured the sixth Chaos Emerald. However, setting his sights on the Master Emerald after seeing it with Knuckles in Angel Island's wilderness, Eggman began cooking up a scheme to steal the Master Emerald and blame Sonic for it.[5][6]

In the meantime, Knuckles was looking for a safer place to keep the Master Emerald as a result of all the trouble that had been coming to Angel Island after Sonic and Eggman arrived. During his outing, he had a run-in with Ray, who had come to Angel Island looking for Mighty. Eventually though, Knuckles lost the Master Emerald when Eggman took it while the echidna was busy fighting RhinoBots. Furthermore, by using the Tornado as his escape vehicle, Eggman tricked Knuckles (who only saw the Tornado dragging the Master Emerald away) into thinking that Sonic was the one who stole the Master Emerald.[6] Continuing his search for Mighty, Ray came across Metal Sonic. Fortunately, Ray was saved from the hostile robot when Mighty showed up and subdued Metal Sonic. Detecting the seventh Chaos Emerald, which he was on the hunt for, in Mighty's possession however, Metal Sonic took Ray hostage and made Mighty give the Emerald to him in exchange for Ray's safe return. Mighty tried fterward to stop Metal Sonic, but he escaped and flew towards Eggman's base of operations on Angel Island. Mighty and Ray subsequently began following Metal Sonic Eggman's base. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails were heading towards the base as well, with Knuckles hot on their heels.[7]

Inside Eggman's base, Metal Sonic took Sonic and Tails' Chaos Emeralds. Eggman then put his plan into motion by giving the rest of the Chaos Emeralds to Metal Sonic, thus allowing the robot to empower himself with all seven Emeralds before taking on Sonic. Although Mighty and Ray soon after arrived and aided Sonic and Tails, the quartet was unable to defeat Metal Sonic. Fortunately, Tails figured out a way to separate Metal Sonic from the Chaos Emeralds. Not beaten yet though, Eggman tried to empower Metal Sonic with the Master Emerald. However, both villains were foiled when Knuckles showed up and took them out. With the Master Emerald back in safe hands, peace reigned over Angel Island once more.[4] Meanwhile, Eggman and Metal Sonic landed some ways away in a wooded area on the island, where Eggman frustratingly abandoned Metal Sonic after the robot failed to respond properly. Metal Sonic lay in the same position for months until winter arrived, upon which he was found by Amy Rose, who took notice of the robot's sorry condition. Amy, feeling sorry for Metal Sonic, took Metal Sonic back to Eggman's lair on Angel Island. Eggman, thinking Metal Sonic had come home to mend things over, took him back much to Amy's pleasure and Sonic's disbelief.[8]

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In other media

IDW Publishing

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing, Angel Island is the counterpart of Angel Island from another dimension set in the recent past. Its story was largely the same from its game counterpart's, up until the events of Sonic Mania.

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