Quotation1 Will the angel win out? Or will the demon triumph? It's all in this single flying Gear! Quotation2
Description in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

Angel/Devil, also known as "Angel Whisperer/Devil Whisperer," is an Extreme Gear that appeared in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. It is an Air Ride-type gear. It can be used by any character, except Doctor Eggman (who rides only Bikes), the SCR-GP robots (who don't use any Gear, but are in a Wheel's form), and SCR-HD (who doesn't use any Gear but can take on the form of a wheel).

It also appears as an Extreme Gear in Sonic Free Riders, but it is instead a Bike Gear. Its only gear part is its transformation into the Angel and the Devil. It changes its form on every Kick Dash, with the Angel form awarding good items from item capsules at the cost of a slower speed, while the Devil form gives faster speeds at the cost of not so good items from item capsules.

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