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Eric's wife, talkative but toothless after misplacing her dentures. Her husband usually steps in to interpret her attempts at speech. Anastasia has her husband thoroughly convinced she is a gentle and modest lady... but the jury's still out on that one.

— Directory, Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)

Anastasia (アナスタシア Anasutashia?) is a character that appears in Sonic Unleashed. She is a human resident of Apotos and the wife of Eric. Because she is toothless, she needs her dentures to speak properly; otherwise, she can only speak gibberish.


Xbox 360/PlayStation 3

During her youth, Anastasia came to a young Eric's aid when he got bitten by a crab on the beach. While Anastasia only tried to be nice however, Eric took this as a sign of affection from her side and he fell in love with her. From that point on, Anastasia found herself the target of Eric's overly eager affection, even though she did not have the same feelings for him. Eric would then try to win her over by bringing Anastasia beautiful shells each day, and yell to her "Marry me! I can’t go on if you won’t". Eventually, Anastasia could not take Eric's pleas anymore, but she could not refuse him either, so she gave up resisting and married him.

Over the years however, Anastasia and Eric came to have a happy marriage, and she eventually came to truly love Eric. At some point in her life, she lost all her teeth and needed dentures to replace them because she could not speak properly without teeth.

During the events of Sonic Unleashed, due to the tremors caused by the earth's shattering. Anastasia lost her dentures and she and her husband began looking for them. During her time with her dentures, Anastasia could only speak in mumbling gibberish, and as such, Eric decided to take on the role as translator, until she could find her dentures. While Anastasia was glad her husband would help in her time of need, it would soon become apparent to her that her husband was a horrible translator.

When Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip arrived for the first time in Apotos, Anastasia and Eric encountered the traveling duo. Upon meeting Sonic and Chip for the first time, Eric translated Anastasia's mumbling to the duo as heartfelt greetings. During the following night, where Anastasia and Eric met Sonic and Chip again, Anastasia told Sonic and Chip something in gibberish, which Eric translated as that she had seen Tails. While it is questionable if she meant the things Eric said, it did not appear to bother her.

As the planet began to come together again however, Anastasia noticed that her husband began to take whatever she said when meeting up with Sonic and Chip as if she was agreeing with him about something, even though she did mean anything like that, and she began to find it quite the annoyance. As a result of her husband's translations whenever she and Eric had a conversation with Sonic and Chip when they came to Apotos, Anastasia soon found herself being dragged on a trip to Chun-nan, because her husband thought that she wanted to see Chun-nan.

While visiting Chun-nan with Eric, Anastasia encountered Sonic and Chip there as well when the duo passed through the village. When having conversations with Sonic and Chip in Chun-nan, however, Eric would tell Sonic and Chip that Anastasia's mumbling meant that liked the different things about Chun-nan such as the scenic views and meat buns, even though she did not appear to be interested in either of them.

After having returned to Apotos from their trip to Chun-nan, Anastasia and Eric encountered Sonic and Chip once more. As Eric began a conversation with Sonic and Chip about how the trip to Chun-nan went, Eric translated all the gibberish Anastasia said to Sonic and Chip as if she loved the trip. Then, without warning, Anastasia found Eric explaining her and Eric's early romance to Sonic and Chip, where Eric described himself as a debonair fella and stand-up guy, while he described Anastasia as shy, awkward and plain unlucky in love. These statements infuriated Anastasia and she only continued to get angrier, as Eric continued to explain that she fell hard for Eric when he decided to talk to her back then, and that he could not get rid of Anastasia after that. Anastasia tried to yell out in angry protest to Sonic and Chip, but Eric only took her mumbling as if she was agreeing with him.

Around time when Sonic defeated the Dark Guardian, Anastasia finally found her dentures. Now able to talk again, Anastasia wasted no time and started yelling at Eric about what the big idea was for saying whatever that came into his fool of a head. Despite Eric's attempts to calm her down and soften her up, Anastasia remains steamed about all his lies and "sends him in the doghouse".

While Eric was being schooled, Anastasia came to Sonic and Chip to sort out all the bold-faced lies Eric had told them, especially about their early romance. After explaining everything to the duo, she felt relieved to tell the truth with her own words. Later on, when she had cooled down, Anastasia met up with Sonic and Chip again and admitted to them that even though she yelled at Eric and that his translations were a mess, she was nonetheless really glad that he had remained with her the whole time after she lost her dentures and that maybe she was still right to marry him. She then told Sonic and Chip nervously not to tell what she just said.

During period the Anastasia and Eric made up, as Anastasia told Eric that she was sorry that she got mad and assured him that she was truly not mad anymore, much to Eric's relief.

Wii/PlayStation 2

Anastasia never made any real appearance on the Wii/PlayStation 2 version of Sonic Unleashed. She did, however, briefly appear in the background of the cutscene where Sonic transformed into Sonic the Werehog for the second time, talking with Eric.


Anastasia is a talkative elder lady. While she has her husband fully convinced that she is a gentle and modest soul, the truth is that she has a horrible temper.


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