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Sonic X
An Underground Odyssey (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "An Underground Odyssey".

[Scene: A Seedrian Craft - Flashback]

[In the past, Cosmo is standing on a conveyor belt that transports people down corridors. A few other Seedrians pass her going the other way on the belt.]
Starla: Hi there, Cosmo!
Chrysanthemum: How are you doing today?
Daisy: Be sure to give your mother our regards. We'll see you later, Cosmo!
Cosmo: OK! Goodbye!
[Cosmo sees her sister Galaxina standing in a four-hall intersection.]
Cosmo: Galaxina!
[Cosmo stops in front of Galaxina.]
Galaxina: There you are, Cosmo! You've had Mother worrying all afternoon.
Cosmo: I didn't mean to. I was playing my pretend game again, and I must have forgotten what time it was.
Galaxina: Don't worry, little Cosmo. We're all pretty used to your daydreaming by now.
[Cosmo scowls and folds her arms.]

[Scene Change: A sanctuary - Flashback]

[Cosmo and Galaxina are standing in a sanctuary aboard the ship. There is a giant tree in the middle of the room, kept alive by machinery.]
Cosmo: Sorry to worry you, Mother.
Galaxina: She was dreaming again, like always.
Cosmo: Hey, have you ever wondered if Mother likes to daydream too sometimes?
Galaxina: Well, maybe...
Cosmo: I'll bet she dreams about being back home again, like I do.
Galaxina: Yes. ... I'm sure it's a great comfort to her. To hope that one day we'll all be back there...
Cosmo: Galaxina... the elders say we'll be journeying through space like this forever.
Galaxina: Not forever, Cosmo. Just until we destroy the evil Metarex monsters for good. Only then can we rest and search for a new planet to call home. Come on, let's go. Mother has many errands for us today!
Cosmo: Yes!
[Galaxina leaves.]
Cosmo: Oh, goodbye, Mother! See you later!
[Cosmo also leaves]

[Scene Change: The Seedrian ship - Flashback]

[Later, an explosion rocks the ship, throwing Cosmo into a wall. Smoke pours from the ship as the Metarex' Scarship pulls alongside it. Cosmo is frightened at the sight of the Scarship as it casts its shadow over her.]

[Scene Change: The Seedrian ship - Bridge - Flashback]

[Starla, Chrysanthemum, and Daisy are gathered on the bridge with an image of the Scarship. An alarm blares throughout the ship.]
Starla: Metarex approaching!
Chrysanthemum: Sectors 3 and 7 have been irreparably damaged! We can't fight them much longer.
Daisy: We have to stop them!
[But before the shields can be deployed, a blast from the Scarship strikes the bridge, killing Starla, Chrysanthemum, and Daisy.]

[Scene Change: The Seedrian ship - Flashback]

[Cosmo runs for her life as explosions ring out across the ship. The conveyor belts have stopped working. Suddenly the entire ship explodes.]
Galaxina: Cosmoooo!

[Scene Change: A Planet]

[Cosmo opens her eyes, shaken at the memory. She looks over and sees Tails and Knuckles. Tails is typing on his communicator.]
Tails: [On communicator] My comlink's indicating that there's a Chaos Emerald nearby, but it won't pinpoint where exactly.
[Chris is flying the X-Tornado.]
Chris: [Over communicator] Could be this one's buried way underground where it's hard to get to. Just means we're all gonna have to work a little harder to find it, that's all.
Knuckles: [On communicator] Well, let's not all stand here twiddling our thumbs. Let's look for this thing!
Sonic: [Over communicator] Yeah! Move it down there, will ya?
[Tails and Knuckles look up to see the X-Tornado fly overhead.]

[Scene Change: The X-Tornado]

[Cream is also inside the X-Tornado.]
Cream: [Waving] Good luck, everybody! Be careful, OK?
[Tails waves back. Cosmo, however, looks sad.]
Cream: Poor Cosmo... I wish we could cheer her up somehow.
Cheese: Chao chao...
Chris: It's not easy when your family's not around. In fact, it's just about the loneliest feeling in the world.

[Scene Change: A ruined city]

[Tails, Knuckles, and Cosmo walk through an abandoned stone city.]
Tails: Why do I have a sneaking suspicion the Metarex have been here too? This place gives me the creeps.
Knuckles: Yup. Just another sad ex-planet.
[Tails and Cosmo stop, the latter looking around.]
Cosmo: Look around. Families lived here once. Children played all day without a care in the world. They didn't know what was coming.
[A shot of the exploding Seedrian ship is shown.]
Cosmo: Now they're all gone, just like Mother, and Galaxina, and they'll never come back!
[She looks at Tails, who is looking at his communicator.]
Cosmo: Sometimes I miss them so much.
[he turns to her.]
Tails: What's that?
[Cosmo looks down.]
Cosmo: Nothing.
Knuckles: Take a look at this, Tails!
[Tails and Cosmo join Knuckles. They look down into what appears to be a bottomless pit.]
Knuckles: This has to be at least a mile deep!
[Tails opens his communicator, and a blip indicating a Chaos Emerald appears.]
Tails: This is it, you guys. The Chaos Emerald's down there somewhere.
[Soon Tails flies Cosmo down the cliff, while Knuckles climbs down. Cosmo sees a cave opening below them.]
Cosmo: Look! The cave!
[They halt their downwards progress.]
Knuckles: You two go check it out.
Tails: We're on it.
[He lowers Cosmo to the cave opening before landing there. They feel their way into the cave.]
Cosmo: Be careful, Tails. It's dark in here.
[She accidentally touches a certain part of the wall, and quickly withdraws her hand.]
Tails: What's the matter?
Cosmo: I'm not sure; it felt like some kind of--
[Suddenly the entire ground shakes and cracks, separating Tails and Cosmo. Rocks begin to fall.]
Tails: Cosmo!
[Tails tackles Cosmo away from the larger falling rocks, accidentally sending them both falling into a pit. Knuckles finishes descending to see that the mouth of the cave is blocked off.]
Knuckles: They're sealed in. Hang on!

[Scene Change: Inside the cave]

[Tails comes to to see Cosmo looking at him in concern.]
Cosmo: Please, Tails... Oh, please be okay...
Tails: [Sits up] What happened?
[He rubs his sore head.]
Cosmo: Careful; you're hurt.
Tails: I-I'm feeling kinda dizzy...
[He looks up at the open space above him.]
Tails: Strange... I remember walking inside the cave, and then hearing this rumbling and I must have passed out.
Cosmo: It's my fault. If I hadn't touched that thing, then none of this would have happened.
Tails: The button! I remember now. Hey, don't feel bad, Cosmo; this is a good thing. [Opens communicator] We'll tell Chris where we are and then we'll start lookin' around.
Cosmo: What if the Metarex are in here?
Tails: [On communicator] Chris, Amy, do you read me?
[But there is no signal; only static.]
Tails: No good. We must have lost our connection.
Cosmo: I'm sorry.
Tails: Don't worry, Cosmo. We'll make the most of it.
[He presses a button, and discovers that the Chaos Emerald is closer than before.]
Tails: We're still getting a reading, so the Emerald got to be down here somewhere. Let's go!
Cosmo: Wait, Tails.
[She rips part of her dress and prepares to bandage Tails' wound, but he pulls away.]
Tails: Really, I feel just fine, Cosmo.
[But she does it anyway]
Cosmo: I don't care. It's better to be safe than sorry, I always say.
[Tails' eyes shimmer, and he blushes.]

[Scene Change: The X-Tornado]

[Chris sees a blip on his radar.]
Chris: I just hope they're OK. I can't get rid of this bad feeling. If that Emerald is buried underground, things could get kinda dangerous.
Cream: Don't worry. When things get scary, at least Knuckles is there. He wouldn't allow anything to happen to them, Chris, 'cause he's tough!
Cheese: Chaaoo!
[Sonic walks over next to the canopy.]
Sonic: Don't sweat it, buddy. I've got it covered. If somethin' goes wrong, I'll be there in a jiffy!
Chris: Thanks, Sonic.
Amy: [Over radio] Blue Typhoon to X-Tornado! Chris, do you read me?
Chris: [On radio] I read you.

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

Amy: [On radio] I just got a radio message from Knuckles! He says Tails and Cosmo are trapped in a cave somewhere and he can't get through to them!

[Scene Change: The X-Tornado]

[The X-Tornado's occupants show surprise and concern.]

[Scene Change: Underground]

[Tails and Cosmo are walking together through the dark cavern.]
Tails: You know, I really have to upgrade this thing when we get outta here. Like maybe add some type of software that allows you to cut through subterranean rock formations.
Cosmo: Uh-huh...
Tails: I mean, sure, it would make it a lot easier to find hidden Chaos Emeralds. Plus, we'd have the ability to send digitized contact signals to and from wherever we might me. Even if we're underground or outer space in some secret hi-tech laboratory somewhere. Yeah, all I have to is upload a new transformer and reprogram the main... [Trails off]
Cosmo: [To herself] I'm so frightened... [To Tails] Mother would know what to do.
Tails: Cosmo?
[Cosmo looks up.]
Tails: You OK?
Cosmo: Huh? Just daydreaming.
[Several fireflies begin to fly up around them.]
Tails: Hey look, Cosmo! Like some kind of fireflies or something!
[Cosmo stares in wonder as the fireflies fly down a passage.]
Cosmo: I wonder where they're going?
Tails: Yeah, let's follow 'em.
[They race after the fireflies down the passage, and stop.]
Tails: Huh? Whoa!
[The fireflies fly up to a place where there appears to be a giant metal building.]

[Scene Change: Outside the cave]

[Using his Shovel Claws, Knuckles is punching his way through the blocked cave entrance.]
Knuckles: There's a whole avalanche worth of rocks in here. Something must have jarred them all loose.
[Sonic, Cream, Cheese, and Amy look on.]
Amy: Just listen to him showing off with those big silly gloves of his.
Cream: Say what you will, but I have faith in Knuckles. You should too.
[Chris uses his communicator to project a holo-scan of the area.]
Chris: I'm using the infrared movement tracker, but I can't seem to get a reading from anywhere. It looks like a system of interconnected caves.
[Sonic walks up to him.]
Chris: And I'm guessing there's gotta be more than one way down there.
Amy: So while Knuckles is busy boulderizing, we can snoop around for a bit.
Cream: Let's hurry. It must be awful spooky in that place. I don't like to think of them down there.
Cheese: Chao chao...
Sonic: Cheer up. We'll find 'em!

[Scene Change: The metal building]

[The fireflies fly in front of the front door. Several Metarex Vipers patrol the halls as Tails and Cosmo carefully peer around the corner.]
Cosmo: This is a nightmare...
Tails: I think we're both having the same bad dream.
[Ducking back, Tails checks his communicator.]
Tails: The Chaos Emerald is located somewhere in this complex.
[He closes his communicator]
Tails: Ready, Cosmo.
[Cosmo nods. She and Tails run down the halls and through other passages and corridors, trying to stay out of the way of the Metarex Vipers. They enter another room which contains giant tubes. There are Chaos Emeralds inside each tube.]
Cosmo: A whole room full of Emeralds...
[They examine one of the tubes. There is strange writing on the top and bottom of the tube. Cosmo gasps and runs to another part of the room.]
Cosmo: It's some kind of... manufacturing plant.
[Tails joins her.]
Cosmo: This must be the real one. They're feeding off it somehow.
[The white Chaos Emerald rests in a tube in the middle of the room.]
Tails: So they'll all have the same kind of power. This explains the counterfeit one that Metarex had on Planet Breezy.
[There is a flashback of Metarex Crystal and the red Chaos Emerald he was holding.]
Cosmo: You're right. It looked so real it fooled all of us. And now there's a whole factory full of them!
[The flashback ends.]
Cosmo: Why would they be doing this?
Tails: I don't know. It's weird. But if I can hack into their computer systems somehow, we just may be able to find an answer.
[He types on a computer, and writing in another language appears.]
Tails: Some kind of strange code... I can't decipher it.
[Cosmo is able to read the Metarex writing.]
Cosmo: It says here "Operation Duplicate", with a list of key Chaos Emerald components. Let's see... "Stabilized energy... 93% compression rate... distillation of properties..."
[Tails is astonished.]
Tails: You mean you can read this?
Cosmo: Only some. But I'm not all that familiar with a lot of the more technical data. I wish I could help more...
Tails: You helped a lot, Cosmo! Now let's download this information right away!
[Tails soon connects a cord to the computer and downloads the information onto his communicator. “Now loading” appears on the screen.]
Tails: We'll look at the data when we get back to the Blue Typhoon. Will you help me translate?
Cosmo: Sure, I'd love to! ... It's the least I can do after the mess I've gotten you into.
Tails: But Cosmo, we wouldn't have discovered all of this if it weren't for you.
Metarex Viper: Aahh... Intruders!
[They turn to see a Metarex Viper approaching them.]
Tails: Cosmo, get the real Emerald!
[Tails retracts his cord.]
Metarex Viper: I will teach you not to trespass! You're not wanted here. Stay away from there!
[The Metarex Viper lunges towards them. Cosmo struggles to open the door, but finally does and retrieves the Chaos Emerald. Tails disconnects the giant power cord, causing sparks to fly. He thrusts it into the Metarex Viper's mouth, short-circuiting it out. Tails and Cosmo flee the room. Elsewhere in the Metarex base, an alarm goes off, and a red alarm light flashes.]
Metarex Viper: [Over intercom] Attention! Intruders have removed the Chaos Emerald. They must not escape!
[Four Metarex Vipers take off. The Metarex Viper that was short-circuited types on a console, pulling up a map of where the Chaos Emerald is.]
Metarex Viper: [Laughs] The Chaos Emerald will show exactly where they're hiding. How convenient.

[Scene Change: The caves]

[Several Metarex Vipers swim through the waters. Cosmo carefully looks around from behind a rock. She ducks back down.]
Cosmo: I hate to say it, Tails, but I think the Emerald is leading them straight to us!
Tails: I've got a plan.
[Tails releases several fireflies from his hands that he picked up from the ground.]
Tails: I knew that there was something funny about these fireflies.
Cosmo: What do you mean?
Tails: They're tiny robots powered by the energy of Chaos Emeralds. Same components and everything.
[Cosmo watches the fireflies fly through the caves.]
Cosmo: Tails, you're a genius!
[Tails blushes.]

[Scene Change: The Metarex base]

[Countless blips begin appearing on the screen.]
Metarex Viper: Impossible!

[Scene Change: The caves]

[Tails and Cosmo continue their trek through a large cavern.]
Tails: We'll be safe now that we threw off the Metarex, and we'll be outta here in no time!
Cosmo: Sure.
[She looks at the light of the white Chaos Emerald she is holding.]
Cosmo: We'll be OK.
[She remembers the giant tree on board the spaceship that was attacked.]
Cosmo: The light... It reminds me of how Mother made me feel, like nothing bad could happen. It's just so bright... and warm... and loving...
Tails: Yeah, I guess Chaos Emeralds have that effect on folks. You know, it's kind of interesting. You could be in the worst kind of danger, but once you hold a Chaos Emerald in your hand, you'll feel a lot safer.
Cosmo: When I was a young girl, my older sister Galaxina used to tell me the legend of the Chaos Emeralds. And... I used to dream that one day, I would hold one in my hand and feel all of its magical power.
Tails: A power that is greatest when it is used by those who are pure in heart and intention.
Cosmo: I don't understand.
Tails: Its power depends on those who use it, you see.
[A shot of Sonic fighting Perfect Chaos is shown.]
Tails: Like Sonic, for instance. Sonic can only uses them for good, so only good can come of it. But then there are those like the Metarex or Dr. Eggman who uses it for purposes of evil. That's when the power changes into something dark and destructive.
[Cosmo stops.]
Tails: What's the matter?
[She holds the Chaos Emerald out to Tails.]
Cosmo: Oh Tails, I'm not worthy to be touching the Chaos Emerald. Please take it away from me!
[Tails takes the Emerald.]
Cosmo: ...and to claim my family, and my friends, and everything else that was precious, and left me all alone...
[Tails feels compassionate.]
Cosmo: There is no way any good comes from me. I will only bring you evil and disaster!
Tails: Cosmo...
[Suddenly a Metarex Viper's tail whips into Tails, throwing him into the cave wall and causing him to drop the Chaos Emerald and his communicator. Cosmo is soon at Tails' side. The Metarex Viper picks up the Chaos Emerald with its tail as Cosmo tends to Tails.]
Tails: Give that back!
Metarex Viper: I'm afraid that is not possible.
Cosmo: Forget it, Tails! We have to get out of here now!
[Tails tries to stand, but feels a little weary.]
Cosmo: I'm begging you.
Metarex Viper: [Laughs] Perhaps you should listen to your little friend.
[Cosmo and Tails soon find themselves surrounded by Metarex Vipers.]
Tails: Okay... I guess all you Meta-mutants think you're pretty tough, don'cha? Well, we're pretty tough too, and we've got good on our side, which is more than you can say!
Cosmo: Tails, don't do it...
Tails: There's nothing to be afraid of. I'll be OK.
[He flies into the air, knocking the Chaos Emerald out of the grasp of the Metarex Viper that took it, and it lands on the ground.]
Tails: Noooww!
[She breaks herself out of her trance and runs towards the Emerald.]
Metarex Viper: Stay away from that Emerald!
[Tails tries to intervene, but the Metarex Viper grabs him with its tail.]
Tails: Let go of me! Let go!
[Cosmo picks up the Emerald, then sees that Tails is in danger.]
Cosmo: Oh no! Tails!
Metarex Viper: [To Tails] I've had enough of your foolishness.
[The other Metarex Vipers surround Cosmo. Suddenly, Tails' abandoned communicator crackles to life.]
Chris: [Over communicator] Tails! Cosmo! Do you read me?
[The Metarex Vipers look at each other in confusion.]
Tails: Hurry! They've got us!
[The word “Contact” appears on the communicator's screen.]
Sonic: [Over communicator] Not for long, buddy!
[Suddenly Sonic spins in and takes out several Metarex Vipers, including the one holding Tails.]
Metarex Viper: Who dares help the enemy?!
Amy: [Off-screen] I dare!
[Amy appears and destroys the Metarex Viper with her hammer. It is promptly buried under some rocks. Tails lands in front of Cosmo.]
Tails: Cosmo, are you OK?
Cosmo: Sure, I'm fine.
Tails: Man, that was close.
[Chris, Cream, and Cheese also drop in from above.]
Chris: Hey, you two.
Cheese: Chao chao.
Tails: You really are lifesavers, you know that?
Amy: Well... yeah.
Cream: Thank goodness you're safe! Now that the monsters are all gone, then we can all go home.
Cosmo: That's right, Cream.
[Suddenly the Metarex Viper that Amy attacked emerges from the rocks.]
Metarex Viper: Not so fast. Don't let them get away!
[Two other Metarex Vipers join it.]
Amy: Bring it on! We're ready for ya!
Sonic: You want some more of this, huh?
[He charges towards the Metarex Vipers.]
Chris: Get him!
Cream: Get him, Sonic!
[One of the Metarex Vipers leaps over Sonic, only to be spun into from behind. Amy hammers three petrified Metarex Vipers into the wall. Even Cream gets into the action by throwing Cheese at three other Metarex Vipers.]
Cheese: Chaaao!
[Cosmo looks on in amazement as Chris reflects the light from his communicator to damage two more Metarex Vipers.]
Tails: See, Cosmo? Nothing but good can come when you help your friends.
Cosmo: Right.
Tails: Let's go.
[Cosmo nods. However, there is still another Metarex Viper left.]
Metarex Viper: Sonic, I will destroy you,
Sonic: Just try!
Tails: [Off-screen] Waait!
[He looks behind him to see Tails airlifting Cosmo, who is holding out the Chaos Emerald.]
Cosmo: Up here, Sonic! Catch!
[She tosses the gem to Sonic.]
Sonic: Got it!
[The Metarex Viper sweat-drops as Sonic uses the Chaos Emerald's power.]
Sonic: Hahaha! Bye-bye!
[The screen white out.]

[Scene Change: Above ground] [Everyone is now gathered outside the Typhoon. Chris is looking at the data Tails collected from the Metarex' base.]

Chris: You know, I have a feeling whatever's on here might put an end to their Planet Egg plot once and for all.
Cream: Maybe the code will tell us where all the Planet Eggs are hidden, and we can save the galaxy.
Cheese: Chao chao!
Amy: That's right! Good thing we have our brilliant translator with us.
Cosmo: Huh? Well... Thanks, Amy, but... I feel like I put you all in danger today.
Tails: That's silly. Besides, we're used to dangerous situations by now.
Cream: Danger is our middle name!
Cheese: Chao chao!
[Tails winks at Cosmo. Cosmo can not believe her luck.]
Chris: Well, let's get going, you guys.
Amy: We still got plenty of Metarex to mangle!
Tails: That right, and thanks to our friend Cosmo, this time we'll be way ahead of 'em. Right, gang?
Chris, Tails, Amy, Cosmo and Cream: [Fist pump] Yeah!
[Knuckles emerges from underground.]
Knuckles: Finally! [Looks around] They must be around here somewhere.
[That's when he sees everyone.]
Knuckles: Huh? Hey, where did you guys come from?
[Everyone else bursts into laughter.]
Knuckles: What's so funny? They can't stop chuckling long enough to get me out of here? Hey, come on! I mean it! Get me outta here, guys!

[Scene Change]

[Dark Oak is sitting in his command chair, looking at a monitor.]
Dark Oak: Good. They have fallen for the bait.
[Several fireflies fly out of a vent - the same kind that were in the caves..]
Dark Oak: Soon, they and that fool Eggman will be back, clutching Chaos Emeralds in their greedy little hands. And then, when they least expect it, I'll strike.
[He pinches a firefly, destroying it.]
Dark Oak: How perfect. One day they will know the true extent of my power, but by then it will be too late!
[The episode ends and the credits roll.]