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Sonic X
An Enemy in Need (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "An Enemy in Need".

[Scene: Secco]

[Secco inhabitants are thronging the streets of the once-flooded city. Chris, Sonic, Tails, and Amy stand before the Secco Elder.]
Secco Elder: We are grateful for your heroism. You saved our Planet Egg and our planet. We shall do our best to bestow upon you the thanks that you deserve by holding a festival today in your honor! A parade, music, dancing, and a feast to show our thanks!
[Sonic whistles]
Sonic: Sounds good to me!
Amy: Me too! 'Specially the feast part!
Chris: Sounds like fun, Tails.
Tails: I'm not so sure I'm gonna like this...
[The festival begins. Everyone is seen dancing. The festival also involves a parade of giant wooden ships, one of which is carrying our heroes.]
Chris: They all go out.
Sonic: Yeah.
[The elder is dancing upon a high platform.]
Secco Inhabitant: One... Two... Three! Hahaah!
[One of the Secco Inhabitants tosses Sonic into the air in celebration.]
Secco Elder: That's it! Now everybody!
[Tails is tossed into the air next, then Amy.]
Secco Inhabitant: (Oh, I just can't get enough!)
[Everyone is now being thrown into the air.]
Chris: Why are they throwing us?
Sonic: Don't knooow!
[It is revealed that they are bouncing on a giant trampoline.]
Secco Elder: Haha! This is how we honor heroes!
Cosmo: There they are!
[Knuckles, Cosmo, Cream, and Cheese join them soon.]
Cosmo: Look what I have!
[Even though he is bouncing, Sonic sees the object.]
Sonic: A Chaos Emerald... Who found it?
Knuckles: I did, 'cause I wasn't too busy partying with the locals.
Cream: Wow, that looks like fun!
Cheese: Chao chao!
Knuckles: Yeah, if you wanna feel like a yo-yo...
Cosmo: Why are they bouncing you like that?
Chris: It's for getting their Planet Egg back!
Sonic: It's a token of their appreciation.
Tails: I'm appreciated enough!
Amy: I can't take much more!
Cosmo: This is so wonderful.
[She looks back at the Chaos Emerald.]
Cosmo: I can't believe that we already found one.
Cream: This means we have only six more to find, doesn't it, Cosmo?
[The Secco Elder has overheard them.]
Secco Elder: You down there, friends of the heroes! Let us honor you too! Throw them here!
[Soon Cream and Cosmo are also bouncing on the giant trampoline.]
Secco Elder: Come defy the forces of gravity!
Knuckles: [Waves hand] I'm actually a big fan of gravity.
[A spy drone is seen watching them.]

[The opening theme plays]

[Scene Change: The Crimson Egg]

[Eggman is watching the festival on a screen. He laughs.]
Dr. Eggman: So nice of Sonic and his friends to find the Chaos Emerald for me! Let's see... What sort of strategic strategy should I come up with to get it from them?
Bocoe: Aren't all strategies strategic?
Decoe: Not Dr. Eggman's. His strategies lack strategies the way his tactics lack tact.
Bokkun: And his thinking less thought.
[Eggman pounds his hand on the console before turning to his hench-bots.]
Dr. Eggman: Since the three of you are so brilliant, why don't you come up with a plan?
Decoe: Huh?
Bocoe: Huh?
Dr. Eggman: [Threatening] But whatever you do, do not disappoint me!
[His foreboding tone gets through to his robots. Suddenly Decoe and Bocoe grasp their heads.]
Decoe: Uh... I-I've got a headache all of a sudden!
Bocoe: Me too! I can't concentrate right now! It's unbearable!
Decoe: I think I need to lie down for awhile!
Dr. Eggman: Aww, you have headaches?
[They both nod.]
Dr. Eggman: Guess the doctor's gonna have to operate!
[Eggman's hench-bots freeze as Eggman pulls out various tools. Bokkun sweat-drops as Eggman chases Decoe and Bocoe around the cockpit of the ship with a large wooden hammer.]
Dr. Eggman: Get back here!
Bokkun: I'm gonna go check on the, uh... the thing...
[When no one is looking, he descends an elevator into the room below, and breathes a sigh of relief.]
Bokkun: I got away before he could grab me.
[A hand drags him backwards, and Bokkun finds himself staring into the face of Rouge.]
Bokkun: Rouge!
Rouge: Hi there. I just dropped by to ask if you'll do me a little favor.
Bokkun: I'd have to be totally batty to do any favors for you! Ha! Just wait'll I tell Dr. Eggman you--
[Rouge hushes Bokkun]
Rouge: Really.
[Bokkun swats Rouge's hand away.]
Rouge: You don't wanna do that, do you? Your little secret might get out.
Bokkun: I don't know what you're talking about!
[Bokkun dangles a heart-shaped locket in front of Bokkun.]
Rouge: Oh no? Does this look familiar?
Bokkun: Yeah... it's mine...
[He lunges for the locket, but Rouge dodges.]
Rouge: I checked out the picture inside. She's so pretty.
Bokkun: Please don't say anything! I'll do whatever you want me to do, I promise! Just please don't tell anybody, please!
Rouge: Hmhm... Good boy.

[Scene Change: Outside]

[Unbeknownst to all, something begins to surface from underground.]
Metarex Jumpee: Ribbit.

[Scene Change: The Crimson Egg - Cockpit]

[Eggman is still chasing Decoe and Bocoe around the cockpit.]
Decoe: Please, Doctor!
Dr. Eggman: You worthless metal moochers!
Decoe: I'm too young to be dismantled!
[Bokkun returns to the cockpit.]
Dr. Eggman: Yes?
Bokkun: I just got an idea!
[Eggman kneels down as Bokkun whispers in his ear.]
Dr. Eggman: [Stands up] Excellent! One of the most brilliant plans I've ever come up with!
Bokkun: Except that I came up with it!
Dr. Eggman: Are you contradicting me, Bokkun?
Decoe: We're off the hook!
Bocoe: I never thought I would be glad that Bokkun's around.
Bokkun: [To Eggman] But it was my plan!
Dr. Eggman: And now it's mine.

[Scene Change: Outside]

[Rouge finishes spying on the Crimson Egg through a pair of binoculars and leaves. Meanwhile, Knuckles is walking alone.]
Knuckles: I don't care if it's an honor or not. Nobody tosses me around!
[He looks up when he sees the Eggmobile fly over him.]
Knuckles: That looks like...
[Suddenly the Eggmobile crashes.]
Knuckles: Eggman!
[He runs over to the crater Eggman landed in. Eggman coughs before looking up at Knuckles.]
Dr. Eggman: Knuckles, it's you! What good fortune! [Stands up] Ah, finally, someone who can help me!
[Knuckles is surprised at Eggman's sudden change in mood.]
Knuckles: Help you? Not a chance!
Dr. Eggman: Oh Knuckles, please, you have to hear me out! My ship ran out of power and crashed on this desolate planet. If I don't find a way to leave, [Exaggerated] I'll be trapped here the rest of my life! It's my fault! I'm getting what I deserve!
[Knuckles places a hand on Eggman's shoulder.]
Knuckles: Come on, cool it. Don't be so hard on yourself.
Dr. Eggman: I just got so carried away with wanting to take over the universe. I was evil, and greedy... It's true! I wanted planets and entire galaxies all to myself, but if I get off this rock, I'll never turn a moon into a devastating weapon or block out a planet's sun again, I swear! If only I had a Chaos Emerald for my ship. I could leave here and start my new life as a good person!
[Eggman grins.]

[Scene Change: Beach]

[The party long over, Knuckles tells Sonic and friends about Eggman's proposition. They exclaim in shock.]
Sonic: You want us to let Dr. Eggman use the Chaos Emerald?
Knuckles: [Nods] He's promised to abandon his evil ways if we help him out.
[Everyone else sigh and/or shake their heads.]
Tails: We heard that before.
Chris: Tails is right, Knuckles.
Cream: Dr. Eggman is always saying he'll abandon his evil ways, but he never does!
[Amy rubs her sore backside.]
Amy: And yet every time, he somehow gets you to believe him.
[Knuckles loses his temper.]
Knuckles: Well I wasn't asking your permission!
[He approaches Cosmo and takes the Chaos Emerald from her.]
Knuckles: I'm the one who found this Emerald, so I'll do what I want with it!
[He starts to leaves, but Sonic holds him back.]
Sonic: I can't let you do this, Knuckles!
Knuckles: You're gonna have to fight me to stop me.
Sonic: Yeah. I know.
Knuckles: If that's the way you want it...
Cosmo: Sonic! Knuckles! What are you two doing?
[Knuckles places the Chaos Emerald on a nearby rock before he prepares to fight Sonic.]
Knuckles: Ready?
Sonic: Ready!
[Sonic and Knuckles begin their fight.]
Cosmo: They're... fighting...
[Knuckles launches a flying punch at Sonic. The hedgehog dodges, and Knuckles ends up punching the ground instead. Sonic takes this opportunity to launch a flurry of punches at Knuckles, but the echidna blocks them with his free fist. They continue their clash, involving punches, kicks, and body slams. Cosmo looks on in worry.]
Cosmo: We've got to do something to stop this fighting! Hey...!
Amy: [To Cream] Do these boots make my legs too skinny?
Cream: They look just fine, Amy.
Cheese: [Blushing] Chao chao chao chao.
Chris: [To Tails] You wanna go take the X-Tornado for a spin?
Tails: Sure, why not?
Cosmo: Excuse me, shouldn't we stop Knuckles and Sonic?
Tails: Uh, nah. This is how they work their problems out.
Chris: Yeah, they do this all the time.
[Amy rubs her injured backside once again.]
Amy: They'll just fight until they get tired of fighting.
Cream: [Nods] It isn't a big deal.
Cheese: Chao chao-chao.
Cosmo: [Quietly] They just don't understand these creatures...
[Cosmo looks behind her as the fighting becomes more violent. Knuckles is lunging towards Sonic repeatedly, but the hedgehog dodges each time.]
Cosmo: I can't take it any more!
[Cosmo runs as Sonic stops on a small ledge.]
Cosmo: Please stop it!
[Immediately Sonic leaps off the ledge as Knuckles punches where he just was. Cosmo cringes as rocks fly around her.]
Cosmo: This isn't right.
Amy: Hey, Cosmo. I wouldn't get too close if I were you.
[From behind a rock, Eggman quietly watches the fight between Sonic and Knuckles.]
Dr. Eggman: [To himself] My plan worked perfectly! He left the Chaos Emerald unguarded.
[Eggman crawls closer to the Chaos Emerald.]
Dr. Eggman: [To himself] No one will even know I was here!
[However, Bokkun flies over him, nearly blowing his cover.]
Bokkun: [Waving] Hi, Dr. Eggman!
Dr. Eggman: Maybe If I ignore him, he'll disappear--
[However, he sees Bokkun standing right in front of him.]
Bokkun: You forgot your lunch!
[Eggman cries out at Bokkun's sudden reappearance.]
Bokkun: If you wanna conquer the universe, you gotta stay healthy, you know!
[He produces a banana. Eggman covers Bokkun's mouth.]
Dr. Eggman: Quiet, or they'll discover me!
Bokkun: Sorry about that, heheh...
Dr. Eggman: Go to the ship and don't come back!
Bokkun: I won't Dr. Eggman!
[As Bokkun flies away once more, Rouge lowers her binoculars.]
Rouge: That kid's gonna be real useful.
[Eggman nearly reaches the Chaos Emerald]
Dr. Eggman: At last, a Chaos Emerald! Nothing can stop me now!
[Unfortunately for Eggman, Amy steps between him and the Chaos Emerald. She is hefting her hammer, and has a smirk Eggman has learned to fear.]
Amy: That's what you think, but you're wrong.
[Eggman cowers back.]
Dr. Eggman: [Panicking] I-I... can... explain...!
[Amy slams her hammer down, forcing Eggman to scoot back.]
Dr. Eggman: Yipe! Watch where you swing that thing!
[He soon finds himself surrounded by Cream, Cheese, Cosmo, Tails, and Chris.]
Dr. Eggman: How wonderful to see you all again!
[Sonic and Knuckles have no idea what's going on. They soon get into a shoving fight. Sonic looks up and sees Eggman surrounded.]
Sonic: I had a pretty good feeling we'd be seein' his ugly mug.
[The fighting immediately stops. Knuckles approaches Eggman.]
Knuckles: Eggman! What are you doing here?
Dr. Eggman: You mean me?
[Amy looks at the viewer, as if to say "Here it comes…" Eggman picks up the banana next to him.]
Dr. Eggman: I-I was just about to consume this delicious banana!
[He peels and eats the banana.]
Dr. Eggman: Tasty!
Amy: I know exactly what you're doing here, Eggman. You went to Knuckles because you knew he'd have pity on you and he and Sonic would fight about it, so you could go behind your backs and steal the Chaos Emerald!
[She slams the top of her hammer down near the Chaos Emerald. Eggman cowers.]
Knuckles: Eggman, is that true?
Dr. Eggman: No, of course not! She's lying, Knuckles!
Amy: Payback time!
[She raises her hammer high above her head, preparing to attack Eggman.]
Knuckles: No, Amy.
[Knuckles lifts Eggman out of the way just as the hammer comes down, and sets him down on a rock.]
Dr. Eggman: I know I can always count on you, Knuckles.
Amy: Knuckles, you have got to be kidding me! How many more times are gonna fall for Eggman's tricks? Think about it!
[In a flashback, Eggman begs to Knuckles in an alley.]
Dr. Eggman: [Flashback] Help me, please!
Knuckles: [Flashback] Are you sure we can go back if we get a hold of the Chaos Emerald?
[Eggman grins. In another flashback, Chris and Knuckles stand before Eggman with a backpack containing five Chaos Emeralds.]
Dr. Eggman: [Flashback] Please let me keep the Chaos Emerald? Please?
[Knuckles hands the backpack to Eggman, and they shake hands.]
Dr. Eggman: [Flashback] Why, thank you so much, Knuckles!
Knuckles: [Flashback] No, thank you, Dr. Eggman!
Dr. Eggman: [Flashback] I will give these Chaos Emeralds the utmost care.
[Chris is surprised.]
Knuckles: [Flashback] I'll trust you.
[In another flashback, Eggman stands on the balcony of the White House.]
Dr. Eggman: [Flashback] I will soon realize the Eggman Empire!
[The flashbacks end.]
Amy: Seriously, Eggman's never gonna change.
Knuckles: Eggman says he's seen the light, and I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and help him get off this planet!
[Eggman nods, and Knuckles leaps down from the rock.]
Sonic: Here we go again...
[Cream and Cheese approach.]
Cream: Eggman lied before, Knuckles, and now he's lying again!
Knuckles: I'm giving him the Chaos Emerald.
[Rouge begins to eavesdrop on the conversation.]
Amy: You're gonna have to go through me to get it!
Knuckles: Is that so?
[Sonic immediately darts in front of Knuckles, putting out a hand to defend Amy.]
Sonic: But first you'll have to go through me!
Knuckles: You got a deal!
Amy: Let me at him!
Cosmo: [To herself] This is terrible! They shouldn't be fighting with each other!
[She rushes up to Sonic and Knuckles before they can fight again.]
Cosmo: Stop fighting, you two! We have to focus on the bigger crisis threatening all of us! If all we do is argue and fight, how are we supposed to band together and save the universe?
Knuckles: Out of the way, Cosmo!
Sonic: We don't want you to get hurt.
[Cosmo falls back as the rivalry continues.]
Cosmo: [To herself] Maybe I was wrong. Maybe they aren't the heroes I thought they were.
[Suddenly the ground begins to rumble. Eggman looks around, dismayed.]
Dr. Eggman: What now?
[Suddenly a giant hand scoops up Cosmo and rises into the air. It is attached to an even bigger robot - The E-3000 Egg Mars. It turns its giant head towards Eggman. It is being piloted by Decoe and Bocoe.]
Decoe: Dr. Eggman! We're sorry we kept you waiting!
Bocoe: We're here to rescue you!
Dr. Eggman: Metal meddlers, I don't need rescuing!
[The Egg Mars turns to face Eggman. Its green chest plate flashes with Eggman's emblem.]
Decoe: Bokkun told us you were in trouble.
Bocoe: A jam.
Decoe: A predicament.
Dr. Eggman: What did he say?
Bocoe: He told us that nobody fell for your plan to steal the Chaos Emerald.
[The Egg Mars extends its free left hand to Eggman, and he climbs upon it.]
Dr. Eggman: I wouldn't go so far as to say nobody fell for it. Knuckles certainly did.
[Eggman covers his mouth, realizing what he has just said.]
Knuckles: I don't believe it... Eggman!
[The hand lifts Eggman into the air.]
Dr. Eggman: Sorry, Knuckles. What can I say?
Sonic: [To Knuckles] Hate to say "I told you so"...
Knuckles: You tricked me!
Dr. Eggman: That's right.
[He climbs off the hand and joins Decoe and Bocoe in the cockpit before typing on a keypad.]
Dr. Eggman: But now you'll give me that Emerald or I'll crush your friend in the palm of my giant metal hand!
[Eggman holds out his fist, and the Egg Mars does the same, indicating motion control.]
Decoe: This is a much better plan than the last one.
Bocoe: Your microphone is still on, Decoe.
[The Egg Mars' right hand opens slightly, revealing Cosmo. Everyone is surprised.]
Cream: What do we do?
Cheese: Chao chao?
[Tails and Chris also see this.]
Chris: Come on, Tails!
Tails: Cosmo!
[Tails and Chris run towards the Egg Mars. Rouge sneaks up near the Chaos Emerald.]
Rouge: Now's my chance.
Knuckles: Put her down, Eggman!
Dr. Eggman: Don't think so.
Bocoe: Give us the Chaos Emerald. Then we'll drop her! I-I mean put her down gently.
[Meanwhile, Rouge feasts her eyes on the Chaos Emerald.]
Rouge: Hello, beautiful...
[Just as she is about to take it, the ground starts rumbling.]
Rouge: What's going on here?
[Suddenly she and the Chaos Emerald are thrown into the air by a huge frog-like Metarex called Metarex Jumpee. It gets the attention of everyone else nearby.]
Chris: It's a Metarex!
[As the Chaos Emerald falls, Metarex Jumpee extends its giant dagger-like tongue and devours the artefact, then licks its lips.]
Rouge: That frog's a jewel hog!
[Rouge leaves. Eggman stares down Metarex Jumpee.]
Dr. Eggman: Gaahh! That thing ate the Emerald! Alright, boys! Annihilate that amphibian and the Emerald is ours!
[The Egg Mars stands to its full height]
Decoe: Whatever you say, Doctor!
[The Egg Mars drops Cosmo and runs towards Metarex Jumpee. Knuckles leaps into the air and catches her.]
Knuckles: Are you OK?
Cosmo: Forget me! Get the Emerald!
[Metarex Jumpee prepares itself for a fight. The Egg Mars collides with the giant frog Metarex.]
Dr. Eggman: Yaah!
[Bocoe presses a button, and the Egg Mars' right hand becomes a drill that attempts to penetrate Metarex Jumpee's armor. No damage is done.]
Dr. Eggman: Whaah! The drill isn't working!
Decoe: Its armor is too strong!
Bocoe: What's that thing made of?
[Using its tongue, Metarex Jumpee flips the Egg Mars onto its back by the drill. The Egg Mars' pilots are thrown out of their seats.]
Dr. Eggman: We just got a tongue-lashing!
Decoe: I don't think we can beat it, Dr. Eggman.
Bocoe: I have a plan. Let's let Sonic and the others take care of it.
Dr. Eggman: Get this thing back on its feet and keep battling!
Metarex Jumpee: You who disturb the order of the universe! Ribbit! You cannot have the Chaos Emeralds. You misuse their power. Ribbit! We are the only ones who should possess the Emeralds.
Dr. Eggman: Really. I'll take a stab at seizing it anyway!
[The Egg Mars stands up again.]
Dr. Eggman: Stand still, so I can make a frog kebab!
[The Egg Mars reaches behind itself and unravels a large sword, then thrusts it towards Metarex Jumpee, who jumps high into the air. Before landing, it uses its tongue to trap the Egg Mars' right arm. The Egg Mars uses its left hand to grab Metarex Jumpee's tongue, but the tongue sends out an electric current that shocks the Egg Mars and its occupants. The Egg Mars explodes, sending Eggman, Decoe, and Bocoe into the air.]
Bocoe: I think that frog just skewered us!
[Metarex Jumpee retracts its tongue. Knuckles charges towards Jumpee with his Shovel Claws. Knuckles doesn't even make a dent in Metarex Jumpee's singular eye. All the Metarex has to do is turn its head to shake off Knuckles. Not even Sonic's spin dash can damage Metarex Jumpee's eye. It impacts its tongue several times into the ground near the two heroes, but they successfully dodge. Metarex Jumpee speaks again as it retracts its tongue.]
Metarex Jumpee: I cannot allow you to deter me. I have a mission. I have come for the Planet Egg.
Cream: Do you think they can stop it?
Cosmo: [Panicking] They have to! If it captures the Planet Egg, the whole planet will flood again!
Amy: We're open to suggestions, Cosmo.
Chris: [Off-screen] Don't worry, guys!
[Amy, Cream, and Cosmo turn to see Chris and Tails standing next to a large brown object.]
Chris: I've got an idea!
[Metarex Jumpee turns round and starts to leave.]
Knuckles: Sonic!
[Sonic and Knuckles cut Metarex Jumpee off.]
Sonic: We're not done with you yet!
[Spikes protrude from the the six holes in Metarex Jumpee's chin and stomach. It leaps high into the air and nearly crushes Sonic and Knuckles, but they race back to the others just in time.]
Knuckles: Oh man, how do we stop this thing?
Chris: Hey Metarex! Over here!
[Chris is standing in the crow's nest of a ship that is resting on top of the sand.]
Cosmo: [Shocked] He has the... the Planet Egg...
[Chris is holding the Planet Egg. Metarex Jumpee turns to face him.]
Metarex Jumpee: So... you have been hiding it from me. Ribbit!
[Chris pulls on a rope, extending the ship's sails.]
Chris: If you want it, come and get it!
Metarex Jumpee: You will regret this!
[The modified ship rolls across the sands, with Metarex Jumpee in hot pursuit.]
Cosmo: We have to do something to help him.
Amy: Maybe Chris knows what he's doing.
Cosmo: But still...
Knuckles: I'm not waiting to find out!
[He runs after Chris.]
Sonic: You know what? Somethin' tells me this plan involves the big cannon!
[He runs the other way. Meanwhile, Metarex Jumpee is still chasing Chris.]
Chris: [To himself] Alright! He fell for it!
[he holds up the Planet Egg.]
Chris: Ha! Come catch me if you can! Closer... Closer... Now! Sonic!
[Chris leaps out of the crow's nest, much to Cosmo's surprise. However, he bounces on a trampoline in the ship.]
Cream: The Heave-Ho Festival!
[Chris throws the Planet Egg with all his might.]
Chris: Sonic, catch!
[Metarex Jumpee looks up at the Planet Egg as it sails through the air.]

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon - Deck]

[Sonic stands prepared as the Sonic Driver is activated. Sonic runs inside the cannons barrel and lies down on the spin platform.]
Tails: [Over intercom] Connecting energy from the energy chamber to the main cannon! Pressurizing the energy within the cannon's electrical ducts! Okay, ready, Sonic?
Sonic: Do I really have to go through with this.
Tails: [On intercom] Get serious, Sonic! We've got Secco's Planet Egg and the Chaos Emerald and the whole universe at stake!
Sonic: Alright! [Stands up] Here we go.
[He starts his spin, charging the cannon.]

[Scene Change: Secco]

[Knuckles charges towards Metarex Jumpee. He scales it and leaps into the air, catching the Planet Egg. Amy, Cream, and Cosmo watch in horror as Metarex Jumpee uses its tongue to bind the echidna. Chris, who is clinging to the mast, sees this.]

[Scene Change: The Blue Typhoon]

[Sonic continues to spin in the Sonic Driver.]
Tails: Hold your position steady, Sonic. Metarex target straight ahead!
[The targeting computers lock on to Metarex Jumpee.]
Tails: Sonic Power Cannon, fire!
[After charging energy, the Sonic Driver launches Sonic at Metarex Jumpee. Sonic directly hits the giant frog Metarex, making it explode.]
Chris: Oh yeah!
[Knuckles, now free, lands on the ground. The girls approach him.]
Cosmo: Knuckles!
Cream: Are you okay?
Knuckles: Yeah, and I think the Planet Egg is okay too.
[Suddenly the Planet Egg pops and deflates, much to Cosmo's shock.]
Knuckles: I didn't do it!
Amy: Is that a... beach ball?
Chris: Sonic!
[Sonic leaps up to the crow's nest where Chris is. They high-five.]
Chris and Sonic: Yes!

[Scene Change: Secco, sunset]

[There are flowers everywhere. Knuckles, who is kneeling, looks at Sonic and Chris.]
Knuckles: I owe all of you a really big apology.
Sonic: We're not gonna hold it against ya, Knuckles. You made a bad call, that's all.
Knuckles: I guess so, but... how could I let Eggman fool me?
Chris: Eggman knows he tricked you once before, and it worked again.
[Knuckles grumbles]
Cosmo: Don't feel bad, Knuckles. You have a very trusting heart, and you want to believe that there is good in everybody. Because like me, you have a dream that everyone in the universe will unite one day.
Knuckles: Uh, thanks for looking at it that way, Cosmo.
[He nods, then stands up.]
Knuckles: Who knows. Maybe that is the reason.
[They hold hands.]
Cosmo: I thin it is.
Sonic: That's a nice way of looking at it, Knuckles. But that doesn't change the fact that you're a sucker.
[Knuckles turns to Sonic as the others laugh.]
Knuckles: I'm gonna--
Tails: Let's start searching for the other Chaos Emeralds.

[Scene Change: The Crimson Egg - Cockpit]

[Eggman's hench-bots are depressed.]
Decoe: What number failure was that, Bocoe?
Bocoe: I lost count somewhere around fifty.
Dr. Eggman: Whatever number it was, it better be the last! I'm tired of you tin cans ruining everything.
Decoe: It's not our fault! It was Bokkun's plan!
Bocoe: And he's the one who gave your position away and told us to save you.
Eggman: [Grunts] Wait until I get my hands on him!

[Scene Change: The Crimson Egg - Below deck]

[Bokkun is sulking. Rouge is standing nearby.]
Rouge: Aww, don't feel bad, sugar. You did everything right. It'll work out next time. There will be a next time, won't there?
Bokkun: Not for me!
Rouge: You sure?
[She holds up the locket again.]
Bokkun: [Blushes] Whatever you say...
[He doodles on the ground with his finger.]
Bokkun: I'll do whatever you want.
[Rouge smirks. Bokkun cries. The Crimson Egg leaves Planet Secco's atmosphere and flies away. The episode ends and the credits roll.]