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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Beating up bad 'bots like you is my specialty so... you might as well give up now!

— Amy Rose, Sonic the Hedgehog #35

Amy Rose is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. She is an anthropomorphic hedgehog and a well-known admirer of the world-renowned hero, Sonic the Hedgehog. She is also a former core staff member of the Resistance and the former organizer of the Restoration.[1][2]


Amy is a pink-furred anthropomorphic hedgehog with green eyes and peach skin on her muzzle and arms. She has a small black nose and no back spines. Additionally, her five short head quills point downwards, somewhat resembling a bob cut. She also has three spikes for bangs on her head, and a short tail.

For attire, she wears a red, sleeveless, backless dress with white trim, tall red boots with a white stripe down the center and white cuffs, a red hairband, and white wrist-length gloves with gold bracelets for cuffs.



Amy chasing Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #31.

Some time ago, Amy used her tarot cards to get a fortune that led her to meet the world-famous hero, Sonic the Hedgehog.[3] Amy has since become one of Sonic’s closest friends and most trusted allies, as well as his biggest admirer due to her massive crush on him. She would often aid him in his battles against the forces of the Eggman Empire and its evil emperor, Dr. Eggman.[4][5] Along the way, Amy also had a number of adventures with Cream the Rabbit.[6]

The Eggman War

In the recent past, after Sonic got captured by Dr. Eggman, who was able to seize control over most of the world in doing so, Amy came to serve as a core staff member of a resistance group that Knuckles the Echidna commandeered (although it was Amy who kept the group organized).[4] Later on, after being reunited with Sonic, she, alongside the rest of the Resistance, defeated Dr. Eggman, thus ending the Eggman Empire's reign over the world.[5]

After the Eggman War, Amy and the Resistance set out to clean up from the war. However, with the Eggman Empire's Badniks being everywhere and randomly attacking anyone they came across, Amy and the Resistance had to work from a centralized, organized position that would allow them to combat the Badniks more effectively.[4]


Eventually, Amy heard that Sonic and Tails had saved a town from some Badniks. Hoping to re-recruit Sonic for the Resistance's cause, Amy caught up to Sonic at another town under siege. There, she helped him defeat the Death Crab. Sonic was then about to head to the next town when Amy asked him to rejoin the Resistance, and explained why they needed him. However, Sonic declined Amy's offer because he had figured out something was making the world's Badniks more cohesive, which Amy saw as further proof to join the Resistance, whereas he believed that it was better to keep moving and get to the bottom of the situation.[4]

Amy defeating Badniks, from Sonic the Hedgehog #2.

Soon, Amy and Sonic were alerted of a Badnik army invading the town from the west. While Sonic cleared out most of the first wave, Amy went to the town where she rallied the town's militia, who was able to clear out the remaining Badniks that slipped past Sonic, while organizing the evacuation efforts. Amy then proceeded to thin out the remaining Badnik horde with Sonic, still requesting for him to reconsider joining. After she and Sonic managed to destroy the source of the Badniks, Amy came to terms with Sonic not wanting to join as she did not wish to change what she loved about him. Following this, she requested for Sonic to help Knuckles in a nearby town as she had not heard from him in a while, which Sonic accepted.[4]

The Fate of Dr. Eggman

Meeting with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles in Resistance HQ, Amy learned from Sonic that Neo Metal Sonic was the ringleader behind the recent organized Badnik attacks. Apparently, he had taken over the Eggman Empire in Eggman's absence in an attempt to continue Eggman's rule for him and give him back command after finding him. In an effort to undermine Neo Metal Sonic's scheme, Amy and Knuckles decided to help Sonic and Tails search for any old plans that could tell them what Neo Metal Sonic was up to. Amy in particular put out a call to all Resistance members to gather additional help for the search.[7]

Amy soon after came into contact with Silver, who wanted to help the group with their current crisis, and brought him up to speed on their current plans. Later, while she helped Knuckles out in HQ, Knuckles sensed that the Master Emerald was calling out to him. Immediately after, Amy and Knuckles were contacted by Sonic and Silver, who, after having discovered Neo Metal Sonic's plan, told them to call in everyone.[8]

Battle For Angel Island

Amy destroying a turret, from Sonic the Hedgehog #9.

After Amy and co. had called everyone to Resistance HQ, it was revealed to the assembled heroes that Neo Metal Sonic had taken over Angel Island and turned it into a flying fortress. To make matters worse, Neo had also secured the Master Emerald for himself on the island. With their goal being to liberate Angel Island, Amy presented her strategy: team three would confront Neo and secure the Master Emerald while team one and two focused on breaking the Egg Fleet's control over the island. Blaze suggested to Amy that she could confront Neo as Burning Blaze, but Tails convinced her it was not a wise action. Still, Amy was convinced to make Blaze team one. She then made Sonic and Knuckles team three and the rest of them team two.[9]

On their way to Angel Island, Amy had a talk with Blaze. When Blaze wondered if their lonesome ally Whisper could be trusted, Amy reminded her that she used to be a lone wolf herself. Reflecting on how far she had come, Blaze agreed with Amy that they would win the day after assuring her that she would be careful. Soon after, however, the Egg Fleet began bombarding their ship. Fortunately, Amy and her allies made it off their ship before it crashed. Landing then safely on Angel Island, Amy began coordinating her team (despite Shadow going off on his own) before focusing on talking out the Egg Fleet's guns.[9] However, while Amy fought by Tails' side, the latter noticed that they were not making much progress. As Tails sought a smarter approach, Amy commanded the Resistance to form up on Tails while checking up on Blaze, who managed to destroy the left wing unit attached to Angel Island. Soon after, Tails used an Egg Fleet battleship to destroy the last wing unit attached to the island. Being on the falling wing unit, Amy was rescued by Rouge and brought onboard the battleship Tails had secured. Meanwhile, Amy heard from Rouge that the absent Shadow had probably gone after Neo Metal Sonic himself, which Amy figured may not have been such a bad idea since Sonic and Knuckles could use the back-up.[10]

Tangle and Amy, from Sonic the Hedgehog #11.

Amy and Tangle soon after found Blaze above Angel Island when the island began to fall and got her onboard the battleship. Not long after, Amy received a call from Knuckles, who requested Burning Blaze's aid to take down Master Overlord, a transformation Neo Metal Sonic had achieved with the Master Emerald. However, Amy had to turn down Knuckles' request, as Blaze had used up her transformation. When Master Overlord then approached the battleship, Amy was instructed by Knuckles to force the robot overlord towards Angel Island while he focused on retrieving the Master Emerald from him. With an opening provided by Sonic, Amy and her friends joined the fray and did as Knuckles commanded. During the battle, Amy got shaken off Master Overlord, but was rescued by Silver with his psychokinesis. Knuckles subsequently got the Master Emerald away from Master Overlord and brought it back to Angel Island, returning the island to the sky while Master Overlord powered down to normal. With the battle over, Amy was brought down on Angel Island where she told an overexcited Tangle that this adventure was nothing new to them.[11]

While repairs were being made on the Egg Fleet battleship that was to bring them home, Amy took inventory of what was left on it (since Knuckles would find it a bore) and found lots of materials to help the Resistance with the reconstruction efforts. When Sonic then came to check on her, Amy told him what she was up to, only for Sonic reveal that Knuckles had disbanded the Resistance, much to Amy's annoyance. No sooner did the Chaotix come to Amy to collect the payment for their services. Being unprepared for this request, Amy tried insisting that being part of the Resistance was its own reward while Sonic left her.[12]

Victory Garden

At some point, Amy inspired Silver to start his own vegetable garden in Emeraldville Ruins. Later on, she told Blaze where to find Silver.[13]


Following the Resistance's disbandment, Amy went right back to helping others by becoming a part of the Restoration.[14] Soon after though, Sonic brought an injured Silver to Restoration HQ. There, Amy learned that Silver had gotten hurt following his and Sonic's encounter with Dr. Starline, who was working with Dr. Eggman on something big. After seeing to Silver, Amy and Sonic tried to figure out their next move, as they knew nothing about what Eggman was up to. Amy in particular recognized that an attack from Eggman at this point could prove devastating to the world, which had just begun rebuilding from the Eggman War. In an effort to locate Eggman and learn of his current scheme, Amy figured out they could tap into his network from an unguarded Eggman base in Echo Mine. With a new mission target, Sonic invited Amy to come along since its was her plan. Accepting the offer, Amy departed with Sonic.[15]

Amy and Sonic under attack by Rough and Tumble, from Sonic the Hedgehog #15.

Arriving in Echo Mine, Amy took Sonic to an old Eggman computer. After Amy managed to turn on the power and hack into the Eggnet, she found files on a ARK-like ship and talk about "payload distribution". Before Amy could learn more however, the computer was destroyed by a tank with a massive drill and guns, which was piloted by Rough and Tumble. Amy tried to destroy the tank's drill with her Piko Piko Hammer, but it proved too solid. Sonic thus took Amy through the mines until they reached a refuse pit, and they decided to use the narrow floor in the cave to defeat Rough and Tumble. When Rough and Tumble arrived, Sonic brought Amy in from to the rear of the tank. He then threw Amy up to the tank's cockpit, which she destroyed while Sonic hit the tank's treads. The tank subsequently fell into the refuse pit, but Rough and Tumble escaped and activated their backup backpacks. This made a metallic liquid gush over them and turn them into Zombots. Amy proceeded to engage Rough, only for the Zombot to instantly regenerate from any damage he got. Eventually, Sonic got rid of both Zombots by knocking them into the refuse pit. A terrified Amy then saw that Sonic had been infected with the substance that had transformed Rough and Tumble, and that it was spreading fast.[16] Amy was afterward left behind by Sonic when she told him to seek Tails' aid with the infection. Regardless, she managed to pass on her discovery about the ship.[17]

Crisis City

Amy trying to coordinate search and rescue missions, from Sonic the Hedgehog #20.

Amy soon returned to work in Restoration HQ. One day though, while she was handling paperwork, a fellow Restoration member came to her to give her a phone call from Vector. Vector told her that Dr. Eggman had invaded Seaside City and was turning people into Zombots with the Metal Virus. Amy thus told Vector that she would call for back-up and send a Rescue Shuttle down to the city to help with the evacuation and sent information out to everyone in the area, hoping that Sonic would learn about everything.[18] Not long after, Amy was contacted by Rouge, who requested that she send whoever she could to Sunset City, as Team Dark was losing control over the Zombot outbreak in the city.[19] Help was soon sent to Team Dark and Sonic in the form of Tails and the recently healed Silver. Amy resumed her work at the Restoration by coordinating several search and rescue missions. She also put in word that she wanted to see Sonic following his return. Sonic soon arrived and they had a small chat before Amy forcibly had to return to coordinating the search and rescue missions.[20]

The Last Minute

One day while Amy was reviewing the status of the Restoration's allies, Cream came by and brought cookies and tea for her break. While there, Cream helped encourage Amy by saying she was determined to stay strong for everyone else who was scared and she knew Amy, Sonic and the others would find a way to solve the Metal Virus crisis. Afterwards, the duo received a call from Tails, who went to his lab in Central City with Tangle and Whisper to research a cure for the virus. When Amy asked if she should send the Rescue Shuttles now, Tails told her that he would check in with Tangle and Whisper to find out. Following this, Amy wished Tails luck and told him to be careful. Soon, Amy finished her refreshments, thanked Cream for them and went back to work. Shortly thereafter, the emergency alarm went off, which caused Amy to accidentally break the teapot and rush to the computer to request that the Restoration pilots go to the Rescue Shuttles and prepare for immediate take-off. Amy was about to say something to the Restoration field teams but was interrupted by Gemerl who was flung into the room by a Zombot. Amy quickly used her hammer to get the Zombot off of the Gemerl. After Gemerl informed Amy that there was a ten percent infection in the building that was growing exponentially, she requested that he go get Omega's head from Tails' lab and then start scanning everyone who tried to exit Restoration HQ in case they were infected. Initially, Gemerl wanted to go find Cream but was convinced to follow Amy's plan as he was the fastest there, Omega was needed to later protect everyone and she promised to bring Cream right to him.[21][22]

Amy fighting her way through Zombots, from Sonic the Hedgehog #22.

Amy then started fighting her way through the Zombots to find Cream. She found her attempting to rescue Vanilla who was cornered by Zombots and already infected. Vanilla asked Amy to get Cream to safety, which she did much to the protests of the young rabbit. At the launch bay, Amy calmed Cream and asked her to find a seat on the Rescue Shuttle. Amy discovered from Espio that only one pilot was able to make it out of the HQ uninfected. Before Vector could close the gates to the launch bay, a Zombot Charmy flew out and targeted the Rescue Shuttle. Vector quickly lunged at Charmy and pinned him to the ground, getting infected in the process. Knowing he was lost to the Metal Virus, Vector had Gemerl close the gates behind him as he kept the Zombots back. Before the gates closed, Vector declared Espio the new lead detective of the Chaotix Detective Agency. At that point, Amy and Espio looked on in total shock. Once Gemerl told Amy that Vector's strength would allow him to break out of the HQ as a Zombot, Amy helped Espio get up so that they could take-off. Later on, the Rescue Shuttle arrived at Central City Bay. Once Tails, Tangle, Whisper and the uninfected citizens of Central City had boarded the ship, Amy told them that Restoration HQ had fallen. This made Tails panic as he believed that he could have done something with the incomplete upload at his lab in Restoration HQ. Amy realized from this that Tails could not find a cure, meaning that they could only depend on Sonic now.[21][22] After discovering that Tangle's home town, Spiral Hill Village, had just been hit by a batch of the Metal Virus, Amy decided to call Sonic and inform him of the recent events as well as ask him to join them in evacuating the village.[23]

After the Restoration arrived in Spiral Hill Village, Amy and Gemerl created a choke point at the Rescue Shuttle where they were watching out for Zombots; Gemerl also helped scan rescued citizens for any signs of infection from the Metal Virus. When Sonic arrived at the village to meet Amy, she jokingly noted his fashionably late arrival and informed him that while Espio, Tangle and Whisper kept the Zombots in the village distracted, Tails and Cream helped rescue uninfected citizens. She also noted that if they attempted to retreat, the Zombots would swarm them, which led Sonic to want to find a way to cover the escape. When Sonic met Tails and Cream and the latter gave him the cold shoulder, Amy quietly told the hedgehog how Vanilla had stayed behind in Restoration HQ to hold back some Zombots. After Sonic told Tails that he lost the bio-scanner after a fight with Eggman and Tails stated that they could not find any more survivors, Amy called for a retreat. Following Sonic and Tails' leave, Gemerl told Amy that, according to his scans, the level of infection Sonic had exhibited was higher than previous estimates should allow, meaning Sonic's speed was losing its ability to stop the Metal Virus. Everyone soon arrived back at the shuttle; Sonic was last to arrive, stating that he would ride on the outside and informed the team that Tangle had gotten infected and chose to stay behind so that they could escape easily. Though the team were quite upset over this, Whisper became frantic and attempted to run back in the village to save her friend; Amy quickly held Whisper back from going and asked Sonic for help, though the latter knew that he could not do it as he would infect them. Instead, Whisper's Wisps sprung out and pulled her back into the shuttle. Amy then called for a take-off and the Rescue Shuttle flew out of Spiral Hill Village.[24]

All or Nothing

Amy tends to and asks Silver about Ice Paradise, from Sonic the Hedgehog #25.

The Rescue Shuttle arrived at Angel Island, a last resort for a safe haven. Amy and Tails went down to brief Knuckles on the current Metal Virus situation. After his run, Sonic returned to find Knuckles confirming that he was now fully up to speed on the situation and expressed annoyance over trouble being brought to his island again. Suddenly, a portal opened of which Eggman, Starline and Metal Sonic dropped out of. As Amy prepared to attack them for everything that they have done, Sonic prevented her act and questioned why Eggman appeared out of nowhere all of a sudden unarmed since he had the advantage. Eggman responded to this by saying Starline brought the Deadly Six onboard the Faceship, which they swiftly took control over. Espio then appeared to inform everyone that they had just gotten word from Rouge. On the shuttle, Amy told Rouge that Eggman, Starline and Metal Sonic appeared on the island, to which the bat found believable. Rouge reported that Eggman had been powering the Faceship with the Chaos Emeralds, which Zavok had now distributed to the rest of his team and then sent them out into the world; she went on to say that she was coordinating with Orbot to spy on their deployments and coordinate their counterattack. An argument soon arose between Tails and Eggman about a cure for the Metal Virus, to which the doctor clarified that he did not need to have one as his research found that as the Metal Virus mutated, it became unsustainable; soon, every Zombot would disintegrate approximately two hundred years into the future. An injured Silver came onboard and confirmed this claim as it described his current future well. Amy rushed to Silver's aid and asked where the survivors from Ice Paradise were, only for him to report that the shuttle went down to the Zombots and he could not save anyone; when Silver thought his time may be doomed because of his failures in the present, Eggman asked if he was always this melodramatic only to have Amy snap back at him, saying that he did not get to judge.[25]

Later outside, Amy and the others tried to come up with ideas on how to counteract the virus. Amy suggested that Sonic could fix the situation if he went Super Sonic but he felt that though the Chaos Emeralds could give him unlimited power, they could not let him just do anything. Eggman reminded Amy that the Deadly Six had the Emeralds, to which Amy told him that they had to take things one step at a time and she did not hear him coming up with any bright ideas. The doctor stated that he wanted everyone to exhaust themselves of bad ideas first and presented the idea to use the Warp Topaz, as if they had Super Sonic charge it with his power, they would be able to warp the virus away with one swoop. When Amy ironically pointed out that the Deadly Six had the Chaos Emeralds, Eggman quoted her saying "One thing at a time." Starline protested against it due to its instability and decided to leave and create a solution on his own; instead, Eggman, with Metal Sonic's help, removed Starline's glove that had the Warp Topaz attached to it, fired him and had him thrown out via a Warp Portal. Following this, Eggman surmised that Rouge would be able to steal the two Emeralds that were on the Faceship from Zavok; Espio noted that it left five Zeti left to deal with but Silver felt confident that they would be able to overwhelm them so long as they had each other. The group realized that they would have to split up and ambush the Deadly Six all at once since there was a risk that one could contact the others should they get a sense of their plan. While Eggman thought to work on a "Multi-Portal Generator" to help the others reach their destinations, Tails thought it would be best if everyone had a backup in case someone turned into a Zombot; from this, Amy was prompted to call in the Babylon Rogues to increase their numbers. Sonic was unsure of Amy's decision but she was confident in it as they were perfect for stealing Chaos Emeralds and would have avoided the plague due to staying in their blimp most of the time. Upon their arrival to the island, Sonic managed to convince Jet to help them by boosting his ego. Amy claimed that she will not tell Knuckles about Sonic it, though the hedgehog was accepting his own ego's hits; from this, Sonic set out for another run but promised to be back before deployment so that they could hopefully end things before they got worse.[25]

Amy and Tails face Zomon, from Sonic the Hedgehog #26.

Later, Amy and the others witnessed Eggman and Tails build a Multi-Portal Generator using the Warp Topaz, happy that they could finally put their plan into action. Just then, Sonic returned from his run to burn off his infection and had devised a plan on the team of pairs and what Zeti they would go after; his infection suddenly resurfaced, which gave him a sharp sense of pain. Amy expressed concern for him and attempted to run to his aid but he shook it off and told her that he was fine. He explained to Tails and Amy that they were tasked with taking on Zomom as they would easily be able to outsmart him and get his Chaos Emerald. Once done, Amy contacted Rouge aboard the Restoration Shuttle and asked how things were going from her end. Rouge explained that Zavok had been continuously trying to find information on Eggman's whereabouts and they would need to take action immediately. Once Tails and Eggman got the coordinates set in, Amy and Tails set off to Vista View. Upon arriving at a restaurant where Zomom was wolfing down all food in sight, Amy and Tails revealed themselves to him. Zomom recalled Tails being one of Sonic's friends, unnerving them both. Tails, along with Amy, tried tricking the obese Zeti into giving them the Emerald by claiming that Zavok needed it and that they were here to escort it to him; however, Zomom refused as he wanted the Zombots to keep bringing him food. Angry that the pair interrupted the one of his many meals, Zomom claimed he was going to have to squash them, forcing Amy and Tails into combat with him.[26]

Zomom chased Amy and Tails while trying to attack them, though he was temporarily stopped after he was hit in the face by Amy's hammer; the Zeti was then trying to eat Amy's hammer. While the owner tried to pull it out of his mouth, Tails attacked him as well, forcing him to spit it out. Enraged, Zomom declared that "he was gonna chew them real hard now before swallowing", but when Tails mentioned something about dropping his lunch box while he was chasing them, the Zeti turned back to go find it. Amy and Tails then discussed what they were going to do as Zomom was a tough opponent to beat. After tearing through a couple of buildings, Zomom realized that he had been tricked and returned while now feeling "hangry". He raised his hands and commanded the Vista View Zombots to attack Amy and Tails, forcing them to escape to higher grounds. As the two continued to evade the Zombots from above, Zomom called them annoying. He then burrowed under the ground, causing a mini earthquake to collapse the building Amy and Tails were on. Zomom followed them while burrowing underground towards the town gate. Tails just managed to fly Amy up to the gate and soon developed a plan. Just as Zomom was underneath the gate, he popped out. This was revealed to be a trick; using the gate's cogs, Amy and Tails slammed the gate shut onto Zomom's stomach, trapping him. As the duo expressed their victory to him, they took his Chaos Emerald and left.[27]

Amy hugs Big, from Sonic the Hedgehog #29.

When Amy and Tails arrived back on Angel Island, along with most of the other survivors, they found that Zavok had found their location, drawing nearer to the island in the Faceship. He had led a large horde of Zombots to the location as well. However, thanks to the efforts of Rouge, the Faceship was brought down and fell into the ocean, crashing down onto the horde of Zombots. This did not stop Zavok as he simply emerged from the rubble and became Giant Zavok with his Chaos Emerald. As retaliation, he shot a fireball at the island with his mouth. He then grabbed a large handful of Zombots and threw them onto the surface to deal with the survivors, which included a number of familiar faces to Amy. While Sonic, Silver and Metal Sonic went off to retrieve the final Chaos Emerald from Zavok, Amy confronted a Zombot Big by hitting him with her hammer. This had no effect on the cat, leaving Eggman to kick her into him so that he could make a quick getaway. Eventually, with the combined efforts of Super Sonic and Super Silver, they were able to warp the entirety of the Metal Virus away from the world and to the sun. This act turned Big back to normal, prompting Amy to give him a joyful hug in celebration. A large explosion soon erupted between the Warp Topaz, Sonic and Silver, which threw the latter back on the island. Amy went to check up on him along with Tails and Knuckles; Silver stated that the Metal Virus was destroyed but Starline was right about the Warp Topaz not being able to take so much power. Silver continued, saying that Sonic tried to ditch the Topaz in the Super Warp Portal but this only resulted in a green gate of energy appearing in the sky, with Sonic nowhere to be found, much to Amy's dismay.[28][29]

Out of the Blue

Knuckles believed that Sonic was simply being dramatic and would fly back down any minute now. Amy turned to Tails and asked if there was any way to search for him, only for Tails to imply that he would not know where to begin. A while after Zavok was restrained, Amy fell onto her knees in relief that the crisis was averted. However, Tails turned her attention to the fact that five Zeti were still on the loose in the world. The weary Amy realized that once she got back to Restoration HQ, she would have to worry about them as well. Tails suggested that Amy took a break and asked why she even took the job in the first place. She explained that she only did it because Knuckles disbanded the Resistance on whim. Knuckles argued that his place was on the island and the war was over anyway. Amy countered this by saying that the people down below still needed help. Knuckles disagreed with Amy's want to spread herself thin to help everyone everywhere and asked when the refugees would be leaving. Tails said that this would be after he repaired the Rescue Shuttle but after looking around, he could not find it. Eggman was nowhere to be found either until Big pointed out that he was escaping via the final Rescue Shuttle, much to Amy's dismay.[30]

Later on, back in a worn down Restoration HQ, Amy became swamped with even more work to organize supplies for rebuilding and finding people displaced by their time as Zombots. She wished to go back to the days where she would simply go from one adventure to the next with Sonic, but refocused as since Sonic did not give up fighting the Metal Virus, she did not want to give up either. Amy was soon visited by Jewel, Tangle's best friend, who offered to take over her position in administration of the Restoration as she liked cataloging and organizing and felt excited at the thought of bringing it to order. Amy was taken happily taken aback by this, but thanked Jewel and accepted her offer. She then made sure to bring the beetle up to speed before stepping down. Later on, Amy was invited by Tangle to a party in Spiral Hill Village. Though she enjoyed her time dancing with Vector for a while, the party was soon crashed by Eggman arriving in a large mecha with the intent of destroying everyone.[31] Amy proceeded to take part in the fight against Dr. Eggman's mech until Sonic returned, who helped destroy it. After Eggman had departed, Amy was overjoyed to see Sonic and proceeded to hug him, before Tangle and her other friends joined in on the hug. Afterward, she helped put out the fires in the village that were caused by Eggman's attack.[32]

Chao Races and Badnik Bases

Amy and her crew in White Park Zone, from Sonic the Hedgehog #33.

Amy later brought Omega's parts to Tails' workshop, so Tails could repair Omega. However, Tails needed both the ciphers for Omega's blueprints and spare parts. She subsequently heard from Sonic that they could get the ciphers from one of Dr. Eggman's old bases nearby. Amy initially wanted to with Sonic, but declined once she learned that the mission would be full of dangers. Instead, she decided to go with Rouge to White Park Zone and get the spare parts from Clutch the Opossum, the local Chao Racing champion. Needing a Chao to go undercover with though, Amy called Vanilla and managed to persuade her to let Cream and Cheese go with her to White Park Zone. To get to White Park Zone, Amy drove her group there in her Pink Cabriolet, but had to veer off the road when Shadow got in their way. Amy tried to convince him to join her group and help rebuild Omega, but Shadow refused and left. Arriving at the White Park Grand Chateau, Amy decided to get some spots for her friends for the White Park Chao Racing Circuit's qualification round. There, they watched Cheese compete in the Chao race. After Cheese passed the qualification round, Clutch approached Amy and Rouge, who left them his business card and invited them over. Though Amy felt it was too easy to get Clutch's attention, Amy nonetheless let Rouge handle the meeting with Clutch while she booked a room for her group.[33] The next day, Amy met Cream, Gemerl and Cheese for breakfast. There, Cream expressed her concerns for Rouge who did not come back last night, but Amy did not care too much, thinking Rouge was just busy robbing guests. Immediately after, Rouge appeared, scaring Amy. She said it was better to make sure the guests were worth stealing from first, which Amy thought was a bad example for Cream. The team then went to the next Chao Race where they could qualify for the semi-finals. After Cheese won the race, Rouge wanted to take them with her. Amy, however, wanted to know the reason for this and forced Rouge to reveal that she wanted to trick Clutch by trading Cheese for the parts they need and then turn the tables against him. Though Amy agreed on the plan, her condition was that they came with her. When the group showed up in Clutch's suite, Rouge pretended to trade with him. After a while though, Shadow appeared, knocking out Clutch and showing the others the cage in which he was holding the Chao that did not win races for him. Amy decided to keep an eye on Clutch, and thus let Rouge go so she could call Tails and ask him to come in to pick out the correct parts for Omega.[34]

Amy later welcomed Sonic to the chateau when he arrived with Belle the Tinkerer. Sonic explained that Rouge had called him because of an emergency, but Amy revealed that Rouge just wanted to call Tails for help to pick up the spare parts for Omega. Regardless, she led Sonic and Belle to Clutch's suite, where Cream was trying to open the cage with the Chao inside. Fortunately, Belle decided to help Cream this with using her build-in tools. Amy then sent Sonic out to find Tails and Rouge, as she was worried about them. After Sonic had left however, Clutch got up and fired a shot at Amy. He then activated the Badniks hi his suite and escaped. Pulling out her hammer, Amy told Gemerl to keep an eye on Cream while she fought a Snowy. Upon discovering that her attacks could not do much damage on the Snowy however, Amy wanted to call Sonic for help for a moment. However, she decided that that would only be a last resort as she recalled working for the Restoration was much more exhausting. She thus resorted into luring the Snowy into pursuing her.[35] While fighting the Snowy however, Amy occasionally saw Gemerl getting himself hurt while trying to protect Cream. When a charging Motobug later hit Gemerl, Amy let her guard down and got hit by the Snowy. However, the Chao freed by Cream and Belle then came to her aid. With Gemerl then keeping the Snowy from attacking, Amy crushed its head, defeating it. Soon after though, Rouge and Tails arrived to warn them of an incoming avalanche. Amy then forced one of the chateau's Omochao into evacuating the guests immediately. However, Dr. Starline soon appeared and got in the way of Amy and her group, wanting to kidnap Tails. Amy and Rouge proceeded to engage Starline in a fight. However, Starline soon gout out of the fight and lunged at Tails. However, he received a surprise kick from Belle and was then buried by the avalanche when it hit the chateau. Fortunately, the chateau withstood the impact. As Rouge started looking for Sonic and Shadow from the air, Amy had a feeling that they would be somewhere under the snow. Amy was then proven right when Sonic and Shadow dug themselves out of the snow. Later, back at Tails' workshop, Omega was rebuilt and Amy and Rouge welcomed Vanilla, who heard about their whole adventure from Cream, including all the dangers she had been in. Amy started to explain herself and tried to blame Rouge for the mishaps, only to discover that Rouge was long gone.[36]

Test Run!

Amy, Sonic and Tails inside Eggman's overloaded test chamber, from Sonic the Hedgehog #37.

Amy eventually assisted Jewel with organizing documents and tidying up the Restoration's new HQ. After having accomplished much with the new HQ, Amy went to meet Sonic, Tails, and Belle when they came to visit. While Amy helped giving Sonic and Tails a grand tour though, Jewel reported that Eggman had built a mysterious weather-controlling tower on the coast. Amy thus decided to go with Sonic and Tails to investigate the tower. Flying there in the Tornado, Amy, Sonic and Tails defeated a group of Egg Pawns upon their arrival, and blew through the tower's front door. By doing so however, they accidentally fell into a portal and woke up in an unusual corridor. As they made their way through the corridor though, the trio discovered that the corridor was altering itself as they made their way through it. Sonic thus grabbed Amy and Tails and started to run faster and faster through the corridor, wanting to see if it could keep up with him. As the corridor began to overload, Amy threw her Piko Piko Hammer, which Sonic smashed into the wall of the corridor, destroying it. As a result though, the trio fell into a strange space.[37] There, Amy and Sonic were caught by Tails, who hypothesized that the space they were in was a creation of Eggman's where he could bend the laws of spatiality. Amy and Sonic were then taken to another portal Tails spotted, but when they passed through it, Amy and co. found themselves in an abandoned town. While investigating this town, Amy called Sonic and Tails to an open house. There, they found mannequins that they initially mistook for normal residents. Suddenly though, they heard a disturbing noise, which turned out came from a Badnik that was a hybrid of different models. After taking care of it though, other Badnik hybrids launched an attack on the group, but Amy and Sonic managed to defeat them. Upon noticing an army of Badnik hybrids approaching from the window though, Amy and co. barricaded themselves inside the house. There, Tails came up with the idea of finding an exit by tracking the signals for the incoming Badniks. Suddenly though, Amy and co. heard Eggman's laughter from the kitchen. Finding the doctor transmitting to them via the kitchen appliances. Eggman proceeded to inform the heroes that the spaces they were in were used as test chambers for his new robots, and that he would now use this opportunity to test his machines on them.[38]

As Amy and her friends tried to get out of the test chamber, Eggman obstructed their way to the exit point by reversing gravity in the test chamber. Fortunately, Amy was caught by Sonic, whom she began flirting with. In an attempt to escape their current situation, Amy and co. let themselves fall into the sky, suspecting Eggman had prepared something for them. Eventually, the trio found themselves in a room where an upgraded Egg Viper attacked them. As the Egg Viper move in to attack them, Amy deflected its spiked shield back at it with her hammer, allowing Sonic and Tails to destroy it. However, three new Egg Viper quickly appeared to fight them. When Amy tried to deflect the red Egg Viper's charge however, her clothes caught on fire due to the flames surrounding the vehicle. Fortunately, her flames were extinguished by the flood provided by the blue Egg Viper, which which Tails saved her and Sonic from. Despite this though, Amy and her friends got overwhelmed by the Egg Vipers.[39] As the fight continued, Amy and Tails were surrounded by flames from the red Egg Viper. Fortunately, they were saved by Sonic, who directed the blue Egg Viper's water jets into the flames. As the trio then were overwhelmed by the green Egg Viper's gusts, Tangle arrived to help. Amy proceeded to help her friends subdue the Egg Vipers, but Eggman soon had the mechs set to collide with the heroes. Fortunately, they managed to escape the collision thanks to Tangle, who dragged Sonic out of the test chambers with her tail while Amy was carried along with them by Tails. Once back in the tower, Amy and everyone else fled to the Tornado and escaped the tower before it imploded due to an overloaded test chamber portal. After then parting ways with Orbot and Cubot, Belle, who had accompanied Tangle to the tower, revealed that Eggman really did create her, but while he was "Mr. Tinker". However, Amy's friends consoled her, saying that she had done a lot of good and was not like Eggman.[40]

Trial by Fire

Amy demonstrating her fortune-reading skills, from Sonic the Hedgehog #45.

Having arranged a camping trip with Jewel, Tangle and Belle, Amy stopped by Tails' lab to borrow Tails' (prototype) camping gear. After Sonic packed the gear in Amy's Pink Cabriolet and had to excuse himself from coming along, Amy bid him and Tails farewell before picking up the girls. On the way there, Amy tried to ease the tension between her friends by assuring them that they were going to get some rest and relaxation on this trip. Eventually arriving at the Forest Ridge Zone Campground, the group learned from the camp's ranger to careful with fire as the forest was dry this season. As they then set up camp, Amy would complain about how Tails forgot to pack basic essentials. Later that night, Amy tried to entertain her friends by predicting their futures with her fortune cards. When it came to Belle's future however, Amy was reluctant to reveal her prediction. When Belle accidentally got her card burned though, Amy showed her a different card. Later, Amy awoke to find the forest on fire. With Tangle and Jewel joining her, they found the campsite in chaos. Amidst this, they found the camp ranger looking for his son, Ashe, who had disappeared. With Tangle stepping up to search for Ashe, Amy began working with the ranger and Jewel to evacuate the other campers.[3] As Amy heard from the ranger about what they had to work with, she learned that the spreading fire and small roads made a mass-evacuation from the campgrounds unadvisable. Jewel suggested coordinating everyone, but found it difficult since everyone were scared. As the campers and ranger's arguments and accusations grew more heated however, Amy silenced everyone with a demonstration of her Piko Piko Hammer. With everyone's eyes on her, Amy tried reasoning with everyone by telling them their situation. As demands were made for a plan though, Amy handed the organization efforts over to Jewel. At first, Jewel was unsure of what she could do to help, but Amy gave her confidence and convinced her to try anyway. With Jewel coming up with a plan of action, Amy went to work creating a perimeter to contain the spread of the fire.[41]

While at work, Amy saw Tangle, Belle, Ashe and Red Hot arrived at the campground via the nearby river. Coming to their aid, Amy noticed they had brought a friendly Motobug with them. Regardless, with the fire still spreading, Amy felt guilty about dragging her friends into this, but still opted to figure out something to do about the fire. With others easing Amy's guilt and insisting on staying and helping out, Jewel came up with an idea to stop the fire, with Amy encouraging everyone to join forces for it to work. Amy and Tangle subsequently went to work temporarily damming the river, making it overflow long enough for its waters to quench much of the forest fire and prevent any remaining fires from spreading further. The heroines then celebrated their victory, with Amy receiving thanks from Jewel for her motivational speech. However, Amy was then surprised to see Tangle tell Jewel that she was quitting the Restoration. Regardless, Jewel understood why Tangle wanted to do it, and permitted it. Not long after, Amy came to Tails' workshop where she saw Tangle tell Sonic about their adventure, before Tangle headed out to join Whisper on her travels. As Amy proceeded to chat humorously with Sonic about her trip, Amy expressed the hope that the forest fire was just a fluke.[42]


A cheerful, kind, optimistic and energetic go-getter, Amy is a determined young hedgehog who lets nothing stand in her way. She is girly and sweet, but also temperamental and can be quite stubborn, having a hard time taking a "no" for an answer. She is best known for her long-standing crush on Sonic the Hedgehog, whom she would follow anywhere (if he let her). Like Sonic, she also sometimes find fun in fighting evil and helping others. She similarly takes a simple joy in fighting Badniks.[4]

The time Amy spent in the Resistance has caused her to mature to a great degree, having demonstrated both leadership and logistical skills that has relieved Knuckles in virtually all organizational matters. While still obsessed with Sonic and her crush on him, she has become more level-headed about it, being able to shake herself out of her moments of infatuation with him. She has also displayed a strong sense of responsibility and duty and a great willingness to help others, which is exemplified in her devotion to the Resistance's cause and her own role in maintaining the organization's stability, as well as when she turned down an offer to spend time with Sonic in favor of returning to her duties in the Resistance, believing that no one else would be fill out her position and that the world needed to be rebuilt.[4]

Despite all her merits and achievements, Amy felt at one point that she was unfit to be a leader. This started to take its toll on her, especially during the Zombot apocalypse, where she repeatedly succumbed to exhaustion and could not keep up with all the events. All of this cumulative stress made her decide to leave the Restoration. Even so, she was not going to leave the new leader unprepared when it came to taking over her position.[32] Nevertheless, Amy withstood the staggering amounts of pressure and emerged victorious from the Zombot apocalypse stronger than ever.

Powers and abilities

Amy using her Piko Piko Hammer to finish a Death Crab, from Sonic the Hedgehog #2.

Amy has high physical strength, enough to wield her large Piko Piko Hammer with ease and swing it around with enough force to sent recipients flying through midair. She is also highly adapt and knowledgeable in the usage of her Piko Piko Hammer: with it, she can make offensive spins (similar to a spinning top), redirect midair projectiles with a single whack, and bounce off the ground in order to perform high jumps.[4][21] She has also proven herself quite acrobatic.[21]

Physical abilities aside, Amy is a skilled strategist and organizer, which allowed her to relieve Knuckles on virtually every issue not related to military strategy in the Resistance. It was thanks to these skills that the Resistance became the orderly organization it was. As an example of her skills in that field, she once organized an ambush with an unfamiliar town's militia and successfully vanquished a Badnik horde with it, all while giving the civilians accurate instructions on how to evacuate the residents.[4] Also, during the Zombot apocalypse, she headed the Restoration and coordinated the evacuation operations of the survivors.[20][21]


Amy's trademark weapon is the Piko Hammer, a large and powerful hammer capable of dealing massive damage with no excessive efforts. She mainly uses its as a melee weapon in combat, although she is also able to use it for devastating attacks when combining it with her natural gracefulness.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Amy admiring Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #2.

It's just who you are—and it's all the reasons I love you. I can't change you. I don't want to change you.

— Amy Rose, Sonic the Hedgehog #2

Amy has had a long-standing crush on none other than Sonic the Hedgehog, a hero-famous hero who helps out whereever he can whenever he can. As such, she is always happy to see him and would follow him everywhere on his adventures if he let her. She sometimes fails to hide these feelings around Sonic, which often makes him uneasy.[4] Sonic's true feelings are not known to Amy due to his carefree personality, and as such he has opted not to enter a relationship with her.[43] However, he still feels good in her company despite keeping his feelings to himself. The two of them also do share genuine concern for each other when trouble arises.[23][24]

Sonic has a good relationship with her, and with most of his friends, she can be subject to his jokes and teasing.[4] As opposed to the past, Sonic is more open to Amy's demeanor which has exhibited more maturity, allowing both to freely converse, especially in a work environment. As such, Sonic will willingly invite Amy on adventures together with him, appreciating her for her strength of character and skills. Together, their minds can seemingly unravel and pinpoint any clues given to them. This has led him to inviting her on more of his adventures.[4][15][33] The two have shown their combined wits in a battle setting and have orchestrated efficient synergy.[4] Amy also often reminds herself of Sonic and his tenacity, which is a great motivation for her in situations that that stressful to her.[31]

Blaze the Cat

Amy and Blaze, from Sonic the Hedgehog #9.

Amy and Blaze are very good friends and have a great mutual respect for each other. At first, Blaze was very hostile towards Amy but they soon learned to be friends. Blaze has also been taking on a more optimistic way of life due to Amy and the others.[9]

Cream the Rabbit

Cream is one of Amy's closest friends and is like a little sister to Amy. After being on several adventures together, they trust and care for each other very much while also worrying about each other's well-being. Though Amy is usually looking out for Cream, the latter has been able to encourage and inspire her enough to move her to tears. This has made Amy admit that Cream is her hero, having recognized her for her courage and steadfastness in the face of even the most hopeless crisis.[6][21]

Jewel the Beetle

Amy met Jewel the Beetle following the end of the Zombot apocalypse, after being told by Tangle of her current lack of satisfaction with her role in the Restoration. As such, Amy was visited by Jewel, who offered to take over her position as director of the Restoration and felt excited at the thought of bringing it to order. Amy was taken happily taken aback by this, but thanked Jewel nonetheless and accepted her offer. Despite this, Amy promised Jewel not to leave her alone with all the work and would prepare her accordingly. She thus made sure to assist Jewel with getting a brand new and more efficient HQ set up. After their first meeting, Amy staring to care for Jewel since she makes sure that she is okay, and the two have became quite close.[31][37] Amy would also motivate Jewel and fill her with the confidence she needed to be the leader of the Restoration.[41] They have also gotten to know each other well enough to spend their free time together.[3]

Rouge the Bat

Amy had a friendly relationship with Rouge the Bat. However, she knows her well enough to recognize when she is planning something. For this reason, Amy does not always trust Rouge and demands an explanation from her when she is plotting anything.[33][34][35][36] Despite this, Amy and Rouge are well coordinated on missions together. Amy also knows she can count on Rouge to be effective in any situation.





"Not like that! I mean, I'm always happy to see you, and would follow you anywhere if you'd only let me but- -Ooh! You get me so flustered!"
—Amy to Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog #2

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