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Have no fear!

— Amy Rose, Sonic the Hedgehog Classic Style Guide

Amy Rose is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is an anthropomorphic hedgehog and Amy Rose's counterpart from another dimension set in the recent past. Like her counterpart, she is a close friend, as well as a secret admirer, of Sonic the Hedgehog.[1]


Amy looks the same as Modern Amy before the time of the Chaos incident. She is an anthropomorphic hedgehog with a round head. She has pink fur that covers most of her body and peach skin on her muzzle and inner ears, and black eyes. She also has five short quills on the back of her head, two triangular ears, a black button nose and a fringe consisting of three small quills. Protruding from her back is one additional quill - slightly smaller than the ones on her head - and a short, pointy tail.

For attire, Amy wears an orange-ruffled skirt, a green puffy-sleeved shirt with a white collar and cuff bands, blue and white sneakers with orange shoelaces, white wrist-length gloves, and a red headband.

During winter, Amy maintains her red ribbon tied into a headband, orange skirt, and blue and white sneakers with orange shoelaces, but in place of a green blouse, she wears a green coat with white buttons and thick white trims as well as white mittens instead of gloves.


Sonic Mania Adventures

Amy making Metal Sonic presentable for his return to Dr. Eggman, from "From: A. Rose".

During winter, Amy was taking a stroll on Angel Island when she tripped over a snow-covered Metal Sonic. Amy was startled at first, but Metal Sonic, being in a state of disrepair, made no attempt to hurt her. As a broken tree then began falling down on Metal Sonic, Amy swiftly saved the robot, only to get scared of him and start pounding him with her hammer when he looked at her. Seeing that Metal Sonic was still unresponsive though, Amy helped Metal Sonic on his feet. A Flicky then popped out of Metal Sonic and kicked him, causing him to fall down again. Noticing the heavy snow, Amy decided that she could not leave Metal Sonic and got him back to Eggman's lair after dragging him through Mushroom Hill Zone and IceCap Zone. There, she place Metal Sonic at the front door and made him presentable with a bow before ringing Eggman's doorbell. Before hiding behind some rocks though, she remembered to give Metal Sonic a flower and turn towards the front door. Eventually, Eggman opened the door and took Metal Sonic inside. While Amy was pleased by the sight, Sonic, who was watching nearby, was dumbfounded. Amy then sweetly gave Sonic a flower before taking off.[2]

Other game appearances

Sonic Mania

In Sonic Mania and its expansion Sonic Mania Plus, Amy herself does not make an appearance. However, robots designed in her appearance, known as Amy Dolls, appear in Metallic Madness Zone Act 2 during the Gachapandora boss fight.


Amy is shown to be a very kind and caring individual, being willing to reason with anyone to avoid trouble.[1] As such, she is willing to help even her enemies when they are in need; despite being afraid of Metal Sonic, she took pity on the robot when he was broken and abandoned. She is likewise very brave, selfless and determined, having risked her own well-being to save Metal Sonic from a falling tree and dragged him across Angel Island in order to return him to Dr. Eggman.[2] However, Amy has no qualms about getting in fights, running head-first into action to impress Sonic.[1]

Powers and abilities

Despite what her "cute and girly" appearance might suggest,[1] Amy displays a degree of strength and endurance, being able to drag Metal Sonic across multiple Zones - all while going up an incline in the snow - without showing any signs of fatigue.[2] She has also been described as someone not to be messed with, suggesting she boasts great fighting skills.[1]


Amy wields the Piko Piko Hammer, an oversized mallet that she is able to pull it out of absolutely nowhere. However, its effectiveness is unclear.[2]


Sonic the Hedgehog

Amy giving Sonic a flower, from "From: A. Rose".

Sonic the Hedgehog is a close friend of Amy's, though it has been implied that she might secretly hold great admiration towards him. Thus, she is willing to do anything, even running head-first into fights, in order to impress him.[1]




In other media

IDW Publishing

Amy Rose, from Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary Special.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing, Amy is Amy Rose's dimensional counterpart from another dimension set in the recent past. She is a close, yet easily-overlooked, ally of Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends. Her past is nearly identical to her game counterpart's, up until after the events of Sonic Mania.


  • Amy's attire for cold weather is identical to jackets that Tails and Silver have worn.

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