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If I had to choose between the world and Sonic, I would choose Sonic!

— Amy Rose, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Amy Rose (エミー・ローズ Emī Rōzu?), also known as Rosy the Rascal (ロージー・ザ・ラスカル[3] Rōjī za Rasukaru?), is a fictional character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is an anthropomorphic hedgehog with a major crush on Sonic the Hedgehog. Since meeting Sonic on Little Planet, Amy has become his self-proclaimed girlfriend and has attempted to win his heart by any means during their adventures. She wields the Piko Piko Hammer, a powerful melee weapon which she uses with skills second to none and never leaves home without.[6]

Amy is a cheerful, though slightly erratic girl, with a positive attitude and boundless energy. However, she has a scary temper and her infatuation with Sonic makes her shortsighted and a bit obsessive about him, having followed him everywhere since meeting him. Nevertheless, she has a pure heart and will not let anything stop her.

Concept and creation

Amy's finalized design, by Kazuyuki Hoshino.

Amy Rose was created in response to a request from the character division of Sega's licensing business, who wanted a character that could be the "Minnie" to Sonic's "Mickey".[7] However, it was felt that it would go against Sonic's personality for him to be locked into a standard cartoon relationship like Mickey and Minnie. Instead, it was decided that a one-way relationship, where Amy's affection for Sonic is unrequited, would be more interesting.[8]

Naoto Ohshima created the original character design,[9] which was then finalized by Kazuyuki Hoshino.[10][11] According to Hoshino, there were many voices involved in the creation of the character, including staff members from various departments[12] and editors of the then upcoming manga series.[8] Amy's hairband and trainers reflect Naoto Ohshima's taste, while her mannerisms reflect the kind of traits Kazuyuki Hoshino looked for in women at the time.[12]

Although Amy was originally created as a character for the video game series,[13] she first appeared in the Sonic the Hedgehog manga and The Adventures of SONIC the Hedgehog series published by Shogakukan. The series began in the April 1992 issues[note 1] of Shogaku Ninensei, Shogaku Sannensei, Shogaku Yonensei, Shogaku Gonensei and Shogaku Rokunensei. The manga series would later feature in Shogaku Ichinensei and Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic Special.

The manga series had various writers and artists, working from a story concept created by Kenji Terada, who wrote the illustrated stories in Shogaku Yonensei. In these series, Amy is the girlfriend of Nicky, a nerdy young male hedgehog with the power to transform into the superhero, Sonic the Hedgehog. Amy is also the target of the bully Anton Veruca. In the stories illustrated by Sango Morimoto she had a very different design - most notably, she was brown rather than pink and her spines were styled into a ponytail. She is simply known as Amy throughout most of the series, with her surname "Rose" not being mentioned until later issues of Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic Special, released after the Sonic the Hedgehog CD video game.

Amy Rose made her video game debut in 1993's Sonic the Hedgehog CD, as a non-playable character. In this game she is an 8 year old hedgehog girl kidnapped by the new antagonist, Metal Sonic. In the Japanese release, she was primarily known by her nickname Rosy the Rascal, although it is still stated that her real name is Amy Rose. She later appeared as a playable character in several ensemble spin-off games such as Sonic Drift, Sonic Drift 2, Sonic the Fighters and Sonic R. She did not appear in any of the early TV series, although she was included in most comics, including the Archie Comics series, the British Sonic the Comic and the French Sonic Adventures.

When Sonic Team reunited and started work on their three-dimensional follow-up to the classic Sonic games, Sonic Adventure, it was decided they would give her a starring role in the game. Like the rest of the returning cast, Amy was given an updated design by Yuji Uekawa. While Sonic, Tails and Knuckles all received minor design changes, Amy's clothing and hairstyle were completely revamped. She also had her entire figure redesigned to make her appear older. In addition to her redesign, her official age was changed from 8 to 12.


Amy is a pink-furred anthropomorphic hedgehog with light green eyes and peach skin covering her muzzle, inner ears, and arms. She has a small black nose, triangular ears on top of her head, and no back spines. She also has two medium-length eyelashes on each side of her eyes. Additionally, her five short head quills point downwards, somewhat resembling a bob cut. She also has three spikes for bangs on her head, and a short tail.

For attire, Amy wears a red, sleeveless, backless dress with a white trim at the bottom and a white petticoat underneath, tall red boots with a white stripe down the center and white cuffs, a red hairband, and white wrist-length gloves with gold bracelets for cuffs.

When she was younger, Amy's five head quills were longer and pointed backwards, and she had a single back spine. Her eyes were black and she wore an orange ruffled or pleated skirt, a green shirt with puffed sleeves and a white collar, white and blue sneakers with orange shoelaces, white wrist-length gloves, and a red ribbon headband.

For Extreme Gear competitions, she wears a white and deep pink dress-like tank top with deep pink sweatpants with a white stripe on each side, red wristbands with a single yellow stripe, and red sport shoes with white stripes, white shoelaces caught on yellow triangular hooked eyelets, and gray soles.

During the Olympic Games, Amy sports a number of different outfits depending on the event and the environments she faces:

  • For regular sporting events in the summer, she wears a deep pink minidress similar to her normal dress, but different around the shoulders, with the addition of black shorts underneath it, and deep pink sport shoes with white stripes, white cuffs, white shoelaces caught on yellow triangular hooked eyelets, and gray soles. She also wears white wrist-length gloves along with deep pink wristbands with a single white stripe.
  • For winter and equestrian events, she wears a deep pink parka-dress, also resembling her usual dress, but white and pink trims and two dark pink draw-strings hanging from the collar with white pom poms decorating them, black leggings, pink cuffs on her gloves with a single deep pink stripe, and deep pink and white zipped boots with pink and deep pink cuffs, and yellow details.
  • For swimming and gymnastic events, she wears a red and sleeveless one-piece swimsuit with white trim, a white and red-rimmed skirt, and red flats. She also wears her normal hairband and gloves.


Amy's profile, from the Xbox 360 version of Sonic Generations.

Amy is a proactive go-getter that goes after what she wants and lets nothing get in her way. As early as the first Little Planet incident, Amy was shown to possess a proactive streak. When she had just her tarot cards to go by back then, she made her way all the way to Little Planet when her tarot cards told her that she had a "destined encounter" on the small satellite. She is likewise an intuitive activist, which usually means she acts before thinking things through.[14]

Amy is described as an "energetic tomboy",[3] though by the time of the Chaos incident, she is shown to nonetheless have traditional feminine interests such as shopping and fashion.[15] Despite her assertiveness though, it has not come at the expense of her sense of femininity. Amy also hates boredom and loves thrills and excitement; during her time in Station Square, she found her mundane city life dull and longed for the exhilaration of being a part of Sonic's adventures.

Amy is very open and expressive about her feelings and emotions, always speaking her mind and never letting her feelings get bottled up inside.[16] As such, Amy can be quite obsessive and aggressive, especially when it comes to her infatuations with Sonic. When angered, she has a habit of pulling out and threatening others with her Piko Piko Hammer, especially when people cross her or hurt people she cares about. Amy has as well been shown to have no reservations about expressing more extreme emotions, be it either crying when overcome with sadness or not holding back in expressing her over-the-top enthusiasm. As a result, Amy can come off as overbearing and very pushy, Possessing a powerful personality, her assertiveness and temper make her something of a troublemaker. All the same, she has shown to not tolerate people hurting those she cares about, and will retaliate with anger when witnessing such acts. As such, her enthusiasm tends to get her as much in trouble as it helps out others.

Originally, Amy was barely able to take care of herself when in dangerous situations. As such, she was ultimately a damsel-in-distress figure who needed Sonic to save her. Recognizing this, she eventually started chasing after her hero, and gradually "grew" into a tenacious and more proactive girl who was as active and strong as Sonic.[17]

In Sonic Battle, she develops a fascination with "Boxercise" playing to both elements of her personality. The exercise helps her lose weight to maintain her girlish figure, and the boxing to help her train when she's forced to fight. She also had shown a very powerful and aggressive attitude, willing to fight whenever necessary to help and protect those she cares about.

Amy has a kind heart and never gives up, having a strong belief in fate and destiny. Her faith in her tarot cards led her to the fated encounter that brought Sonic into her life, and in Sonic Battle, she shows such faith in her tarot cards that she insisted that Sonic would be at Tails' place on their reading outcome alone.

Amy is also an optimist,[3] and is usually very cheerful and possesses a positive outlook on life. Amy is always full of hope and is always cheering on for the good side of things. Notably, she almost never seems to find anything hopeless, as shown in Sonic Adventure, where she was determined to help birdie who had lost its family. This cheerfulness likewise makes her the driving force of her team.[14]

Amy has a very strong sense of empathy and a surprising capability for caring. She is very encouraging and is more than willing to reach out to all kinds of people. In Sonic Adventure, Amy showed she was more than willing to protect the bird that crashed into her from ZERO, and helped it reunite with its siblings out of the goodness of her heart. She similarly defended E-102 Gamma from Sonic when the latter tried to destroy him after motivating Gamma to rebel against Eggman. Similarly, in Sonic Adventure 2, she reaches out to Shadow, pleading to him by telling him that as selfish as humanity was, they deserved a chance to be happy. Likewise, during Sonic Heroes, Amy would raise Cream and Big's spirits whenever they lost hope about finding their friends. Also, in Shadow The Hedgehog, Amy insists that Shadow does not attack the Egg Pawns in Cryptic Castle and will show frustration when he does. When it comes down to it, Amy is a likable person and has rarely met anyone who she did not befriend (including Gamma, Shadow and Blaze).

Amy's personality has added more a humorous factor in games like Sonic Colors, Sonic Free Riders, and Sonic Generations with her obsession for Sonic, which causes her to say silly and embarrassing things.

Starting from Sonic Lost World, although Amy maintains her crush on Sonic, she is a lot more passive and her demeanor is more reserved and level-headed.

Powers and abilities

Amy knocking Knuckles away with a slap, from the console/PC version of Sonic Generations.

Said to be both graceful and powerful at the same time,[18][19] Amy is stronger than most give her credit for.[18] Notably, it has been said that her activity can put even men to shame.[2] With her tools and skills by her side, she is a formidable foe and a valuable member of Sonic's team who can go up against powerful robots, like ZERO, on her own.[18][20] Thanks to her occasional training, she is growing progressively stronger as well.[21] However, she is still no match for highly trained individuals like Rouge.[22]

While not superhuman, Amy possesses above-average physical attributes. She has high physical strength, enough to let her carry her extra heavy, tremor-inducing Piko Piko Hammer around with no effort,[23] send opponents flying with a single swing of her Piko Piko Hammer, or propel herself upward by hammering into the ground. On top of that, she once slapped Knuckles with enough force to send him flying into a tree without even trying.[24] Amy also has excellent running skills that stem from all the time she has spent chasing after Sonic.[25] While her top speed is not clear, she is at least able to move at super speeds, being fast enough to create after-images of herself, scale vertical surfaces and ceilings, and keep up with Sonic's mundane running speed.[26] However, she has admitted that she is not as fast as Sonic.[27] Amy likewise has impressive durability, being able to go through atmospheric reentry and then land on the ground unharmed.[28] She also has sharp reflexes, agility and acrobatic skills, enough to let her do special tricks and movements while in mid-air, pull off various graceful maneuvers with her Piko Piko Hammer at high speed without it affecting her movements, and grind along rails with ease. In addition, thanks to her indominable spirit and persistence, Amy has impressive stamina, being able to push herself to the absolute limit of her endurance before succumbing to exhaustion.[22]

Amy creating a tornado with her hammer, from Sonic Heroes.

Amy is highly proficient in wielding her trademark Piko Piko Hammer, having been stated to be second to none when in control of it.[29] With it, she is capable of destructive blows that can smash through robot armor or perform enhanced leaps. Using her Piko Piko Hammer, Amy can even pull off incredible, physics-defying feats, such as sustaining temporary flight by spinning her Piko Piko Hammer around like a propeller, stir up tornado effects by swinging her Piko Piko Hammer around, execute mid-air jumps by setting off from hits in mid-air with her hammer, launch powerful shockwaves with a single swing, or create expanding domes of energy.

Amy's feelings for Sonic have proven to be a force of their own. By harnessing them, Amy can pull off surprising feats. The shockwaves she is able to perform with her Piko PIko Hammer from time to time are achieved by focusing her passion into her hammer.[30] She can even use thoughts about Sonic to heal herself.[31] Her drive to catch Sonic is also so strong that it can influence her skills, allowing her to make high jumps[32] and even double jumps.[33]

Amy is also able to perform the Spin Attack, a technique where she curls into a concussive ball or cutting disk and directs herself at her targets. With it, Amy can shred or burrow through just about any substance given enough speed. Adept in its usage, Amy can utilize several variants of the Spin Attack for both ground- and aerial maneuvers, including the Spin Dash, Spin Jump, and Homing Attack.

Amy using her Hammer Attack, from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

Even without her Spin Attack, Amy is a tough fighter, though her combat skills are not as developed as those of Sonic, Knuckles, or Tails.[34] Despite this, Amy can be a fierce opponent in a confrontation, especially when her temper flares up. She also has undergone limited hand-to-hand combat training, having learned kickboxing and boxercise while on a diet.[35][36] While these martial arts are more reminiscing of exercises, Amy knows how to defend herself using those exercises, allowing her to use quick japs, straight punches and uppercuts in combat. However, Amy's primary fighting style focuses heavily on her Piko Piko Hammer. In battle, she uses her hammer's size and durability to her advantage, using it either to crush foes with devastating force by bringing it down on them, sending opponents flying into the air with an upward swing or extend her attack range. For more offensive moves, Amy can twirl around with her Piko Piko Hammer, thereby turning herself into a spinning top that mows down everything caught in her attack radius, though such maneuvers can leave her dizzy.

Amy is as well skilled at cartomancy.[2][3] Using her tarot cards, she has been able to predict the future to a certain degree. This has allowed her to deduce Sonic's location during the Little Planet incident and the Emerl incident.[3][37] Amy also possesses excellent dowsing skills,[2][3] especially when it comes to tracking down Sonic, as she has been able to locate Sonic repeatedly, no matter where he is in the world. Cream in particular has noted that Amy has a "Sonic Radar".[38] This skill in particular seems to be based entirely on Amy's own intuition.[39] Supposedly, Amy is even able to "feel" where a person has been;[40] during the Neo Metal Sonic incident, Amy even stated that she could sense that Chocola and Froggy were likely in Dr. Eggman's base in Rail Canyon.[41]

Amy has steadily proven herself a very talented Extreme Gear rider. Though she did not make it to the finals during the first EX World Grand Prix, she had become so skilled at riding Extreme Gear at the time of the second Grand Prix that she was able to compete against even the world's best Extreme Gear riders. While riding on an Extreme Gear, Amy is skillful enough to ride on rails, focus on opponents while remaining in control of her Extreme Gear, and pull off highly advanced tricks and techniques while in midair.

Among other things, Amy can also harness the power of the Chaos Emeralds to empower herself.[42] She has also demonstrated curious abilities, such as being able to initiate a distant attack where she attacks opponents with hearts or turn herself invisible for a short time.

As seen during Dodon Pa's Grand Prix, Amy also has excellent skills when it comes to driving and racing in racecars like the Pink Cabriolet.

Weapons and equipment

Amy with her Piko Piko Hammer, from Sonic Advance.

Amy's trademark weapon is the Piko Piko Hammer (also called the "Magical Hammer"[43]), a size-shifting hammer capable of dealing massive damage with no excessive efforts, which she can call out from an unknown hiding spot.[44] In Amy's hands, the Piko Piko Hammer is a powerful weapon that Amy uses to maintain her authority with.[45] This allows her strike fear into the hearts of even the fearless, such as Sonic. Though simple in function, Amy is highly adept at wielding it and uses it with proficiency second to none.[29] She mainly uses it as a melee weapon in combat, but can also use it for improving her movements and performing long-ranged attacks. She can also use it to support her allies, for example by giving them an upward boost with a standard whack.

During the Emerl incident, Amy also made use of explosive bombs wrapped tenderly in gift packs.


Hyper Mode

Main article: Hyper Mode

A weaker variant of the super transformation. Amy is capable of using this mode for a brief time on her own by drawing power from the Chaos Emeralds. In Hyper Mode, Amy's speed and attack power greatly increase.

Color Powers

Main article: Color Power

By harnessing different variants of Hyper-go-on from Wisps, Amy can use specific Color Powers to transform into a certain form, such as a drill, a laser, or even a planet, each one possessing its own unique abilities. So far, Amy has been able to transform into the Cyan Laser, Yellow Drill, and Indigo Asteroid. However, these transformations require a steady supply of Hyper-go-on to be maintained.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Amy and Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog CD.

Sonic, this time there's no way outta marrying me!

— Amy Rose, Sonic Heroes[46]

Amy believes that being together with Sonic the Hedgehog is her destiny as foretold by her initial tarot card reading, and has indeed fallen madly in love with the blue hero since her fateful rescue in Sonic the Hedgehog CD. Amy looks up to Sonic and identifies herself as Sonic's "self-proclaimed" girlfriend despite Sonic appearing annoyed by her affections. Bored of her boring city life, Amy resolved to become more independent to win over Sonic's heart and be a part of his adventures by the end of her tale, feeling she was something of a burden to him due to needing to be rescued time and time again. By the end of it, Amy even proclaimed she will be a greater hero than him one day and will get him to respect her. Even though he seems nervous and occasionally overwhelmed by her advances, Sonic at least considers Amy a good friend and worthy comrade, and is always there to help her out should the need arise. Sonic's emotional neglect, for the most part, does not seem to hurt or deter Amy, as she believes he is merely hiding his feelings behind a façade, which has occasionally been implied to be the case. (such as in the Sonic Heroes manual).

In Sonic Adventure 2, Amy took it upon herself to go to Prison Island to free her hero, as she believed him to be innocent. With help from Tails, she is able to get her hands on a key card and find Sonic's cell. She banters with Sonic, teasing him over how he is now the one captured and she is the one saving him.[47] When Sonic mentions a fake hedgehog, Amy answers by saying she ran into a black hedgehog[48]. Sonic asks her for more info and Amy jokingly asks if he will marry her if she tells him more. Sonic responds as expected with a "No way" and Amy playfully responds with a "I thought I had you this time" before letting Sonic out and telling him what he wants to know. She says that she saw his doppelganger with Dr. Eggman, prompting Sonic storms off, Amy commenting on how Sonic can be a brat sometimes in response to him leaving her behind.

Amy tags along with Sonic for most of the adventure, but is captured by Eggman and put in a hostage situation to bait Sonic into a trap on Space Colony ARK, threatening Amy's life if Sonic does not hurry with the Emerald in time. Eggman successfully taps Sonic in a capsule set to leave the colony and explode. Before Sonic is launched he tells Amy to "take care of herself". When Sonic appears to have been shot into space, Amy falls into tears at the sight of his supposed death. Sonic having managed to survive tells Knuckles he is worried about both her and Tails and asks him to go check up on him while he runs for the barrel of the Eclipse Cannon. When Sonic reveals to Tails and Amy he is managed to survive, she perks up in relief with a smile.

While Amy loves Sonic, She has shown on more than one occasion that she is not above turning on him if she disagrees with him or if he does something she doesn't approve of. In Sonic Adventure, Amy confronts Sonic, telling him not to destroy Gamma since he was her friend. in Sonic Heroes, Amy confronts Sonic because she believes him to have kidnapped Chocola and Froggy.

As of Sonic Heroes, Amy had become significantly more aggressive and shortsighted about her infatuation and desire to prove herself to Sonic, win his heart and prove herself as a hero. She challenges him, believing him to have kidnapped Froggy and Chocola,[49]fighting him to impress him and to get them back. Her hard headedness and stubbornness prove to be her downfall however, not listening when Sonic says he doesn't know what she's talking about,[50] leading to Sonic pretending to be defeated so he can run away.[51] She later gets furious when she realizes that Metal Sonic was responsible for framing him, blaming him for the misunderstanding between her and Sonic earlier in the adventure.[52][53]

In Sonic Battle, Amy becomes enamored with "Boxercise" as part of her arduous physical training to impress Sonic with her adamant dedication, which mildly works but also worries him. In Amy's story, she asks Tails about Emerl, and Tails explains that Emerl is like a child to Sonic. Amy takes this literally and thinks that Sonic wants her to be Emerl's mother. Amy then takes Emerl away and tells him to call her his mother, thus making Emerl believe that Amy is actually his mother figure. During her story she tries hard to protect Emerl after losing him to Rouge. At the end of her story, Amy tries to get Sonic to propose to her, but he promptly shivers at the thought and bails.

In Sonic Riders, Amy enters the EX World Grand Prix, saying that she thought it was fun but also so she can be around Sonic. Though she becomes mad when Sonic accidentally launches her into a tornado when he had to save her from Dr. Eggman and forgot about her. After getting caught in the tornado, she chases Sonic with her Piko Piko Hammer as payback for sucking her into the tornado and not rescuing her.

Amy protecting Sonic from Silver, from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Amy is once again looking for Sonic, but after running into Silver the Hedgehog, agrees to help him find who he was looking, though when she finds out that he is trying to kill Sonic, she turns on him, saying that she refuses to believe Sonic would ever cause the destruction of the world, seemingly having learned from her mistake in Heroes. Later on, during the Last Story, nearly every important character gets sent to a time-space rift. They all see that Sonic is dead, and Amy reacts to this by kneeling down and crying into her hands. She later sheds a tear when Sonic is brought back to life.

In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Amy claims she has gotten a boyfriend named Dexter during Sonic's long two-year absence. Through dialog trees, the player can decide the extent of Sonic's interaction with her, as well as whether his exchanges are positive, negative or neutral in nature. If he treats Amy with high regard and respect, an additional scene may occur on the Kron Colony near the end of the game where she pulls Sonic aside for a moment, wondering why he has been so nice to her after such an empty gap of time has passed. There are multiple-choice outcomes to this scene, from Sonic making it clear once and for all that he cannot be romantically invested in her to him actually admitting that he does return her feelings in some way but promising they can figure out what this means after they get home. If this breakthrough occurs, Amy will reveal that Dexter is fake to her potential boyfriend.

Amy has developed a more mellow approach in recent years in regards to her pursuit of Sonic. The latter method having apparently worked, as Sonic doesn't run away from her anymore and is even willing to interact with Amy more often.

I still can't believe it's you inside that... THING. But! No matter the package, you're still my Sonic, Sonic!

— Amy Rose, Sonic Unleashed

In Sonic Unleashed, Sonic seemed depressed when Amy did not recognize him as a Werehog, understanding that he is not the same at all in his Werehog form when Chip pointed it out. When she finds out the Werehog was Sonic, she wanted to know all about how it happened and had even mentioned that she did not care about it. Near the end of the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version, she asks Sonic out on a date when she is spoken to, and the player can choose whether Sonic accepts or declines it. If rejected, she will think she earned the opportunity and get a little upset at Sonic's decision, but otherwise, she will tell Sonic to hurry up and stop Eggman while she excitedly plans it.

In Sonic and the Black Knight's ending, Sonic is shown explaining to Amy all about his adventure in the Arthurian Legend. Amy does not believe him and accuses, "That's the lamest excuse ever! You just forgot about our date!" Acknowledging his missed date, Sonic calmly tries to reason with her by swearing that his story is completely factual, but Amy does not listen and apparently pulls out her hammer.

In the DS version of Sonic Colors, Amy tries to have a romantic picnic with Sonic at first; however, Sonic and Tails ditch her with the excuse that they are in the middle of Eggman's base. Amy also gives Sonic a mission, because he looks "dreamy" when he performs his tricks in stages.

Amy trying to hug Sonic, from the console/PC version of Sonic Generations.

In Sonic Generations, Amy is excited to attend Sonic's birthday party. However Sonic keeps Amy away from getting too close to him (such as hugging him) by placing his hand over her face. If Classic Sonic rescues Amy, she mistakes him for Modern Sonic and questions how he looks so young, whereas if Modern Sonic saves Amy, she tells Sonic that she was afraid that she would never be able to flirt with him again, leaving Sonic wordlessly exasperated. If Sonic gets an S rank in Chemical Plant, Amy will compliment that Sonic "knows how to get the girls", and when attaining a Red Star Ring, Amy says that she mistook the ring for an actual ring, meaning that she thought Sonic was giving her a ring as a gift or for another reason.

Amy and Sonic's winning animation, from Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

In Sonic Lost World, Amy's is much more reserved compared to previous appearances. She first appears with a group of Animals, comforting them with Knuckles and showing great concern over the other animals still in Eggman's grasp pleading to Sonic to get the others. The third time she communicates with Sonic, she solemnly tells him that it was too late for her and Knuckles and the planet's energy is leaving them, and she tries to tell Sonic that she loves him before the signal dies, much to Sonic's shock. In the end, they are revealed to be okay, and Sonic pleasantly joins them for a relaxing nap in the open meadow. In Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Sonic and Amy have a special winning animation in which she grabs Sonic's hands and jumps in happiness, then they begin to thank the audience.

Wow! Having two Sonics is so dreamy!

— Amy Rose, Sonic Forces

In Sonic Forces, Amy joins Knuckles' resistance when Eggman takes over and becomes extremely worried when Sonic goes missing. She expresses concerns over Sonic's defeat, stating that she has recurring dreams where Sonic is still with them, which makes her hold out hope that Sonic might still be alive. When Rouge reveals to them that Eggman merely took Sonic captive and was keeping the hero in the Death Egg, she is shown to be highly relieved expressing contentment at her intuitions being true. She is shown to be the happiest of all Resistance members (alongside Knuckles and later Tails) when she hears Sonic's voice on Knuckles' communicator while contacting the Avatar. Through the game, she also comments on how "dreamy" is to have two Sonics at the same time and does her best to help them.

In Team Sonic Racing, Amy seems to have more self-control over her obsession with Sonic, as she hardly flirts with him, asks him out on a date, or generally shows any romantic affection for him throughout the game. This has apparently made Sonic more comfortable being around her and allowed him to develop his friendship with her as he was willing to join her picnic with Big and Omochao. Throughout the game, Amy and Sonic share a friendly-rivalry during the races but still work together with their friends to stop Eggman and find out the truth about Dodon Pa.

A running gag involves Amy making her entrance in a game by running into another hedgehog (or hedgehog-like being) from the side of the screen and hugging them from behind, mistaking them for Sonic.

Cream the Rabbit

Amy and Cream are best friends, from Sonic Advance 3.

Cream the Rabbit and Amy share a sister-like relationship, comparable to Sonic and Tails' brother-like friendship. This fact is strengthened by Sonic Advance 3, as when they are paired together, they are given the title "Team Jubilee" and serve as a female counterpart to Sonic and Tails' "Unbreakable Bond." When Amy learns Cream's missing Chao Chocola is supposedly in the possession of Sonic the hedgehog according to her clue, She insists on helping her find him and reunite him with his brother Cheese. Amy supports and encourages Cream when she gets scared and loses her resolve, helping her to continue their quest and not lose hope. When Team Rose successfully get Chocola back, her Chao cheer Amy's name in appreciation. Cream alerts Amy that Sonic is nearby, Amy giving chase quickly after, The two are portrayed as best friends and also seem to frequent together almost completely throughout Sonic Battle, except when Emerl drags one of them away. Amy is also seen searching for Cream during the level Cryptic Castle in Shadow the Hedgehog, which further suggests how much she cares for her.

In Sonic Rush, it is implied that Amy occasionally gets angry with Cream, angry enough to chase her with her hammer as Cream shouted "Not again!" after she said that Amy was "shortsighted" in the regard of her love of Sonic when Cream introduced Blaze to Amy.

The two team up twice in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood for the moves Spin Cycle, a move in which Cream lifts Amy up and sends her spinning into one enemy, as well damaging adjacent ones. Team Rose band together to perform Flower Power, their most potent attack in this game which involves Amy bouncing off Big with a boost from Cream and landing on a foe hammer-first.

Big the Cat

Big the Cat acts as an older brother figure to Amy and is most likely her other best friend. They form Team Rose and fight together in Sonic Heroes. Amy regularly encourages Big and helps lifts his spirits when he loses hope in finding Froggy. As a result, Big develops a very protective disposition towards her and Cream, saying to himself he needs to toughen up in order to protect them. He shows hostility towards Team Chaotix because he believes them to be bullying her and Cream. In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood after meeting Big in the Mystic Ruins, Big states that he "heard his good friend Amy Rose", so he rushed over to see if it was really her. When Big sees Amy he becomes ecstatic and actually makes an attempt to hug her (in which Amy refuses due to the fact that he smelled from the gases in the ruins). Big also becomes happy that he gets to be around Amy when Sonic invites him to join the team.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Amy and Tails, from Sonic Adventure 2.

For the most part, Amy and Tails have a good friendship, although he is aware of Amy's love and obsession for Sonic. Due to this, in games like Sonic Battle and Sonic Free Riders, Tails has tried to help Sonic get away from Amy.

The two are good enough friends for Amy to stand up for Tails as seen in Sonic Riders when Amy is defensive of Tails when Wave made fun of him.

Knuckles the Echidna

Amy has only been seen interacting with Knuckles the Echidna on rare occasions, although they seem to have an awkward, yet at the same time, friendly relationship. Although the two do not interact much (if at all) in the earlier games, they do so more often in the later installments of the series.

In Sonic Heroes when playing as Team Sonic; at the beginning of the fight against Team Rose, Knuckles will taunt Sonic about Amy saying, "Have you been messing with that girl's heart again, Sonic?"

In Sonic Rush, Amy stops Knuckles from starting a fight with Blaze.

In Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, Amy budges in Knuckles' sentence in the end, annoying the echidna. However Knuckles is also seen protecting Amy and pulls her away out of danger in the MeteorTech Premises.

In Sonic Generations, Amy accidentally hurts Knuckles with a great force (which causes him to crash into a tree) after he said that Sonic "wasn't half bad", whereas she thought he was "all great". However, Amy does not notice how hard she hit Knuckles because she was busy swooning over Sonic.

In Sonic Lost World, they work separately from Sonic and Tails in saving the animals from Dr. Eggman.

In Sonic Forces, they work together as part of the Resistance. Although they get along well in this game, Amy has to keep Knuckles in check at times, especially when Knuckles was more than willing to do the distraction at Green Hill himself, with Amy then saying that as the commander of the Resistance, he needs to stay at the Resistance HQ.

Shadow the Hedgehog

I know that people fight over the most trivial things. Some people may be selfish, like the professor said. But they're basically good. If they try their best and never give up on their wishes. They always have a reason to be happy. That's why you should help them out... Saving them is a good thing!

— Amy Rose, Sonic Adventure 2

Amy and Shadow appear to be on good terms, however, it didn't start in the best of ways. Amy first met Shadow in Sonic Adventure 2 when she mistook him for Sonic. Later aboard the ARK, Amy met Shadow again and managed to convince him to save humanity. As Amy and Maria have the same insight towards humanity, this might be one of the reasons Shadow is on neutral terms with her.

During Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow can choose to assist Amy Rose in helping find Cream and Cheese. At the end of the stage, Shadow benevolently advises her to be more careful. In the final ending, Amy shows an amount of faith and admiration for Shadow, regardless of anything bad that may have happened.

Vector the Crocodile

Amy and Vector the Crocodile do not seem to get along with each other in the slightest in the few times they have interacted with each other.

Amy and Vector first encountered each other in Sonic Heroes. When the Chaotix saw Team Rose, Vector wanted to ask Amy a question. Amy, believing him to be trying to make a pass at her, blows him off which irritates Vector and results in conflict.

The next time the two were seen together was in Sonic Free Riders. Vector joined Amy's team along with Cream to win the prize money Eggman advertised about his Grand Prix. Vector and Amy do not seem to get along. At first, Amy blames Vector for not getting them registered for the race even when he claimed that it was not his fault as she invited him to her team 30 minutes ago. Also, when Amy pretends that she was not expecting her and Sonic in the Grand Prix (because she wanted to prove that "lovers" are drawn together), Vector disapproves of her by calling her a "terrible actress". Amy also appears to yell at Vector and boss him around, something she does not do to Cream throughout the game, even though Cream is also a member of the team. Due to this, Vector is often annoyed by Amy's overbearing and domineering personality.

Silver the Hedgehog

In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Amy mistook Silver the Hedgehog for Sonic. Amy, not knowing who Silver were looking for and why, insisted on them looking for who they were both looking for together. Unable to deny her offer, Silver was dragged along with Amy unwillingly for a while, and found her a distraction, while Amy became his friend and promised to help him find the "Iblis Trigger". Eventually, though, Silver's helpful nature kicked in and he set aside his quest momentarily to help her search through Dusty Desert.

Silver's alliance with Amy ended up being only temporary, which ended once Silver found Sonic and tried to kill him. When Amy found out that Silver intended to kill Sonic, she turns on him and criticizes his actions. Despite this, when they meet again after Sonic dies and Mephiles and Iblis fuse, she doesn't seem to bear any particular malice towards him for his past actions. Because of what happens at the end of the game, Amy and Silver never met. In Sonic Forces, Amy and Silver worked alongside each other in the Resistance to defend the world from Dr. Eggman, although they never properly interact.

E-102 Gamma

You're really nice. You're different from the other robots. You've got a soft spot inside your metal frame. If you want, we can be friends, okay?

— Amy Rose, Sonic Adventure

Amy protecting Gamma from Sonic, from Sonic Adventure.

Although initially hostile to each other, Amy and E-102 Gamma eventually form a friendship, with Amy being the reason for Gamma reforming and turning against Dr. Eggman.

After Amy was captured by Eggman in Sonic Adventure, Gamma approaches Amy in her cell and demands her to hand over the bird. Amy refuses because she cares for the bird. This confuses Gamma, who does not understand emotions and how she can become attached to something she hardly knows, which causes Amy to feel sympathy for him and other Eggman robots as a whole because they are not programmed to feel emotions. Gamma then decides to free Amy from her cell. Later on when Sonic and Gamma are battling, Amy stops them because she believes Gamma is good and is her friend, asking Sonic not to hurt Gamma and insisting he is different. This act causes Gamma to decide to turn against Eggman and free the animals within the other E-100 Series robots.

Rouge the Bat

Amy with Rouge, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

Amy and Rouge the Bat hardly interact, but clearly do not get along very well when they do. They only ever put up with each other usually because Sonic and Shadow work together on occasion. When they first met, Amy and Rouge were enemies, as the latter had been working with Shadow and Eggman, but they became allies towards the end in order to save Earth. In Sonic Battle, they fight several times over Emerl. When Amy called Rouge's house a "dump", Rouge was furious with Amy's comment and the two fought over an Emerald Shard. In Sonic Free Riders, Amy appeared disgusted by Rouge's lack of empathy for E-10000B when he was breaking down and her refusal to allow him to rest.

Their rivalry with each other is most prominently shown in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. They frequently bicker with each other, mostly consisting of Rouge mocking Amy in some way, usually by making fun of her crush on Sonic or even flirting with him in front of Amy, which makes Amy furious.

The two have seemed to get along with each other in certain circumstances like in Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Forces, but this may be because of the high stakes portrayed in both games.

Princess Elise

I'll go, too! Because it's for Sonic! So Elise... Watch over him!

— Amy Rose, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Princess Elise was a good friend of Amy's. Amy rescued her from Eggman's base then escorted and saved her from the robots that were chasing her. Amy gave Elise some advice on love and told her that she had a good chance with Sonic (though she did not know that Elise cared for Sonic as well), saying, "You're a Princess and you're super-cute. This guy's the lucky one." Amy also comforted her in the Last Story of the game.





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