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Quotation1 My ride's the perfect car for the modern woman. Great for cruising to the beach with the top down. AND PULVERISING ANYONE IN MY WAY! Quotation2
Amy Rose, "If You Build It They Will Race"

Amy's ride is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a pink car owned by Amy Rose.



Amy's ride resembles a pink convertible with no roof. It is medium-long and low-set with a smooth shape, a raised hood, a magenta bottom, and round tailfins with heart-shaped rear lights. The sides are also purple and the wheels are magenta with purple hubcaps. On the front is a grey grille with headlamps on both sides and four yellow lights aligned along the front edge of the hood. Also, the car has a single pink and purple seat with a hear-shaped neck support, and a low-aligned windshield.

Features and abilities

Amy's ride possesses a retractable hammer-mounted arm in its hood that can be used as a remote sledgehammer. This hammer packs enough power to smash tree trunks and boulders in a single hit. The car also has retractable spikes on its wheels for tearing up the wheels of vehicles next to it.[1]


TV series

Season two

Amy's weapon car database

Amy's ride being designed.

Originally designed by Amy and created using Tails' extended Build-it Box, Amy sought to pit her ride against her teammates' cars in a race. Eight months after its creation, Amy used her ride in the race on Race Day, during which Amy accidentally took out her own ride when attacking Sticks' car. However, Sonic salvaged it and his friends' cars for parts that Team Sonic used to make a new car which Sonic won the race with.[1]

Amy eventually used her ride again, this time in a drag race with her friends in their cars.[2]


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