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Amy's Room is a fighting arena in Sonic Battle. This is where the player can find Amy in Story Mode.


Amy's Room has a white and purple colored tile floor, with a giant carmine-colored rug covering it. A smaller pink rug with a lace design covers it. Yellow pillows spread on the pink rug. The room is spread out horizontally, with dressers placed throughout the room as obstacles. The room's primary color is pink, and overall has a rather girlish design. Pictures of Amy with various facial expressions can be seen on top of the dressers.  A picture of a Chao can be seen on the larger rug. Sonic's face in a heart can also be seen below a dresser, referencing Amy's love for Sonic.


Amy's Episode

In Amy's episode, Amy brings Emerl here to train with her and Cream. After training several times, Amy gets exhausted, and goes with Emerl to find a Chaos Emerald that Emerl sensed.





Name Artist(s) Length Music track
N/A Unknown; either Tatsuyuki Maeda and/or Kenichi Tokoi and/or Hideaki Kobayashi 2:48

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