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This location exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Amy's House[1] is a location that appears in the Sonic Boom series. It is a small and elegant hut on Seaside Coast and the residence of Amy Rose.


Amy's House is a large hut-like stilt house at the shore of a clear lake. The house is very refined, if not funny, with purple walls, brown pillars, large windows and doors, and a three-layered straw roof with pink binds. A porch with railings surrounds the house, which is connected to four bridges that connect the house to the mainland. The surroundings include beds of flowers, a flower arch entrance, a small garden to the side, and a staircase leading up a nearby tree.

The interior of the house is beautifully decorated, with high-class furniture such as lavender couches, coffee tables, flower pots, carpets, bamboo closets and cases, a vanity corner,[2] a large handmade rug, a ceiling fan, and several pictures. The house also has a small kitchen, a toilet, and a (very effective) thermostat.[3] In many ways, the house reflects Amy's interest in arts and crafts.


TV series


Once, Amy let Sonic and Knuckles look after her house, only to discover a family of skunks had invaded it.[4] Another time they were allowed over, the duo would compete to put hats on the most monkeys.[5]

Season one

Team Sonic taking with Sticks.

When Sticks showed ill animal treatment, her team had her over at Amy's House and convinced her to get a pet.[6] Sticks would also spent her time in Amy's House practicing manners for the Awardy Awards under Amy's tutorlage.[7] Sonic later came to Amy's House to gather some of Amy's DNA to cure her of Dr. Eggman's Evil Cookies.[8] Some time after, Orbot and Cubot came to Amy's House to ask for donations. Amy gladly complied, but also mentioned her plans to donate them to Operation: Toasty Beak. Guilt-ridden, Orbot and Cubt gave Amy her money back, along with their own.[9]

Knuckles would soon fume over his recent losing streak to Amy and Sticks at Amy's House. While Amy tried consulting Knuckles, Sticks suggested the luck balance of the universe had shifted against him and advised him to cause himself misfortunes until he had used up his bad luck.[10] As a period of peace fell over the island, Amy spent her time in her house painting, only to be bothered by Sonic who had gotten bored with the peace and impatiently awaited an Eggman attack.[11] While later at home, Amy contacted Sonic to remind him to return a library book she had lent him.[12]

Amy's House surrounded by traps.

When Amy later tried to leave her house, she found her door blocked by traps set up by Sticks to protect her from a curse, so Amy joined her team to talk to Sticks.[13] Amy's House later hosted some of Amy's sensitivity seminars, the first of which focused on Sonic (who walked out on the second one) and the third which focused on the Lightning Bolt Society, both of whom had upset the Village with "insensitive" comments.[14] Another time, when Team Sonic met another Knuckles, they took him to Amy's House to decide how to differentiate the two echidnas before setting out to determine the other Knuckles' origin.[15]

While Amy, Sonic, Sticks and Knuckles hanged out in Amy's house, Dave the Intern tried, unbeknownst to them, to freeze them with a freeze ray. All he did however was providing them with a cool summer breeze.[16] Another time, when Amy became hooked on Justin Beaver's mind control music, she had her team over to hear his music, turning Sticks into a Justin fan girl too. The guys later tried explaining what had happened in Amy's House, but the girls did not believe them, forcing them to stop Justin themselves.[17]

Sonic and Knuckles fooling around in Amy's House.

Tails later visited Amy in her house for advice on how to talk to his crush Zooey. Making him see a romance on TV, Amy advised Tails to be romantic and chivalrous.[18] When Leroy the Turtle later came to Amy's House with a letter that told Amy that she had won the Most Selfless Award, Amy reluctantly left her house in the care of Sonic and Knuckles while she went to collect her award. However, Sonic and Knuckles ruined Amy's couch while fooling around. Though the guys failed to get a new couch after failing to clean the old one, a stray missile from Obliterator Bot entered Amy's House and blew up the old couch, removing any evidence of their mess.[4] Team Sonic late came to Amy's House several times to watch the Comedy Chimp Show, in particular to see Knuckles lead the show after he was made its host. When they saw Eggman attack the show on TV though, the team left to save Knuckles.[19]

While Team Sonic saw a movie at Amy's House, Tails demonstrated to them his Super Antenna on the TV. This inspired Knuckles to pursue inventing.[20] Later, Amy was practicing Fuzzy Puppies in her house when her team came by and ridiculed her. Becoming secret "Fuzzy Puppy buddies" with Eggman soon after, Amy invited him over several times to teach him how to play the game, and was eventually surpassed in the game by Eggman. However, Amy's team eventually caught Eggman coming for a visit, forcing Amy to tell them truth about being part-time friends with Eggman.[21] Another time, Team Sonic's new image specialist, D.B. Platypus, had them go to Amy's House to learn how to cook to be better role models. However, Sticks got fed up with Platypus and left. Team Sonic left soon after to stop an Eggman attack when the Old Monkey came to Amy's House to alert them.[22]

Team Sonic fighting in Amy's House.

While stuck in Amy's House during a storm, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks drove Amy nuts with their antics. When they then found Amy's script for A Rose Without Thorns, the team began an argument that broke them apart, making each member confine themselves to forts in the house. Amidst their transactions, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks reconciled after a fight. Since they had trashed her house though, Amy refused to forgive her team and left in a huff. Feeling guilty, Sonic and co. decided to make it up to Amy by putting up her play.[3] Having bought a Björnvaalden bookcase, Amy had her team over to help assemble it. However, it proved quite tricky, and Team Sonic had to go to the Village Center for replacement parts.[23]

Season two

While Sonic was out of phase with his reality, he came to Amy's House looking for his friends but found nobody.[24] Team Sonic later had Soar the Eagle over at Amy's House to have him help Sonic with his aquaphobia. However, Soar accidentally set the house briefly on fire while demonstrating the harmlessness of water.[25] The house soon after had one of its walls smashed by a dimwitted Tails clone trying to set up a picture for Amy.[26] After arriving on the surface, Og would crash unannounced in Amy's House. When Team Sonic found Og there, Og would tell them about his arrival. As the team decided on a place to keep Og, Amy refused to host him since he had already messed up her house.[27]

Amy and Bea in Amy's house.

Having taken in a broken Bee Bot, Amy nursed it back to health in her house. Eventually adopting the Bee Bot and naming it "Bea", Amy spent a lot of time with Bea in her house. Amy's team later came over to Amy's House and attempted to cheer her up after she lost Bea to Eggman, until Eggman dropped by and stole their Fregosi Sapphire. Afterwards, while looking through her scrapbooks in her house, Amy got an idea that let her save Bea and get her back home to her.[28] Most of Team Sonic later hanged out in Amy's House until Tails came and had them help him save Knuckles after T.W. Barker kidnapped him.[29] For Eggman's next scheme, Orbot and Cubot would drop by Amy's House and put FleaBots in her perfume, which Amy sprayed herself with while in her vanity corner.[2] Amy and Sticks later went to Amy's House to spent their weekend off from hero duties, but when Amy's ideas for activities did not sit well with Sticks, they went to the Village instead.[30]

While hanging out in her house, Amy would gossip with others over the phone about Dr. Eggman, who had recently revealed that he was no doctor.[31] Sonic, Tails and Knuckles soon after dropped by Amy's House to have Amy change the diaper of Chumley, whom they were babysitting. However, Amy flatly refused to help them.[32] Some time later, Morpho came to Amy's House, disguised as Sonic, to trick Amy into a trap. However, Amy saw through his ploy and shut him out.[33] Amy soon after had a happy morning in her house until she saw her hammer was gone. When Team Sonic came to the house to cheer Amy up after she had a breakdown, Vector and his TV crew arrived, having been hired by Amy to find her hammer. Afterward, while she was home, Amy tried coping with her loss with her friends' aid. Meanwhile, Sonic and Vector looked for clues around Amy's House.[34]

While hanging out in Amy's House, Team Sonic would order take-out from Meh Burger after hearing about it on TV. However, it took hours for their order to arrive, which disgruntled the team. When Sonic later became Meh Burger's delivery boy, Amy had him bring an order for two over to her so they could have a romantic dinner together. Unfortunately, Sonic was unable to stay for long.[35]

Archie Comics

The Big Boom

Amy's House, from Sonic Boom #3.

Having lost Amy's Hammer, Team Sonic took the weeping Amy to her house where they tried to comfort her. However, when the boys only ended up upsetting Amy even more, Sticks sent them out to look for the hammer while she helped find Amy a placeholder weapon until she got her hammer back.[36] A while later, Amy's House would be invaded by a Smilebug which would drive Amy crazy with its constant trolling.[37]

Game appearances

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal

Amy's House, from Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal.

In Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, Amy's House is one of the locations that can be visited on the World Map of Seaside Coast. Though the passage to the house is unlocked after completing Seaside Jungle, it is first until after all thirty-four Sonic Badges in the game has been collected that it can be accessed. In Amy's House, the player can play a completely non-interactive dance party where Team Sonic perform a jerky version of the Robot to special effects and a random piece of music from the game.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

Amy's House, from Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.

In Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, Amy's House is one of the locations that can be visited on the World Map of Seaside Island. It becomes available after clearing Sand Drift. In this game, the player can bring the Hammer Parts collected in the adventure levels to Amy's House to unlock different versions of Amy's Hammer which can be put on display or equipped to Amy in gameplay.[38]



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