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Amber from Sonic the Comic #120. Black and white art by Andy Pritchett and colouring by Steve White.

Amber is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. A member of the Kaamdaarn race, she is a glowing, yellow humanoid creature with a round belly and long limbs. Like all Kaamdaarn, she has the ability to float through the air and create feelings of tranquility in others.


Amber visited Mobius through an inter-planetary warp-gate built by Tekno the Canary, accompanying Shortfuse the Cybernik home as he had been staying on Kaamdaarn. Amber wished to see what happened on Mobius for Christmas. However, shortly after arriving, she witnessed a Badnik attack. Despite claiming that she could end the confrontation, Amy and Shortfuse insisted she stay behind and safe while they handled it. When the Badniks took one of the Emerald Hill Folk hostage, Amber stepped in and used her natural abilities to make the Badniks mellow out. She later joined Amy, Tekno and Shortfuse for Christmas dinner.[1]

Before she returned home to Kaamdaarn, Amber gave Shortfuse the Cybernik a computer program that opened his armour up and freed him for the first time in over two years,[2] although he was soon forced to sacrifice the program in order to defeat Vermin the Cybernik.[3]


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