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Quotation1 Set the clocks ticking and go! But beware of the Sound Room, where you might come face to fists with one of Dr. Robotnik's inventions! Quotation2
— Description, Knuckles' Chaotix manual

Amazing Arena (アメージングアリーナ Amējinguarīna?) is one of the Stages in Knuckles' Chaotix.



Unlike the other stages, this stage has a requirement to beat each act: find the switch. When the player finds the switch, the lights come on and the stage is much more vivid. It is also possible to beat the act without activating the switch, but the player will be forced to start over and find the switch.


Amazing Arena sub-boss

Unlike the other stages, this stage has a miniboss. It appears about halfway through each level (the player can skip the miniboss) and its difficulty changes depending on when it is fought. For example: if fought during the first level, it will be very easy and only require one hit to defeat.

Amazing Arena boss

Main article: Amazing Arena boss

The Amazing Arena boss

At the end of Level 5, Dr. Robotnik will appear in a flying mech with a contraption that projects images of Badniks on the screen in the background that come to life. The machine will sweep from side to side, just out of the player's reach (the only way it can be hit is if the player picks up his partner and throws him at Robotnik). The battle ends when the contraption is destroyed and the Dark Ring powering it disintegrates, the player is then sent back to the World Entrance to select a different stage.


  • This is the only "attraction" in the game to contain a sub-boss, although the attraction can be completed without defeating it.
  • After defeating the miniboss, the player is awarded with a Super Ring Monitor. Depending on when the miniboss is fought, the number of Super Ring Monitors will increase.


Name Artist Length Music Track
Labyrinth Junko Shiratsu, Mariko Nanba 0:27
Amazing arena 1
New Moon Junko Shiratsu, Mariko Nanba 2:37
Amazing arena 2

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