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Amadeus Prower is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is the husband of Rosemary Prower, father of Miles "Tails" Prower, and the brother of Merlin Prower. He has brown fur and light blue eyes. He wears an Acorn Kingdom Army uniform and is armed with a sword. He also wears an eye-patch over his left eye due to being shot in the eye with a laser by Colin Kintobor.


Amadeus Prower was a Mobian fox living on Mobius during the time of the Great War. Amadeus was put in charge of the Special Forces Team, commanding Sir Charles Hedgehog, Jules Hedgehog, Bernadette Hedgehog and Sherman Walrus into battle time-and-again at the ravenous Overlander hordes. During the siege of Mobotropolis, Amadeus led the charge against the Overlander shelling positions, but their leader, Colin Kintobor, shot him in the eye, badly maiming him (this act later proved to be their people's salvation as it convinced the Mobians to wipe out the entire Overlander people to save themselves).

After the war ended, Amadeus was promoted to Commander and Second-in-Command of the Royal Army, under General Armand D'Coolette's leadership. By this time, Amadeus had married Rosemary and was expecting a child with her, thrilled at the idea of being a father. Heeding the call of duty, Amadeus was summoned to help Warlord Julian Kintobor (ironically Colin's brother) dismantle the war ministry, but not before asking Sonic the Hedgehog, the son of his comrades Jules and Bernie, to look after his wife while he was away (this leads to the life-long friendship between Sonic and Amadeus's child). Amadeus was witness to Julian's experiments with the roboticizer on an innocent Mobian. Attempting to stop him himself with a confiscated Overlander pistol, he had Julian dead-to-rights, but was sneaked up upon by one of Julian's new "SWATbot", captured and roboticized. At the same time, his son by Rosemary; Miles Prower, was born.

Amadeus and Rosemary disappeared during the carnage of Doctor Robotnik's (Julian's new name) coup and were assumed to have been roboticized or killed. Nevertheless, Sonic took Tails under his wing and became best friends par to Amadeus's last wishes.

As it turned out, Amadeus and Rosemary, while initially captured during the coup, were teleported up to a Bem ship under Ceneca-9009's command, and Amadeus restored to normal. Because travel to Mobius was forbidden, Amadeus and Rosemary were stranded on the Bem home-world of Argentium, though lived a life of relative comfort. It wasn't until 15 years later that Sonic, on an exodus in space, realized the truth. Though they initially planned to return to Mobius with Sonic, Amadeus and Rosemary were forced to remain due to not enough time, but not before making Sonic deliver a watch to Tails, which, when activated, displayed a holographic message to Tails from them, and Amadeus was finally able to express the love and encouragement to his young son he had never gotten a chance to talk with.

Amadeus and Rosemary narrowly survived the crossfire between the orbiting Xorda and Black Arms fleets, and lived in the ruins of Argentium for months before his brother; Merlin Prower, Sonic, Knuckles the Echidna and Tails himself arrived to rescue them. As Merlin prepared to launch them back to Mobius, Amadeus and Rosemary tearfully embraced Tails, who did the same, finally reunited. Upon arrival back on Mobius, Amadeus became General of the Royal Army (Armand D'Coolette having since died) and accepted a place in King Elias Acorn's court, as he wished to use the ideas he had learned in space to improve life in Knothole.


Amadeus Prower leading the army

When Knothole was destroyed by Doctor Eggman (Robotnik having since died) and New Mobotropolis established, Amadeus's tolerance for allowing the Acorn dynasty's faltering war on Eggman reached its end, and Amadeus led a civil war, with many supporting him, while more powerful Freedom Fighters staying loyal to the Acorns. This briefly lands him in prison, and when Elias confronted him over his reckless actions, Amadeus accused the House of Acorn of failing to measure up to the Freedom Fighters in the war against Eggman, which caused Elias' doubts about his abilities to rule the Kingdom to resurface. Amadeus was freed by Rosemary and Tails, leading to a battle between his son and Sonic as they found themselves on opposite sides and released all their pent up hostility towards each other. While Tails kept Sonic pinned in the prison, Amadeus and Rosemary headed to Castle Acorn to confront Elias. Elias refused to step down, resulting in a duel between him and Amadeus. The fight ended when Elias's more-responsible sister, Princess Sally Acorn intervened, admonishing them both for their radical stances. Amadeus and Elias admitted their fault in clinging to extremes, and worked out a deal to instead create the Acorn Council, electing six citizens to lead New Mobotropolis, with the king presiding as a seventh. Amadeus, surprisingly, does not run for the elections of the council members, and instead returns to his duties as a General in the war against Eggman, having since settling his differences with the crown.

He has since help defend Fort Acorn from the threats of the Iron King.


  • Amadeus Prower's design is very similar to that of Elias Acorn.

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