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Sonic Boom
Alone Again Unnaturally (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic Boom episode, "Alone Again, Unnaturally."

[Scene: Seaside Island, day.]

[The camera zooms on Seaside Island.]

[Scene change: Village Center, day.]

[The camera goes down revealing Sonic, knocked out lying against a broken wall. Cut to Sonic, who wakes up.]
Sonic: [sits up and rubs his head] Woah... What happened? Haven't felt this horrible since I accidently saw Comedy Chimp's swimsuit calender. [shakes head] Eugh, November.
[Sonic notices his chestplate and quickly stands up.]
Sonic: Why am I dressed like a discount bin action figure?
[Sonic walks and stops aside the wall.]
Sonic: Hello? Anybody here?
[Sonic runs around, then stops.]
Sonic: This place is deserted and depressing. It's Amy's poetry slam all over again. [tries to mimic some lines but stops.]...Oh, yeah right. Maybe Tails knows what's going on. [runs off]

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

[Sonic runs inside the workshop, skids to a stop but finds no one there.]
Sonic: Tails? You here? Maybe he's with Amy. Ah I guess it's my own fault, you snooze you lose. [runs out]

[Scene Change: Amy's House, day.]

[Sonic runs and stops inside the house, but no one is there either.]
Sonic: Tails? Amy? Phew, they're not here... I-I mean oh no! They're not here! [runs out, closing the door.]

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day.]

[Sonic skids to a stop at Meh Burger, which is also deserted.]
Sonic: Nobody at Meh Burger either. Well actually, that makes sense. Think Sonic! How did this happen?
[Flashback begins.]

[Scene Change: Seaside Island, day.]

[In a forest like area, Knuckles films Tails' Sonic Speed Boost experiment. The camera focuses on Tails.]
Tails: Sonic Speed Boost Experiment, take one: Slingshot. Everyone ready?
[Knuckles moves the camera to Sticks and Amy, Sticks is holding a knife.]
Sticks and Amy: Ready!
Knuckles: [thumbs up on screen] Ready!
[The camera cuts to Sonic, being pulled by the slingshot.]
Sonic: [concerned] Tails, are you sure this is safe?
[Cut to Tails]
Tails: Oh right, almost forgot. [puts on goggles]
[Cut to Amy and Sticks, who put their goggles on]
Tails: Hit it Sticks!
[Cut to Sticks, who slices the rope off. The slingshot launches Sonic forward, but he has trouble controlling his speed, and crashes to a tree. He falls back.]

[Scene Change: Canyon, day.]

[Knuckles continues to record Tails.]
Tails: Sonic Speed Boost Experiment take two: Operation: Rocket Skates.
[Tails walks to reveal Sticks and Amy holding a bandaged Sonic, wearing rocket skates. The camera zooms in to show the skates, and then zooms out.]
Sonic: Uh, hold on, my head's still pounding from the last go.
Knuckles: He said go!
Sonic: Wait what?
[Tails appears and presses a button on the controller, activating the skates.]
[The camera follows Sonic as he struggles to ride the skates. Cut to Sonic screaming as he rides and crashes to a canyon wall, making a hole. He falls back.]
Amy: [worried] Oh no Sonic! [angered] You scuffed my skates!

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[The camera focuses on Tails, while a moving sidewalk and Lady Walrus are at the background.]
Tails: Sonic Speed Boost Experiment take three: The moving sidewalk!
[Knuckles shifts the camera to show Lady Walrus using the moving sidewalk. The rest of Team Sonic watch as he gets across. Lady Walrus then walks away.]
Amy and Sticks: Oooh!
[Tails appears on the camera.]
Tails: Since Sonic's so fast on solid ground, logic dictates if the ground is moving, he'd be even faster. [walks away from the camera.]
[Sonic gets on the moving sidewalk and starts walking.]
Sonic: This one doesn't look so bad.
[Sonic then starts running, but his speed causes the sidewalk to malfunction. Sonic struggles to balance himself but is thrown back and hits an ice cream cart.]
[Knuckles moves the camera to show Sonic covered in ice cream, and the cart is broken.]
Knuckles: I missed that last part. Can we do it again?
[Sonic groans]

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

[Team Sonic is in the workshop.]
Tails: Okay you guys, I'll be the first to admit that my speed boost experiments were a tad inconclusive.
Knuckles: Does inconclusive mean [closes the camera screen] the same thing as hilarious?
Tails: You know what they say, no pain no gain!
Sonic: [sarcastically] I'm sorry if this was painful for you Tails.
Tails: I'm okay. Without your broken ribs, I would have never invented this! [takes the Ultrasonic Speed Amplifier] My Ultrasonic Speed Amplifier!
[A few minutes of awkward silence. Then, Sticks, Amy, Sonic and Knuckles clap half heartedly, much to Tails' annoyance. Cut to Tails.]
Tails: Spare me your half hearted applause. [opens the amplifier] When you see what this baby can do, your applause will be at least three quarter hearted!
[Tails puts down the amplifier and puts a chestplate on Sonic, before picking it up again.]
Sonic: So if I wear this for six weeks, will my ribs heal properly?
Tails: No. My control panel will send amplification signals to your chestplate, allowing you to reach unparalleled speeds, all using state of the art blast processing technology!
[Cut to Sticks.]
Sticks: Blast processing technology? Those are just phony baloney buzzwords to fool the simple minded! [Cut to Knuckles.]
Knuckles: Blast processing technology? Oh gimme gimme gimme!
[Cut to Tails, who looks annoyed for a few minutes.]
Tails: Ready to go Sonic?
Sonic: [angry] Are you serious? After all you put me through this morning? [excited] Absolutely!
[Cut to Tails, who turns the knob on the control pad. The camera shows the control pad meter, with yellow rectangles, and one orange one. The camera zooms out to show Sonic immediately running fast, leaving his bandages behind.]

[Scene change: Canyon area, day.]

[Sonic is shown to be running at the canyon area at a much higher speed. He contacts Tails through his communicator.]
Sonic: Wow! It works!
Tails: How're you feeling Sonic?
Sonic: Like a hummingbird on his third expresso! Tails, you're a genius! But how about a little more juice?
Tails: Good idea!
[Cut to Tails' Workshop, where Tails is drinking some juice.]
Tails: And I'll up the levels too!
[The camera shows the control panel, as Tails turns the knob to increase the speed levels. The meters turn from orange to red. Cut to Sonic, who yells as he goes faster.]
Sonic: WOOO HOOOO! Faster!
[Cut to Tails, who turns the knob to increase the speed.]
[Cut to Sonic, who goes even faster, making a sonic boom. He leaps over a crater, and skids to a stop before going even more faster. The camera zooms close to Sonic as he uses his communicator.]
Sonic: Faster!
Tails: Maybe we should-
Sonic: [excited] FASTER!!!
[Sonic continues to run even faster, he turns around and heads back to Tails' Workshop.]

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

[Sonic is shown to be running in and out of the workshop constantly. Inside, he startles Knuckles with his after images, and taps him while moving to the side.]
Knuckles: I know it was you!
Sonic: It wasn't me! It was him!
[Sonic quickly moves to the side and points to his after image waving at him.]
Knuckles: [confused] But him is you.
[Cut to Amy.]
Amy: He's going so fast, that he's appearing in two places at once!
Sonic: Well we can always go faster! [gets into his running stance] Tails crank it!
[Sonic immediately runs out of the Workshop. Cut to Tails.]
Tails: [concerned] I really think we should run more tests before we push it into-
Sonic: [interrupts Tails' sentence.] DO IT!
[The camera shows the amplifier. As Tails turns the knob, the meter goes red.]

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[As Sonic runs in the Village center, he disappears, surprising some of the villagers. Meanwhile, Sonic ends up in another plane of existence, in the same area, and crashes into a wall, knocking him out.]
[Flashback ends.]
[Scene Change: Meh Burger]
Sonic: Think, Sonic. How did this happen? Must've been Eggman. [runs off].

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[The camera shows Seaside Island. Tails, Sticks, Amy and Knuckles arrive in the Village Center.]
Tails: [reads the controller] These are Sonic's last coordinates before we lost contact.
Knuckles: I can't believe you disintegrated Sonic. Not cool, Tails.
[Cut to Sticks].
Sticks: Of all the people in this group, who would've thought Sonic would go off the grid before me? [worried] HE MUST KNOW SOMETHING WE DON'T KNOW! [screams and runs away].
[Cut to Tails.]
Tails: Calm down you guys, I know what happened! The blast processing in my Ultrasonic Speed Amplifier caused his molecules to vibrate so fast, that he went out of phase with our plane of existence!
Knuckles: [sheepishly] Uhh can you explain that again, only this time as if you were explaining it to me?
Tails: Sonic isn't gone.
Amy: [sadly] Of course he's not gone, he'll always be with us in our hearts.
Sticks: Dibs on his stuff!
Tails: [shocked] What? No! No I mean he's literally still here! He's just out of phase with the rest of us! [thinking] Maybe if I recalibrate the controller, I can communicate with him!
[Amy looks relieved as Tails takes out a pouch.]
Sticks: Ask him if it's cool if I take his hammock.

[Scene Change: Eggman's lair, day.]

[On another plane of existence, Sonic breaks into the lair with his Spin Dash.]
Sonic: Eggman, show yourself!
[The camera zooms out to show the lair is empty. Cut to Sonic.]
Sonic: I'll give you till the count of three to come out, and then I start breaking stuff! One, Two-
[Sonic disappears. On the normal plane of existence, Eggman is shown to be observing the hole in the wall. The camera zooms out.]
Eggman: [angrily] What the snap happened to my wall?
[Suddenly, the beakers are lifted from the table. Eggman screams as he runs towards them. Cut to the beakers hitting to the floor as Eggman arrives. Eggman disappears. On another plane of existence, Sonic is shown walking, holding the beakers. He stops at a table.]
Sonic: You brought this upon yourself Egghead!
[Sonic kicks the table and throws the beakers. He spin attacks them and then disappears. Meanwhile, Eggman screams and dodges the beakers and books, and hides behind the couch. Cut to Eggman.]
Eggman: Get a hold of yourself Eggman, you're a man of science! And as such, you know that there's only one explaination for this. [ducks as bottle hits the couch.] [scared] A g-g-g-g-g-g-ghost! [shakes] Good thing I downloaded that ghost hunting app to my gauntlet! [presses a button two times.]
[The camera zooms out as Eggman walks out from his hiding place.]
Eggman: Just gotta scan for their energy signatures... [looks at his gauntlet] Hmm, not picking up anything! The spirit must be gone! [Eggman disappears]
[Sonic appears, looking for Eggman. Cut to Sonic.]
Sonic: Huh, guess Eggman's not here after all. I almost feel bad about trashing the place. [smug grin] Almost.
[Sonic runs to the lamp. The camera cuts to Sonic as he pushes it down. The lamp breaks as he leaves.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's office.]

[Eggman is pressing buttons on the touch screen. Orbot and Cubot watch the camera feed. Cut to Eggman.]
Eggman: Let's see if the security cam picked up any ghostly orbs. [slides the touchscreen]
[The camera zooms out to show the screen, which shows Eggman screaming and dodging the beakers and books.Cut to Cubot.]
Cubot: Oh man! When they see this, the mods of the Phantom Finders Message Board are gonna regret banning you!
Eggman:[presses the touchscreen] Those pre teen tyrants are drunk with power! But even they can't deny- [stops and looks at the screen] wait...
[Eggman slides the touchscreen. Cut to the camera showing the screen rewinding the scene, and then pausing it, showing a blurry image of Sonic. Cut to Eggman.]
Eggman: What's that? Orbot, enhance!
Orbot: [sighs] Computer, enhance.
[The computer removes Eggman and enhances the image of Sonic. Cut to Eggman.]
Eggman: Interesting...
[Cut to Orbot]
Orbot: Does this mean Sonic's a ghost?
[Cut to Cubot]
Cubot: Dibs on his stuff!

[Scene Change: Seaside Island, day.]

[The camera shows Seaside Island. In another plane of existance, at the Forest, Sonic is running until he hears Tails' voice.]
Tails: Sonic! Can you hear me?
[Sonic skids to a stop.]
Sonic: Tails? I read you! Where are you buddy?
[Cut to Sonic looking around. He hears Tails again.]
Tails: Sonic! Can you hear me?

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[Sonic runs off in the jungle, until he reaches the Village Center. He stops and sees Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks as holograms.]
Tails: Sonic! Sonic, are you there?
Sonic: Tails, am I glad to see you, well, sorta see you, [waves his hand but does not touch Tails.] What's going on?
Tails: You went too fast, and wound up out of phase with our plane! But I could just-
[Suddenly, the rest of the team disappear, followed by an explosion.]
Sonic: Tails? [worried] Tails?!
[Cut to the Village Center on the main plane of existence, as the villagers run away. The Eggmobile fires lasers, as the rest of the team watch. Cut to Eggman.]
Eggman: [rides his Eggmobile] Oh, am I catching you at a bad time? Of course I am! That's the idea! What better time for an ambush than when that blue buffoon is on another plane of existance?
[Eggman rides his Eggmobile as he fires lasers. Sticks, Tails, Amy and Knuckles are surrounded by Bee Bots. Amy manages to hit one, nearly missing Eggman.]
Eggman: [growls]
[Cut to Amy and Knuckles, who punches a Bee Bot.]
Amy: Knuckles, you protect Tails so we can we can work on saving Sonic. We'll hold off Eggman!
[Knuckles runs off as Amy comes forward and hits a Crab Bot with her hammer. Cut to Tails, who sees a Motobug heading towards him, but Knuckles kicks it away. He stands behind Tails as he sits down with the pouch. Cut to Sticks, who yells and fires an arrow that hits the Bee Bot and knocks Eggman off course. Cut to Tails, who starts using his tools while Knuckles catches a Bee Bot and destroys it.]
Tails: [uses his wrench] Almost got it!
[Sonic appears as a hologram, much to Tails' relief. The camera zooms out.]
Tails: Sonic, I know how to get you back, but you'll need my control panel to exist on the same plane as you.
[Cut to Sonic]
Sonic: How the heck are we gonna do that?
Tails: [stands up and puts on another chestplate similar to Sonic's] Coming in after you! [Tails attaches his control panel to his chestplate.]
Sonic: Are you sure that's safe?
Tails: No, but I'm not leaving you behind! [He cranks his control panel up to maximum power, and starts running at an extremely fast speed] Ah-ah-ah-ah! THIS IS SO COOL!
[Tails ends up on the other plane of existence and stops next to Sonic, but as he is not used to it, he holds his head.]
Tails: Oh... you run like that all the time? Can I ask you a question: how do you keep your lunch down?
Sonic: Sorry Tails, but there are some secrets you can't even share with your best friend. We need to get back and help the gang. [Sticks's arrow launcher and Amy's hammer hit the ground in front of them.] Like, now!
[Tails cranks the control panel up to maximum power, and he and Sonic start running at the same speed, but they don't leave the plane. Sonic gets surprised.]
Sonic: Why isn't it working?
Tails: [looks at the control panel, and its top bar is beeping red] It doesn't have enough power to get us both up to speed. We're not going fast enough!
Sonic: Never tell me I'm not going fast enough!
[Sonic makes himself run even faster under his own power, and he rockets far ahead as Tails watches in amazement. Sonic makes a u-turn and runs straight back to Tails, then he grabs his hand and starts pulling him along. Tails screams as he and Sonic leave the plane, but Tails drops the control panel and leaves it behind. On the main plane of existence, Amy, Knuckles and Sticks are surrounded by the badniks as Eggman watches.]
Amy: We can't take em all!
[Cut to Eggman laughing victoriously until he is interrupted by the sound of a Sonic Boom. Sonic and Tails arrive to the main plane. Sonic puts Tails down and hits a Crab Bot. He comes back and hits a Motobug. Cut to Sonic.]
Sonic: [skids to a stop] Did you miss me? [punches a Crab Bot]
[Cut to Eggman seeing the Crab Bot parts flying.]
Eggman: Well this whole plan kinda hinged on your absence, so no not really.
[Cut to Sonic.]
Sonic: Let's do it Tails!
Tails:...I think I'll sit this one out.[sits down groggily.] If you don't mind.
[Cut to Sonic.]
Sonic: More for me then!
[Sonic zooms forward and hits the Bee Bots. Cut to Sticks running and getting her crossbow and firing an arrow at another Bee Bot, destroying it. Amy hits a Crab Bot heading towards Sticks. Cut to Knuckles throwing a Motobug to the ground and punching it while Sonic hits a Bee Bot. Both of them face a Motobug. The Motobug instead runs away and passes Eggman.]
Eggman: I didn't say retreat! [angrily] Come back here!
[The camera shows the Motobug zooming off while Eggman chases it, briefly looking back before continuing. Cut to Team Sonic, who cheer and high five each other.]
Amy: Great to have you back Sonic!
Sticks: You might notice a few things missing from your shack. I can neither confirm nor deny my involvement in that.
[Cut to Tails]
Tails: [holding the chestplate] I guess that's the end of our Sonic Speed Boost experiments. [drops the chestplate]
[Sonic comes to Tails.]
Sonic: Ah I'm fast enough anyway. [places a hand on Tails' shoulder] And fortunately my best friend had my back the whole time.
[Knuckles, Sticks and Amy arrive.]
Knuckles: [pats Sonic on the head] You're welcome buddy.
Sonic: What say we grab a Meh Burger to celebrate our victory?
[Sonic, Knuckles, Sticks and Amy run to Meh Burger in excitement. Tails jogs behind.]
Tails: Wait for me! [clutches stomach] ...Actually, I think I'll walk. [walks forward as the episode ends.]