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Alone Again, Unnaturally

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"Alone Again, Unnaturally" is the fifty-sixth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 3 December 2016 in the United States and on 8 April 2017 in France.


Sonic and Tails are working on an invention to make Sonic even faster. Unfortunately, Sonic goes so fast that he eventually disappears. Tails is nervous. Did he disintegrate Sonic? Meanwhile, Sonic is alone in another plane of existence where he can only see ghostly images of his friends but can't communicate with them. When Eggman decides to attack, the gang battles him while protecting Tails so he can work on a solution.







Sonic awakens and finds himself near a crumbled wall in the Village Center, wondering what happened to him and why he is wearing a strange harness. He runs to Tails' Workshop to ask Tails about this, but he finds the place empty. Figuring the fox is over at Amy's House, he runs over there, but once again sees no one inside. Finally, he goes to Meh Burger, but yet again, the place is deserted (which he shrugs off as being the usual). Confused at this turn of events, Sonic attempts to think about what happened that could have caused this.

Earlier that day, Knuckles films as Tails, with the help of Amy and Sticks, tests methods to make Sonic faster by using such things as a slingshot, rocket skates, and finally, a moving sidewalk, all of which end with Sonic crashing into something. Tails' next experiment involves a device he calls the Ultrasonic Speed Amplifier, which is a control panel that uses "blast processing technology" to transmit a signal to a chest piece Sonic wears and thus improve his speed (though Sticks believes the term "blast processing" to simply be "buzz words"). After putting the chest piece on (despite everything that happened to him earlier), Sonic runs out of Tails' Workshop faster than usual, much to his joy and excitement; as he runs, he tells Tails to turn up the amplifier and make him even faster, despite Tails' uncertainty. Sonic returns to the workshop and briefly messes with Knuckles by creating speed doubles of himself, then tells Tails to continue cranking up the power before running out again. Tails attempts to tell him not to push the device, but Sonic is too excited to listen. Eventually, he becomes so fast that he disappears, then reappears in the same place but devoid of people. He once again crashes into a nearby wall, leaving him in the same spot he woke up in. Back in the present, instead of coming to this conclusion, Sonic simply blames Eggman and runs off to confront him.

Meanwhile, the rest of Team Sonic attempts to figure out what happened to their leader, with Knuckles initially believing Tails disintegrated Sonic. However, Tails assures everyone that Sonic is still around—just on another plane of existence, having ended up there because he pushed the device too hard. He tinkers with the controls in order to find a way to contact Sonic in the other plane. As this occurs, Sonic breaks into Eggman's lair threatening to smash the place unless Eggman shows himself; getting no response, he makes good on this. Back on the normal plane, Eggman is confused and scared by the objects moving around seemingly on their own, assuming it is a ghost. Eventually, Sonic gives up and leaves, believing Eggman to be away. Later, Eggman, along with Orbot and Cubot, review the footage and notice Sonic, which gives Eggman the idea to spring an ambush on the Unnamed Village while Sonic is not around to stop him.

Sonic hears Tails' voice calling him and runs back to the Village, where Tails and the rest of Team Sonic appear faintly, as they are still stuck on the normal plane. Tails informs Sonic on what happened and attempts to return him to their plane, but loses contact with him as Eggman appears in his Eggmobile and launches his ambush with his Badniks. Amy tells Knuckles to protect Tails as he attempts to get back in contact with Sonic while she and Sticks deal with Eggman. Eventually, Tails is able to reestablish contact with Sonic, saying that in order to get back to their plane of existence, the amplifier's control panel needs to be in the plane he is in. Refusing to leave his friend behind, Tails puts on another harness along with the control panel and runs into Sonic's plane (though the experience leaves him nauseous). Noticing the rest of the team is in dire straits, the two attempt to return to their plane, but they are unable to get enough speed for both of them to return. Not convinced, Sonic builds up more speed, grabs on to Tails, and gets them both out of the plane they are in, leaving the control panel behind.

Amy, Knuckles, and Sticks are surrounded by Eggman's Badniks when the two return, and Sonic (with Tails sitting the rest of the fight out because he still feels sick) helps them destroy all of the robots with the exception of one Motobug, which observes the scene and flees in terror; Eggman, not having called for a retreat, chases after it. The team is happy to have Sonic back, and Tails figures that this is the end of his Sonic speed experiments; Sonic insists he is fast enough and says he was lucky to have the support of his best friend throughout the experience. He then suggests the team goes over to Meh Burger to celebrate and they run off, with the exception of Tails, who opts to walk instead because of his still-uneasy stomach.


  • When Eggman says "ghost" in his living room, his lips clip with his mustache.
  • The shade of Cubot's yellow color scheme differs between his body and gloves.
  • When Sonic and Tails meet up in the other plane of existence, the remains of Amy's broken hammer can briefly be seen. When Sonic and Tails return to the normal plane though, Amy's Hammer is intact.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Arabic البعد الآخر The Other Dimension
French Étrangement seul Strangely alone
Italian Esistenza parallela Parallel existence
Polish Gdzie są wszyscy? Where is everybody?
Spanish (Latin America) Extrañamente solo Strangely Alone
Ukrainian Дивина, я знову сам Unnaturally, I am alone again


  • This episode's name is a parody of the title for the 1972 song, "Alone Again (Naturally)".
  • The moving sidewalk used by during the "Sonic Speed Boost experiment" uses the same model as the moving sidewalk seen in "Mayor Knuckles".
  • The camera Knuckles uses is the same one used by Tails in "Nutwork".
  • This episode makes a number of allusions to the Back to the Future franchise:
    • The way Sonic and Tails travel between planes of existence by disappearing in one plane and then reappearing in the other in the exact same spot in space is the same thing that occurs when the DeLorean time machine travels through time.
    • Like how the DeLorean time machine creates fire trails when traveling through time, Sonic and Tails create fire trails when traveling between planes of existence.
    • The background music that plays when Sonic and Tails are trying to return to their plane of existence is similar to the main theme for the Back to the Future franchise.
    • The way that Sonic and Tails need enough speed to travel between planes of existence is possibly a reference to how the DeLorean time machine has to be moving at 88 mph to achieve temporal displacement.
    • The opening music is reminiscent of the intro music from the original Back to the Future trilogy.
  • Dr. Eggman says "ghosts" in fear similarly to Shaggy and Scooby of Scooby-Doo.
  • The term "blast processing" was previously coined by Sega to promote the quicker processing abilities of the Sega Genesis.


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