Alessio is a resident of Soleanna in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). He is a member of the Soleanna Royal Guards, although his rank and particular duties are unknown. He is usually found in Castle Town, standing around the fountain area near the gate to New City.


In the Sonic Episode, Alessio is involved in Sonic's fifth Town Mission. During this mission, Sonic must talk to five members of the Soleanna Royal Guards in order to find out who the captain is. Alessio claims that he is in front of the fountain, and this claim is correct, as Pietro, the real captain, is the only soldier who fits this criteria.

Also in the Sonic Episode, Alessio gives Sonic his thirteenth Town Mission. He tells him about a man called Mels, who is hailed as "the legend of Soleanna." He is an athlete who lived a long time ago and was apparently very fast, as he went through every ring in Castle Town in five minutes. Alessio decides to give Sonic a challenge, where he must beat Mels' record time in the Ring Race.


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