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Aleah "Lea" Baker is an Archie Comics staff member of the Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe comic series published by Archie Comics. She has not only colored the Off Panel but she has made several designs for characters, even for the Mega Man comic series. She is married to Ian Flynn.



Character designs


  • On BumbleKast #101, Aleah Baker shared with Ian and Kyle some unused ideas that were proposed for the Post-Super Genesis Wave continuity. The proposals discussed included:[4]
    • A deleted flashback in Spark of Life arc depicting Dr. Ellidy creating the AI that would become Nicole the Holo-Lynx. One of the prototype consoles would have resembled Nicole's early design from the television series' pilot episode.
    • According to Aleah, Ian’s initial concept for Abyss the Squid was too birdlike. Other earlier designs had her being either more muscular and colored pink but she was told that villains could not be pink.
    • The aquatic Mobians of Meropis were originally planned to have merpeople physiques before Paul Kaminski had it changed, saying they would be more versatile with regular humanoid bodies.
    • One of Antoine's early redesigns for the new continuity had him wearing “form-fitting shorts”.
    • Aleah goes into more detail on Clove and Cassia's backstory, revealing that the pronghorn sisters were orphans and were members of a nomadic society comparable to the Bedouins. Their mother would have been named Piper, and their father Sage. Piper was a councilwoman in this community until she died of ill health. When Cassia started to develop a similar illness, their father left to find help or a cure and never returned.
    • When the truth about Cassia’s condition would have been revealed to her, Cassia would enter denial about her wellbeing and would have bitterly taken off on her own. She would eventually come into contact with a “compassionate force” (Aleah states it was a toss-up between the Freedom Fighters or G.U.N.) and get some development of her own while receiving treatment. Clove, meanwhile, would believe that her sister died out in the wilderness and lose all hope, only to learn the truth later during a Rotor-focused storyline.
    • The relationships between Sally, BunnieLupe, and Cassia would have been further explored. Sally's fondness for Nicole would also have been further fleshed-out.


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