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Albion High Council

The Albion High Council (also known as the Executive Council of Albion) was the governing body of the city of Albion, consisting of six members, five as main Councilors and one High Councillor, Gala-Na.


The group was infamously known for their decisions to have the High Sheriff dismantled in the name of the "greater good" after he was apprehended by Albion's security forces. Some members of the High Council later showed discomfort when Knuckles the Echidna came to visit Albion along with Rob O' the Hedge and three others from Knothole, as Albion had long held an isolationist policy and did not enjoy outsiders coming onto their land. Following Knuckles' evolution into Chaos Knuckles, the Albion High Council met with the bounty hunters Nic and Nack the Weasel and hired them to capture Knuckles so they could drain his new powers from him, neutralizing the threat he posed. (StH: #89, #90, #91, #94)

After Dr. Finitevus's Chaos Siphon Suit failed to drain Chaos Knuckles' powers and mutated Dr. Finitevus into having a warped sense of reality, the Albion High Council opted to have him euthanized when he began speaking of bringing about the destruction of Mobius. Finitevus escaped capture, however, and later lead the Eggman Empire to Albion. With its defenses disabled by the doctor, the city was summarily destroyed by the Egg Fleet, its citizens captured. (StH: #94, #182)


  • It is unknown what became of the captured Albion citizens, though writer Ian Flynn has stated they were intended to be sent to the Egg Grape Chambers and perish. This has never been said or shown in the books however.
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