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War Torned Albion

The ruins of Albion.

The Albion Attack was a battle that took place in the ancient Echidna-tribe city, Albion in the year 3237 in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-off comics published by Archie Comics. The attack took place on the Sonic the Hedgehog four-issue-part event, Endangered Species. Within the battle, Dark Egg Legion forces from the Death Egg 2 came to Albion and nearly destroyed the city until Team FightersSonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Amy Rose, and T-Pup–along with Knuckles the Echidna, came by to stop the invasion.



Titan Metal Sonic Mutated!

Titan Metal Sonic entering the field.

Prior to the attack, Team FightersSonic, Tails, Amy, and T-Pup– decided to chase Dr. Eggman in his Death Egg. Eggman, wanting Team Fighters to get distracted while he went to Albion, sent out Titan Metal Sonic combined with the Krudzu, to give him time to fly towards the island. Team Fighters defeated the robot with ease, and went to the island as fast as possible, only to find the island in ruins. (StH #241)

The Death Egg Strikes

High Flying Groove

Team Fighters realizing they're too late.

An Egg Swat invasion (which had the EggSWATs riding Turtloids) distracted Team Fighters from getting to Albion, but they were too late; Albion had been destroyed by Lien-Da's forces. Tails, flying his bi-plane, had led Team Fighters there up until Metal Knuckles came and destroyed the bi-plane.

Going DOWN!

Team Fighters crash-landing on Albion.

Team Fighters couldn't escape Albion now and they had helped defeat Dark Legion-forces. Sonic found Remington, who was leading an echidna-armada. He, the echidna armada, and Team Fighters (T-Pup excluded, due to the robotic dog fixing the bi-plane) charged to defeat the foes. Lien-Da had distracted Sonic until Metal Knuckles punched the hedgehog, thus resulting in him getting knocked out. (StH #242, #243)

A Greater Threat

Wartorn Albion

Albion prior Thrash coming into the island.

Hours later, Knuckles transported to Albion from Angel Island. Wondering where the echidna-tribe went off to, Knuckles investigated and found T-Pup fighting a Devil Dog. Knuckles chased off the Devil Dog and remembered that T-Pup is Tails' pet. He followed the robot until he found Sonic, Tails, Amy, and a shut-down-Metal Knuckles. Knuckles woke the heroes up, and ask them what happened. Sonic explains that he was knocked out; Tails says that he activated some switch to deactivate Metal Knuckles, but that caused the whole islands citizens to faint, thus resulting into Metal Knuckles' shut-down. Amy then comments why Team Fighters were put together if they fainted in different places. Within moments, Team Fighters and Knuckles search the island again, only to find Thrash the Tasmanian Devil with his Devil Dogs emerging from a Warp Ring.

The Truth Thrashed

Thrash revealing to Knuckles about his "people."

Knuckles asks Thrash why he's here, and Thrash says that he "destroyed" the echidna tribe, that they're "gone." Knuckles, furious, attacks Thrash and asks him why? Thrash says that Knuckles gave him a Warp Ring in Downunda sometime ago. Thrash said that the echidnas would find refuge inside the Warp Ring. He then commented on how he saw Team Fighters fainted, so he put them together. Sonic then attacks Thrash, demending he return the echidna tribe, only to get blown away by Thrash's screaming power. The Krudzu, attached to a Crabmeat, it then finds Metal Knuckles and combines with it, thus it is alive again. (StH #244)

Metal Knuckles Krudzu combined

Metal Knuckles, combined with the Krudzu, strangles Tails and Amy.

Knuckles and Trash had fought each other while Team Fighters took care of the Devil Dogs. Angered, Knuckles asks Trash why he eliminated the echidna race. Thrash then tells Knuckles that the echidna race wiped out the original Tasmanian devil race, so Thrash returned the favor by eliminating the echidna race, excluding Knuckles because he was friends with the red echidna. Knuckles blows a fuse and knocks Thrash out cold. Team Fighters had also caged the Devil Dogs somewhere, thus leaving Team Fighters and Knuckles the winners. Suddenly, a Metal Knuckles, combined with the Krudzu, grabs Tails and Amy and strangles them. Sonic and Knuckles try to defeat the robot, but fail. Thrash uses the time for a getaway, warping himself in his Warp Ring. Knuckles then leaves to catch Thrash. The Krudzu however, upgrades himself with other nearby weapons and is nearly unstoppable. Suddenly, a black and yellow Spin Dash comes through the robot and destroys it, as it seems. This turns out to be Shard, which makes Team Fighters, Sonic especially, shocked. (StH #245)

Shard's Plea

Shard convincing Sonic to help him defeat the Krudzu.

At first, Team Fighters attack Shard, as Tails accuses him of forcing him on a volcano on Mount Mobius, while Amy attacks him due to him capturing her to race Sonic. Fortunately, Shard is able to convince them that this "Metal Sonic" they now see is not the same one that captured and/or attacked the Freedom Fighters and that he learned the error of his ways. They agree and Sonic and Shard get tied with the Krudzu and drag it around the island. Soon, once the Krudzu is finally down, Sonic and Shard release it and Amy ambushes it. When the Krudzu was about to attack, a pack of Devil Dogs, released by Tails, ambush the Krudzu and take care of it. (StH #246)


Knuckles' Rage

Knuckles' loses his rage after losing Thrash.

Knuckles and Thrash fight it out at three places: first is the Tasmanian Ruins, then the White Acropolis Peaks, and finally Angel Island. Thrash gets away from Knuckles and when Knuckles uses the Warp Ring to get back to Thrash, the ChaotixVector, Espio, Charmy, Mighty, and Ray come back from their adventure via Warp Ring and ask what happened to Knuckles. Furious, Knuckles punches the ground and falls on the floor.

Silver's Traitor Revealed!

Silver finding out Team Fighters' next destination.

Later, the Krudzu is finally defeated and is shrunk down into a plant again. Sonic picks up the Krudzu, but Shard has an idea. He insists that if he was to take it back to NICOLE, they could revert its transformation process. Sonic is confused about this, but Tails agrees, saying that the Krudzu can de-roboticize Mecha Sally back to normal. Amy looks at the ruins and wonders when they'll be able to get the echidna's back but Sonic cheers her up, saying that they have no idea when or how, but they'll do it. Team Fighters then leaves, and Shard puts a tracker on the Tornado. With Team Fighters and Shard splitting ways, Shard contacts his boss and tells him that Team Fighters are going to the Northern Tundra to stop Eggman. His boss, who is Silver tells him that he's almost out of time to tell Sonic the traitor he has been looking for all this time... (StH #246)

Key Events

  • Albion is destroyed by the Dark Legion.
  • Thrash's "old mission" is completed, and most of the echidnas (with the exception of Knuckles and Dr. Finitevus) are banished to an unknown place.
  • Shard reveals himself to Team Fighters and helps them battle the Krudzu.
  • Thrash escapes from Knuckles due to the Chaotix's interference with the Warp Ring's power.
  • Team Fighters and Shard capture the Krudzu and plan to use it to de-roboticize Mecha Sally back to normal.
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