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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Knuckles flying over the remains of Albion.

Albion is a large island located near Mercia. The city was established millennia before any of the other Mobian species had even evolved beyond the stone age.


Early Times

For many years, the Echidnas lived there in contentment, choosing a policy of isolationism due to their obvious superiority. However, there were those among them who were adventurous, and two groups departed, the one founding what is currently Echidnaopolis, the other forming a tribal colony in the Mysterious Cat Country. The latter was eventually wiped out by Chaos when their leader, Pachacamac of the Knuckles Clan attempted to use the Chaos Emeralds to destroy their enemies, the Cat Tribe.

Albion is home to Councilor Gala-Na, a female Echidna who seems to be very self righteous. In the past, she has used Albion's facilities in attempts to disassemble Mercia's Roboticized High Sheriff and to forcibly extract the super powers of Chaos Knuckles. As a result, Albion has become alienated from the rest of Mobius. This proved to be its undoing, as Dr. Finitevus later revealed that Albion was reduced to rubble and most of its inhabitants killed by the Eggman Empire.

Endangered Species

Main article: Albion Attack

Albion in ruins after Eggman's attack.

Team FightersSonic, Amy, Tails, and T-Pup–went to Albion after Eggman, controlling the Death Egg, mentioned attacking the Echidna homeland. After getting distracted by Titan Metal Sonic (who was fused with the Krudzu Hybrid Hydra) and successfully defeating the robot, Team Fighters made it to Albion, only to get ambushed by Metal Knuckles. They fall, as Tails' bi-plane is destroyed. T-Pup stays to repair the bi-plane, while the rest of Team Fighters help Remington and the Echidna villagers defeat the Dark Egg Legion forces. Sonic managed to get through the Dark Egg Legion, but found himself facing Lien-Da and Metal Knuckles, the latter knocking out Sonic cold.

Hours later, Knuckles arrives, realizing the echidna citizens disappearance and the appearance of Team Fighters, as well as Devil Dogs. With the help of T-Pup, Knuckles' finds Team Fighters, unconscious, and a broken down Metal Knuckles. Knuckles wakes them up and asks what happen. Sonic explains he was knocked out, but not that easy; Amy and Tails were supposed to turn off the power source of Albion to stop the Dark Egg Legion, but the whole area had static shocks vibrate the area, thus resulting into Team Fighters and Metal Knuckles unconscious. Still, Amy notices that Team Fighters weren't put by each other, thus Knuckles and Team Fighters search the island again.

Trouble had came though; Thrash the Tasmanian Devil and two Devil Dogs are getting out of a Warp Ring when Knuckles and Team Fighters go to the area Trash is at. Thrash welcomes Knuckles after their last encounter in Downunda and tells him that his "quest" his done. The quest is actually destroying the echidna trbie. Knuckles, furious, attack Trahs and yells at him to bring them back. Thrash doesn't, as he counters back at Knuckles. Sonic then attack Thrash, back is hit back. Meanwhile, the Krudzu finds the dead body of Metal Knuckles and attaches on to it. (StH #243, #244)


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