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For the Mercian Freedom Fighter from the Archie comic series, see Alan Quail.

Alan is a resident of Soleanna in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). He is an active employee of Rimlight, a company based in New City that deals with new sources of energy such as Light Cores. Specifically, Alan is in charge of the organization's Transportation Division, the team responsible for directing freight vehicles and transporting Rimlight's goods from the warehouse district. Apparently, he and his colleagues are on good terms with the company's management team.


Alan thanking Silver for his assistance.

In the Silver Episode, Alan gives Silver his thirteenth Town Mission. For some bizarre reason, the goods that the Transportation Division were exporting have vanished into thin air. None of them have any idea as to what's going on, and the management squad is also clueless about this conundrum. A rumor that a monster snatched the items is circulating around Rimlight's employees, but Alan finds such a half-baked tale difficult to believe. Despite this, he is still convinced that a mystery lurks within the warehouse district. Alan tells Silver to search around the warehouse and locate the source of the lost goods problem. It turns out that the rumour was true; Iblis and Mephiles monsters are to blame for stealing the cargo.

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