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Captain Plunder, Filch and the Spice Maidens finding the Akotek Treasure, from Sonic the Comic #106. Art by Nigel Dobbyn.

The Akotek Treasure is an object that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is the fabulous treasure of King Akotek, one of the wealthiest rulers in Mobian history.


After the king died, the Akotek Treasure was buried with him in his tomb.[1] The tomb was sealed and a curse was placed on it such that whoever broke the seal in an attempt to infiltrate the tomb and steal the treasure would be cursed for all eternity with misfortune and calamity.[2] The only one who knew the location of the treasure was Krakiota the Sea Serpent.[3]

Zorabel the Pirate Queen desired the Akotek Treasure but, concerned about the curse, decided to bring Captain Plunder along. Plunder would break the seal and be afflicted with the curse, while she could take the treasure. The plan worked, causing Plunder significant problems as the bad luck took hold.[2] However, Zorabel then proceeded to make a joke at Plunder's expense by allowing him to choose between two chests - one chest contained Plunder's share of the treasure while the other was empty. If Plunder picked the correct chest, he could keep it. To everybody's surprise, Plunder selected the correct chest. However, when taking the treasure aboard his ship shortly afterwards, the bad luck caused him to slip and drop it over the side, disrupting his ship's security field just as his old enemy Captain Tiberius was passing. Tiberius shot down Plunder's ship, marooning him and his crew. Plunder's share of the Akotek Treasure was lost.[4]


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