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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For the version of this character after the Super Genesis Wave, see Akhlut the Orca.

Akhlut is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is a ruthless and power-hungry Mobian orca with technology strapped around him and is the Grandmaster of the Northern Tundra Dark Egg Legion. He was the arch-nemesis of the Arctic Freedom Fighters, as well as the advisory of the Walrus Herd.


Akhlut is a non-anthropomorphic white and black orca. Having been legionizied around his body, he has maroon eyes and gray technology on his forehead, dorsal fin, flippers, and tail. He has a green orb on his forehead, which allows him to blast opponents with strong shock-waves of psychic power. He is gigantic, roughly about the same size as an average killer whale.


Commanding the Herd

Using the Psionic Emitter, Akhlut and his Northern Tundra Dark Egg Legion forces had brainwashed the Walrus Herd to serve their evil plot. However, Sonic the Hedgehog, after hearing news about the mind control from Arctic Freedom Fighters leader, Guntiver the Arctic Wolf, arrived to help the Arctic Freedom Fighters free the Walrus Herd from the clutches of Akhlut and his legion.[1] Luckily, while Sonic, Guntiver, and Erma Ermine were fighting the mind-controlled-Walrus Herd, Augustus the Polar Bear, Flip Penguin, and Sealia Seal went underwater to sneak inside the Psionic Emitter tower. However, Akhlut and his pod ambushed the three heroes and stopped them from arriving at the tower, with Akhlut sending Augustus flying all the way back up to the surface using a psychic blast. Before too long though, Silver the Hedgehog and Rotor Walrus successfully returned the Walrus Herd to normal, while at the same time causing Akhlut and his pod to retreat due to massive psychokinetic shock-waves blasting the pod's robotic parts.[2]

Prior to When Worlds Collide

SU 37 Grandmasters Meeting

Akhlut and the rest of the Grandmasters warped to the Death Egg, from Sonic Universe #37.

Much time later, specifically after Operation: Clean Sweep failed, Akhlut and the rest of the Grandmasters received word from Snively that Dr. Eggman "died" after the Death Egg Mark 2 was destroyed. Akhlut then told the news to his pod and that they are free from Eggman's command. However, Akhlut was transported to the seemingly-destroyed Death Egg Mark 2 along with the other Grandmasters, as Eggman revealed that Snively lied about Eggman's death and that he is a traitor. Eggman tells Akhlut and his other "loyal" grandmasters that they must be on the lookout for the missing blue Chaos Emerald Eggman had but lost after he attempted to use the World Roboticizer.[3]

Eventually, Eggman, after being chased around the world by Team Fighters–Sonic, Tails, and Amy–parked the Death Egg at the Northern Tundra to resupply the fortress and building the Skull Egg Zone with his new "best friend". Team Fighters and the Arctic Freedom Fighters, along with the assistance of Silver, had sneaked inside the Death Egg, and went inside an underwater tunnel. Silver, who couldn't see the tunnel, lighted up the pathway, only for Akhlut and his pod to invade and attack the heroes. Akhlut had recognized Silver's psychic power, promoting him to attack Silver than the other heroes. The heroes were able to reach safe dry ground, only for Akhlut to alarm the systems to warn of the heroes' presence on the Death Egg.[4]


Akhlut is a power hungry and ruthless killer whale that strives for freedom against his ruler, Eggman. He tends to be destructive when it comes to facing danger, as, for example, when facing Team Fighters and the Arctic Freedom Fighters, he causes damage to the Death Egg just to kill the heroes. He has a strong grudge on Silver, especially, since the hedgehog caused damage to his pod. He is also very brutal, even going as far as eating his opponents.

Powers and abilities

Akhlut possess a powerful beam of sonar and psychic energy combined to give opponents headaches and even blast them away.



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