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The Air Slide is a move that appears in Sonic Riders. It is a drifting maneuver that enables the users racing on Extreme Gear to tackle through sharp turns at high-speeds by consuming Air.


When performing the Air Slide, the user shoots out a jet of Air from the side on the user's Extreme Gear, resulting in the user making a sharp turn while still moving at high speed. After making the turn, the user will then shoot forward in the direction he/she is facing. In gameplay, this is a useful maneuver for making it through sharp turns on the racing tracks while still maintaining top speed.

To perform the Air Slide in gameplay, it is required that the player has Air in his/her Air Tank. When performing this move, the player must press the left trigger/Lgame.png or right trigger/Rgame.png, left trigger/A-keyboard-button-hi.png or right trigger/[S], while steering to the side they want to turn. While using the Air Slide, the Air in the Air Tank is consumed at a much faster rate than normal. After then releasing the button, the playable character will shoot forward in the direction he/she is facing.


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