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For the skill, see Air Shot.

The Air Shot[1] is a mechanic that appears in Sonic Battle. It is a category of skill-based moves that the playable characters use to determine their Shot-based Special Move for Air Attacks.


Air Shots are techniques that determine the character's Shot-based Special Move for Air Attacks. These moves involve the user using a long-ranged attack from midair. Each individual Air Shot is performed in its own unique way.

In order to use the Air Shot in gameplay, the player must select it before a battle starts or during an intermission. Also, in addition to inflicting normal damage on opponents, the Air Shots can be powered up further; when the Ichikoro Gauge is full, attacks from the Air Shot category will be able to instantly knock out the opponent, unless the opponent blocks it or is immune to Air Shots.

While all Air Shots are the same in function, each one has its own strengths and weaknesses that are determined by two attributes: speed and power. A few even have different mechanics; the Air Devastator can be charged for some extra seconds in order to increase the damage it deals and Ult. Air Shot can fire three shots at once.

To perform a character's Air Shot in gameplay, the player has to press Rgba.png during a jump.

List of Air Shots

Name Number Icon Skill Points to enable
??? 153 Knuckles Air Power KT.PNG 30
Air B. Shock 099 Air B Shock.png 15
Air C. Cannon 141 Air C. Cannon.PNG 20
Air C. Magic 078 Air C Magic.png 5
Air C. Shot 183 SonicBattle Sprite Card183.gif 15
Air Devastator 162 SonicBattle Sprite Card162.gif 30
Air C. Burst 080 SonicBattle Sprite Card080.gif 20
Air E. Ball 036 SonicBattle Sprite Card036.gif 30
Air Pink Typhoon 120 Air Pink Typhoon.png 30
Air Shot 204 Air Shot.png N/A
Meteor Crush 057 SonicBattle Sprite Card057.gif 30
Sonic Storm 015 SonicBattle Sprite Card015.gif 25
Ult. Air Shot 225 Ult Air shot.png 30


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